16 Episode 15 ~ Curse ~

After hearing what happened, I glanced at the brave man's wounds, and they were quite severe.
The wounds of various sizes all over his body and the broken parts of both arms were swollen to purple.

''...... You're not fainting very well, are you?''

'Yeah, I'm surprised myself, because if I don't protect them, there won't be anyone left to protect my classmates.

I snickered at the brave man who said so.
Clearly, I felt miffed next to him.
I dare to say something that he would not have thought of.
If I don't say something, he and his classmates won't notice for a long time.

"So, who's going to protect you?

...... It is.

I shifted my gaze from watching the battle between the Knights and the Minotaur to the eyes of the brave man.
I felt like I hadn't seen his eyes properly in a long time.

'Brave men aren't there to protect everyone. Your power should be used to defeat the Demon King.''

Behind me, my classmates were quietly listening to my words.
They were a little buzzed by my words as I said them clearly, but soon they seemed to be waiting for my next words.

'You need to take better care of yourself,'

If it's ......, who's going to protect everyone?

I didn't conclude easily, and the brave man made an ugly sound.
I grin.

'Protect yourself.'

It's not a surprise.
In the first place, I didn't use my skills for anything other than myself.
If I used my skills to help my classmates, it was only because I wanted to help them.

The brave man's eyes widened as if he had just come to his senses for the first time.
How is it that even the guy in the fighting profession is protected in the first place?
I was slacking off, but everyone else was trained properly, right?
These guys are still idiots.

"For me? ...... No, but I'm a brave man ....... I'm brave and I'm ...... to save everyone.

Suddenly, the brave man was acting strangely.
He held his head down and growled.
I felt a strong, uncomfortable feeling.
Something was wrong.

No, I thought my head was wrong to begin with.

''...... Hey, is there anyone whose profession is a healer or uncanonizer?''

One thing came to mind, and as I called out to them, two girls from the class lurched forward.

'I'm the healer,'

I'm a hauntingly beautiful person, but ...... what happened to you, Tsukasa?

That's what I'm going to make sure of now.

As I recall, the healer was Shiori Hosoyama, who was a class council member in her class.
The undoctor in the Kansai dialect was Yuuki Ueno, who I think ...... was always full of energy.

...... I don't remember any information about that person, but I'm amazed that my face and name match.
But I only learned this class to remember my profession .......

First of all, can you fix a broken arm?

Uh-huh. It's going to take some time.

I nodded and told him to get right to it.
Immediately, a thin light covers my arm.

I cower and cover my head like someone afraid of lightning, but doesn't it hurt?

Where are we? What do you want me to do in my house?

Think for yourself, I'll tell you politely, knowing that even an idiot would know what a brave man looks like now.
I can't be sure if it's true or not, though.

I'm not sure if this guy is brainwashed. So 'unmask' him.


My classmates behind me buzzed as well.

I'm sure Ueno-san doesn't understand what's going on and how it's being done, but I start chanting anyway.

"...... curse, the curse that consumes my friends, leave quickly and disappear from my presence ...... 'break the curse'.

A thin light rose from the brave man.
It's a black light, different from Hosoyama-san's healing light.

Mr. Ueno gasped when he saw it.

''Tsukasa, you're really cursed!

I glanced at the knights in battle.
It's quite an advanced battle going on.

...... I want to get mixed up with them.
It's probably safe to leave this place to Hosoyama-san and Ueno-san.
However, an unspeakable anxiety crossed my mind.
Then the boy who had been silent until now suddenly raised his voice.

''Akira, just go and support Saran and the others, forget this place. You're stronger than us, right?

''I've already made up my mind. I can't keep carrying Tsukasa on my back forever, either.

...... you guys.

There is a strong determination in his eyes.

'Come on, go ahead,'

At my urging, I reluctantly head to the minotaur.
With no daggers, I have no choice but to use my skills to deal with it now.
Still, there was a secret plan to get out of this stalemate.

''Commander Saran!''

'Akira-kun, is it all right over there?'

I ran up to Commander Saran and he told me that without looking back.
For what it's worth, he seems to be worried about his classmates.

'About that, the curse ...... curse has been confirmed by the heroes. The undoctor is breaking the curse right now, but honestly, it would be the fastest way to kill the guy who cast it.

I don't think it's not that Mr. Ueno's skills are bad, but that the curse is too powerful.

...... I understand. I'll try to find out what happened to you.

Okay. ...... and I want to try my hand at it.

...... A thing, huh?

I'll leave the curse to the Commander, but right now I have to break this situation.
The Commander is reluctant to do so, but I think it's a very effective technique.

'I'll do it no matter what the Commander Saran says. ...... all so that I can survive.