26 Episode 25 ~ Chimera Meat ~

...... hmm?

I jumped up in the sixty-layered boss room.
I feel a tremendous discomfort in my body.

There is no ...... wound.

The wounds from fighting the chimera, the bruises from training with Commander Saran, and the back and legs that were injured from sleeping in a mess on the unfamiliar ground are all completely healed.

I can tell that the healers did not cast a healing spell because there is no sign of people around and no magic power can be detected from where the wounds were.
In the first place, there shouldn't have been a healing spell that could heal all wounds.
That said, I don't have any skills like self-regeneration.
It was yesterday that I had battled my belly clock, and there's no way I could spontaneously heal completely.

I stretched as hard as I could for the first time in a long time and stopped thinking.
I couldn't understand it even if I thought about it.
Then it's useless to think about it.
You'll know when the time comes to know.

I'm going to have to go back to ...... to get some chimera meat to eat and then I'll be able to dive again.

I skip to the place where the scene of the dismemberment chimera, not the dismemberment murder, is being built.

The labyrinth doesn't seem to have any bugs in it, and not a single one has gathered, even though I've left the raw meat alone for a night or so.
Since it's the boss room, I don't have to worry about it being eaten by other demons, and it's still there before it falls cleanly.
The meat isn't as fresh as it could be, but it's not inedible.

I want to start a fire with the magic stone, but since there's nothing to burn, I sear the meat directly.
Immediately a fragrant smell spread throughout the boss room.


I put my hands together and took a bite.
The juices of the meat filled my mouth and the sweetness spread.

To sum up, chimera meat, it's so delicious.

I found out later that the stronger a demon's meat is, the better it tastes, and it seems that chimera meat is so rare that it's more accurate to say that no one has ever eaten it rather than calling it high class food.

It's not possible to eat all the meat and leave it in the boss's room crying because it would become luggage.

''Well, how far can we go today?