22 Episode 21 ~ Labyrinth Again ~

In my study.

I see you've succeeded in getting rid of a man.

"Yes, sir. "Let the Night Ravens have their reward.

'Oh. How could that Saran be killed so easily, even if it was ......?

Since His Majesty the King has requested it, it can't fail. Now that the curse on all but the bravest has been completed, all that remains to be done is to wait for a reason for war with the East.

You know, you can make up a story about harboring a wanted criminal. The kid is probably dead in a ditch somewhere.

Yes, Your Majesty. All in accordance with the will of His Majesty the King.

The plan moves steadily forward.
In places unknown to the parties involved.


After leaving the castle, I went straight into the labyrinth.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a better cover than the labyrinth if you're accused of some kind of crime and want to escape. The passage is almost a maze, and there are many places to hide yourself. We'll make sure that doesn't happen to you, but if you've been forced to do so by force majeure, you can hide in the Kantinen Labyrinth and aim for level 100. If it's you or ......'

I think of Commander Saran's words in my head.
The thought of not being able to see him again makes the corners of my eyes water again, but I shake my head and switch my attention.

Right now, we are in a labyrinth where every moment is fatal.
If I don't keep my mind on the line at all times, I'm not in a party and now I'm not in a party, I'll be killed in no time.
It's a profession where I'm not good at many one-on-one just for the sake of it.
If you are surrounded by them, even if you are a low grade demon, it will be fatal.

''Ha! ...... Huh, finally five levels. I thought there would be a lot of people in the early hours of the morning, but it's surprisingly absent.

I instantly killed the goblin that jumped out of the side street with the knife I stole from the castle and breathed a sigh of relief.

Lv.4's presence detection has an effective range of about fifty meters in radius.
If a demon has a presence concealment Lv. 5 and is oblivious, it won't be found, but there aren't many skill level 3 and above at such a high level, and as long as there are no demons within a radius of about fifty meters, it's safe to say that there are no demons within a radius of about fifty meters.

Strip the magic stone from the goblin's heart using a method taught to me by the knights in the labyrinth before.
Demons with human-like shapes often have magic stones in their hearts, and although there are some beast-shaped demons, the drop rate is much higher for the human-shaped ones.
This was demonstrated in the last labyrinth expedition.
And the larger the magic stone, the higher the price it would be sold for.
It's mainly for the sorcerer's magic mediation.
It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on a new one.
For a low-grade demon as low as a goblin, the size of a pint-sized fingernail is normal.
With this alone, fire can be started with living magic that anyone can use, which doesn't even appear in the skill column.
Thinking about the future, I would definitely want a large number of these to reduce the drain on my magic power.

'There's no harm in having it, you know.

Muttering that, I put the purple magic stone into the place where I usually store my black-armored dark weapons.
I only brought a few dark weapons with me because it would be a hassle to collect them afterwards.
If it comes down to it, I'll be able to handle it with shadow magic and I think I'll be fine.

Thanks to the fact that I've canstood the presence concealment, I can remain unperturbed even if a demon passes in front of me.
Of course, there's no reason why a demon with eyes like Commander Saran's would not be there, so I'll be wary, but it's a lot easier than not having them.

As long as they are hidden, they can behead you in passing.
There is a large number of demons that are dying in front of me without knowing who killed them or how they were killed.
I have one demon stone for every seven of them, and since I have more time to spare, I'll always keep my awareness of their presence at full strength to increase my skill level.
As I leveled up, the range would increase, so in a way it was easy to understand how to level up.

I had just arrived just a few days ago, so I remembered the directions a lot, and I found the stairs that led down to the lower levels without getting lost once.

I wanted to get down to the 30th level before the end of the day, so without hesitation I stepped out onto those steps and stopped.
My crisis-sensing skills are ringing alarm bells.
I took out one of the small magic stones and threw it, and the moment it hit the ground, an arrow was stuck near that magic stone.

''Scary ....... It's good to be the first kill at such an upper level.''

Although the arrows are not poisoned or set to target a vital point, they are still very dangerous.

When I was here before, there was nothing like this, but I wonder when it was installed.

After that, I descended to the thirty levels without a single break.
In the meantime, there were seven traps like the previous monster house, and twenty traps of the type that had arrows and elementary magic flying at me earlier.

I avoided all of them, but it might be a good training exercise to increase my skill level in crisis detection.
We met a few adventurer-like parties along the way, but we passed by without noticing the presence of concealment.

''Well, now we're in the unknown, aren't we?

He stopped around the area where he had defeated the Minotaur and looked around.

The interior of the labyrinth is usually dimly lit, and the lamps lined up evenly near the walls emit a yellow light.
The ceiling is about ten meters away, and the minotaur was about five meters away, so there may be a monster even bigger than the minotaur that comes out.

Thinking about that made my heart pound and heartbeat quicken.
Does the fact that I'm excited about adventure mean that I'm a man too?