17 Episode 16 ~ Special ~

...... It's all about my survival.

When I said that, Commander Saran sighed.
That too, quite deeply.
When I was bracing myself for him to complain, he looked up and smiled at me with a swoop.

''I understand. I'll do my best to help you survive. ...... But it's still not enough for me to defeat that minotaur, even if I do my best. Please lend me your strength.

Of course. I still have a lot of questions for you to answer.

Good. ...... I'd like to hear more about the phone and the hikoukies and all that stuff too.

I'll tell you all about it. If I can survive here.

I said, and then invoked the presence concealment.
It is visible to Commander Saran, who has a magical eye, but becomes invisible to the Minotaur.
I'm sure the minotaur will be too busy with the people of the Order to look at me, but just in case.

I'm sure you'll find it difficult to get through this place safely if you fail to do so. Be careful.

I know.

I went over the minotaur's head with my leaping power, which had become inhuman in the assassin's profession, and took the back of the minotaur at once.
I had lost all signs of my presence and Commander Saran, who was concentrating on increasing his magical power in some way, and the knights who had been holding the minotaur back, figured out what the minotaur was going to do and fled at once.

It was a hard decision.
When I did this coordinated move in training with Commander Saran, I lost control and nearly wiped out a forest.

I'm right in front of the minotaur, even though his back is to me, but I close my eyes without a care in the world.

'Lord, give me the strength to uproot and hunt down the enemies who stand in our way ...... "Thunderbolt

Lightning of light fell on the minotaur, burning its hairy skin and crushing its eyes.


For the first time, the Minotaur gets a decent attack through.
His classmates cheered.

''......! Now!

At Commander Saran's words, I open my eyes, which were previously closed.
I held my hand out in front of me.

"...... 'Shadow Magic' activated.

The shadow, exploded.

Of course, it didn't literally explode.
A shadow covered the entire area and instantly dyed the labyrinth, which was brightened by the 'lightning light', black in an instant.
The stronger the light, the darker the shadows would become.
But even though it was supposed to be dark, it was strangely possible to look around.
Even the Minotaur only looked a little curious and tried to attack the Saran Commander in front of him.

'Drag him in.

However, he stopped dead in his tracks at my words.
To be precise, I was made to stop, but from the side, it would have looked like I had held the minotaur back.

''Guh! ...... goooooooooo !!!!?

And just as I said, the minotaur was dragged into the shadows.
Leaving only its head.


The shadow that swallowed the minotaur shrank smaller and smaller as if the job was done, and finally settled at my feet as the size of one person, or my shadow.

My classmates didn't even cheer, they just stared dumbly at the spot where the minotaur's huge body had been.

The people of the Order and Commander Saran were breathing a sigh of relief that they had succeeded.

'...... haha, I want to go home,'

I muttered and disappeared again.
I don't want to be poked around by my classmates.
And I don't like to be looked at in a strange way.

Sensing this, Commander Saran chuckled and clapped his hands twice.
The clear sound of clapping brought the dazed classmates' consciousness back to me.

'Although the biggest threat has passed, we are still in a labyrinth. We don't know what's in store for us. That's it for today, we're going home, so don't let your mind wander on the way back.

The head of the minotaur was held by the knights, and the brave man escaped the labyrinth with his friend on his back.

I follow behind him, thinking about what's to come.

I can't hide my abilities anymore.
The question depends on how soon the king will get the word out, and how strong he'll be reported to be.

I might as well let him disappear for a bit after the ...... brave curse is lifted.