11 Chapter 10 ~Another World~

...... That's unusual.

Ziel-kun said that and released the collar that he was holding onto.
It's a good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

I wish he wouldn't drag me around in the first place rather than pay me .......

But I don't say the words.
I'm great.

'Could you please respond to me without thinking about the nonsense?

Sometimes I suspect that he's really an esper.
I wish I didn't have to read his mind.

"Am I supposed to stick to one person?

Partly, but I haven't seen you looking so happy in a long time.

...... Yeah.

Indeed, I might have laughed for the first time in a long time.
His face, which usually only had a fake smile on it, was a little sore from the real smile he hadn't had in a long time, and his facial muscles ached a little.

That's how funny he was, and his story was also interesting.

'What kind of stories were you talking about?'

It's about their world. Instead, I told them about this world.

Akira, your story felt like a ray of light in the midst of a dark cloud.

Between us, I was a little suspicious of them.

I know that the secret art of summoning the brave has been passed down to the royal family for generations, and that in the past, a brave man was summoned from another world and defeated the demon king.
However, perhaps because of their propensity to not believe unless they see the actual thing, they couldn't believe it when the princess and a few court mages received the news that they had successfully summoned a brave man.
Even with my own eyes, I don't think they believed it deep down.

How stubborn you are, my heart.

Listening to him, I felt like I finally got the pinch in my throat.

'Was it that interesting?'

Yeah. They called me "The Wise Man" a long time ago, but I never knew any of this, and it was an unknown quantity.

'Master Saran doesn't know: ......'

He was so shocked that the Commander's call was changing to the old one.

''By the way, what is the content of that?''

'Yes, ...... talk about a world where things called science flourish, not magic.'

And I speak the exact words as Akira-kun spoke to Ziel-kun.

When I finally finished speaking, I finally arrived at my room in the castle.

''It's hard to believe it's haphazard. ...... a moving iron box and a flying iron block. Information that can be transmitted to all parts of the world in an instant, a thin plate that can deliver a voice in real time, even in far off places.

I think so, too.

I sat down in the office chair and rubbed my brow.
I took a grateful gulp of the water that Jill had thoughtfully poured in for me.

'Thank you. ...... but Akira, your eyes weren't the eyes of someone who is lying.

I'm proud of this, but I have enough eyes to recognize a falsehood.
I have not been a Knight Commander for Italy.

'If you say so, then so be it. ...... So what do you plan to do with him?

He's hiding his abilities. I wonder if he's actually stronger than a brave man. I heard he has a maxed-out air blocker.

'Is it LV.MAX......? But it's in a realm that only a legendary hero could reach: ......

Yes, Lv.9 is the highest skill level for the inhabitants of this world.
To begin with, it's rare for someone to even rise above Lv. 7.

However, those who come from another world cross that barrier without a care in the world.
That is the decisive difference between Morgans and people from other worlds.

"I don't have 'observational' extra skills, so I can't be certain, but that's not a lie either.

But why haven't the kings moved to intervene ...... I see.

I see. That's right, he didn't use his "Disguise of Mind" to get the crystal. Not only is he familiar with the skill, he's also very smart.

If he were here, I'm sure he'd be shaking his head as hard as he could.

"Are you trying to get him into our camp?

Yeah. And I'm going to train him. And when I say train him, I mean just cut out the useless parts of the menu he sets for himself and make him do what he needs to do.

I heard the menu at one point, but it was roughly unbelievable.
He's a pretty stoic kid.

Ziel-kun didn't argue with my decision, but bowed his head and left.

Well, it's going to be busy tomorrow.