23 Episode 22 ~ Boss ~

The food that Commander Saran had prepared for us was enough for about thirty days.
In case I lose my luggage for some reason, I generally roast demon meat and eat that, but sometimes when I want bread or other carbohydrates, I take it out and eat it.
But in some ways, demon meat is far better than beef, pork, chicken, etc.
I still can't eat the meat of goblins and other humanoid demons, but I'm sure I'll eat them when the food supply runs out and there are no more beast-type demons.
Humans are like that.

''... Well, let's proceed.''

After finishing the break, I stand up and move forward.

Ten days had already passed since I was framed for killing Commander Saran and hiding in the labyrinth.
Of course, there is no sun in the labyrinth, and I don't know when the period from one day to the next is one day, but in terms of my belly clock, it's ten days.
The number of levels of progress during that time is thirty.
I'm at the 60th level now.

Every ten levels has a boss fight, and I've already gone through five boss fights, but they were always nasty.
And the huge door that looms in front of me is the boss room at the 60th level.

The bosses so far are Goblin General, Orc, Red Wolf, Goblin King, and Fenrir.

Since I defeated the Goblin General and Orcs before, I know their weaknesses and so on, and they were easy to defeat.
Well, they're the kind of monsters you'd defeat in a party, so it was a bit tricky, but in the end I won.

The red wolf is a wolf with red fur, but as I was observing it, I didn't think it was possible, and sure enough, it used its fire magic.
I was able to avoid it by sensing danger, but without that skill, I would have been an extinguisher by now.
It was tough and I didn't want to use it too much, but I disappeared in the concealment of my attention and cut off his head from behind.
Due to the occupation of an assassin, it was originally correct to attack from behind, but it was still the nature of a man who wanted to play fair and square.
But he couldn't turn it into a life, so he took a safety margin.

The Goblin King was a very fat goblin, and it was interesting to see how agile he was for his huge body.
However, since it was the King, it was accompanied by other goblins, and it was hard to do it alone.
So after crisply defeating the King, the other goblins were eaten up by shadow magic.

Fenrir felt like his level had gone up at once.
Until the Goblin King, he was a demon that could be defeated by himself, well, normally, even if he struggled.
However, Fenrir struggled very hard.
Fenrir and the four Red Wolves and even though they were at a disadvantage at five against one, they thought in their heads and set traps under Fenrir's command.
Even the demons that could be defeated even if they were a little slack until the forty-ninth level, they couldn't be defeated without tensing up their nerves.
At some point, it wasn't just once or twice that they almost died.
Fenrir was also forced to chomp his neck from behind in concealment of his presence, but it seems that he has to think of a countermeasure as soon as possible.

If he had to defeat his opponent with his magic and skills blocked, using only his own sword skills, he would not die.

I went all the way to the 59th level without using any shadow magic or skills.
The traps that became more and more powerful with each level were also recognizable just by looking at them, even without using skills.
I want to increase my skill level, so I'll always use presence detection, but I will no longer meet other adventurers.

What kind of demon is the boss of this sixty levels?
I'm a little excited.
When I press my hand against the door, the door opens on its own like it's weightless.
Once inside, it closed on its own.


A lamp on the wall is lit, illuminating the room with a red light.
The boss room is generally the same, an arena about two hundred meters in diameter.
There are only two doors, the one you enter is closed, and the other door that goes down doesn't open until you defeat the boss.
In other words, in this arena, either I die or the boss dies.

The boss this time was sitting in the center of the room.


A lion's head, a sheep's body and a viper's tail.
The length of the body is roughly about five meters.
It seems to be one-on-one, there are no other demons around.
"The moment I pulled out the Night Sword God and took a stance, it came.


That's all it takes to make my skin tingle.
The bellowing in his voice and the intimidation in his movements distracted the opponent's will to fight.
If it were a normal human being, it wouldn't be surprising if they died of shock from this alone.


While I'm a little frightened, the chimera closes the distance at once.
I avoid the arm-length fangs in front of me in the nick of time.

"Now, what to do.