18 Episode 17 ~ Level Up ~

Leaving all the demons on the way to the Knights, we returned to the ground at the shortest possible speed.

The sun has already gone down completely, and the large number of people who were there before entering the labyrinth are gone, and they are sparsely scattered around.
It seems that no one enters the labyrinth from this time.

''I'm going into the forest. Do not get lost.

Commander Saran's voice sounded awfully loud.
The classmates may be exhausted, but they are very quiet, whereas they were chattering during the trip.
As I said, I'm also tired today.

On the upper level, I'm cleaning up the mess of my classmates who were frolicking and sticking out.
After the traps were activated, I used dark weapons to take out the demons that attacked my classmates, and I blasted shadow magic with the maximum output I could muster at the Minotaur battle.

The magic power, which is more useless than Commander Saran's, is almost gone, and he has recovered a bit with magic potions.
There are no major injuries, but since there were so many of them, they are not unharmed.

The worst is the stab wound in my side that still hurts.
This was stabbed by a demon that resembles a monkey with both hands used as blades.
There were a lot of things I wanted to tweak, like how could I live with such hands, but it hurt anyway.
For now, I sprinkled a life force potion on it and closed the wound.
I'm a little dizzy with anemia because the stone isn't completely sealed and the blood isn't coming back.

There's nothing to do as the surroundings are perfectly escorted by the people of the Knights, so there's nothing to do.

Come to think of it, how much has his status increased?
In a manner of speaking, you've thwarted the Minotaur, and I'm sure you've leveled up.
There are often statuses in other worlds that declare your level up, but this status doesn't seem to have any of those.


I opened my status, making sure no one heard me.
I hadn't opened it since I came to this world.

Akira Oda.
Occupation / Assassin Lv.15

Life force / 25 / 5400
Attack power / 3600
Defense power/2400
Magic power / 12 / 2100

The art of arithmetic is Lv.5
bargaining skills Lv.5
dark arts Lv.5
assassination techniques Lv.4
Kyokuto technique Lv.1
Short sword skill Lv.5
Air cover Lv.5 max
Sense of danger Lv.4
Sense of danger Lv.3
Intimidation Lv.1
Roar Lv.1

extra skill
Language understanding
World eye Lv.1
Shadow Magic Lv.3


...... Oh.

Hmm? Is there something wrong with you, Akira?

No, sorry, it's nothing.

A strange voice escaped me.
I'm not too surprised that my level has gone up to fifteen.
He had clearly defeated a Minotaur that was stronger than him.
Ten should not be up to ten.

More importantly, the level of each skill has risen before I knew it, and I've learned the new 'Intimidation' and 'Roar'.
I'm sure the reason he acquired these two skills is because he was continuously exposed to the Minotaur's 'Intimidation' and 'Roar'.
Commander Saran said that the skills that are eaten have a high probability of being acquired.
That means that the brave man would have acquired it too.
He was right in front of the Minotaur, defending everyone.

His status was also three times higher than his initial status.
Three times as much at level 15?
I don't know if it goes up with each level up, or if it goes up all at once when it reaches a Kiri number, but it seems like a big increase.

If the other classmates had risen to this level as well, there would be a mass exodus of people.
If the words of the butler on the first day are to be believed as they are, the highest attack power of a person in this world is five hundred
The current me has an attack power seven and a half times greater than that.

Even I had a hard time getting through to that minotaur, but will the people of this world defeat that minotaur?

...... or is the demon too strong?
The attack of the Saran Commander of this country's last stronghold didn't go through much except for the 'thunderbolt'.

My dagger, which I borrowed from the armory, also shattered without tearing my skin.
If it was a Minotaur, the Demon King would likely annihilate his body just by approaching it.

''Yes, we've arrived safely. As soon as the roll call is taken for each group, we will disperse.''

I want to try out some skills I haven't used yet, and I think I'll go to bed early today and ask Commander Saran a lot of questions tomorrow.
I'll have to borrow some new weapons.
In the meantime, I'm tired today.
I can't wait to get to bed in my room's fluffy bed.

"Oh, Akira, you'll have to stay behind for a bit.


For the first time, I seriously wanted to kill Commander Saran.