27 Chapter 26 ~Lucky~

'Come to think of it, I haven't done any mapping or anything like that: ......

I muttered to myself while defeating the demons that blocked my path.
I had never made a map of the labyrinth until now because I had reached the boss room with hardly any lost paths.

Now that I think about it, it's quite extraordinary.
The labyrinth is so intricate that it would normally be nearly impossible to reach the boss room without mapping.
It's also the sixty levels I've dived into so far.
It's impossible to get rid of it by luck alone.

'Some kind of skill?'

I mutter to myself and look at the status.
I don't think I have any skills like that.

Akira Oda.
Occupation / Assassin Lv.46

Life force 16000/16200
Attack power of 10800.
Defense value 7200.
Magic power 6000/6300

The art of arithmetic is Lv.5
bargaining skills Lv.5
dark arts Lv.7
Assassination skill Lv.6
Kyokuto technique Lv.7
Short sword skill Lv.5
Air cover Lv.5 max
Sense of danger Lv.7
Sense of danger Lv.7
Intimidation Lv.4
Roar Lv.1
Two swords Lv.1
Manipulation of magic power Lv.5

extra skill
Language understanding
World eye Lv.1
Shadow magic Lv.5
Good luck.


But then I saw a skill at the bottom that looked like it.
A lucky extra skill.

'Ah, this one?'

If possible, if I had acquired this skill a little earlier, I would have been spending goofy time in my own home by now, instead of being stigmatized as the Saran Commander's killer.

That said, for now, the acquisition of the new skill and skill leveling up is going well.
It's just a matter of practice.
If I had a lucky extra skill, I'd be able to handle most of it.

...... Speaking of which, why did you get that extra skill?
Maybe it's because I almost died once.

My hands move while I think about it.


Wow. ......

Something appears in front of me that makes a huge strange noise.
I want to choose to run away tremendously.
There doesn't seem to be anywhere to eat, and it's disgusting to look at.
At first glance, it looks like sludge moving around, but the smell from the large hole that looks like a mouth is amazing.

Okay, let's run away ...... hmm?

When I was about to choose to run away, I was caught in the presence of a presence that I hadn't felt since around the 20th level.
Right now, the range of my presence detection is about five kilometers in radius, and the demon in front of me can easily enter.

But this presence is like the moment the demon opened its mouth .......

''Is it worth a try? ......

I grabbed the Night Sword God, which I was already quite comfortable with.
It's a demon that can't be used as food, but I care about what I care about.

"Queuee ee!

Shut up, man. Shut your f*cking mouth!

I moved in front of the demon in an instant, and from the so-called eight-phase stance, I slashed the demon in a straight line, kesa-kake.
Since there is a demon stone at the heart, be careful not to cut too much.

''Kyu, Kyu-nee ......''


Easily, the demon fell.
...... weak!
It was definitely weaker than a demon wandering around the sixty levels.
In truth, it was probably a demon around the tenth level.

The sludge of the demon solidified and collapsed.


...... haha, I knew this would happen.

Sighing, he approached the girl who came out of the demon.

She's alive, for one thing.
She's breathing well and seems to be just fainting.

'...... This is the sixty levels here. There's no way you can capture it with a girl.

I stared at my newly created baggage and began to prepare for today's encampment.