31 Chapter 30 ~Family~

'...... brother, where are you? Come home soon. Please! I won't be selfish anymore, and I'll help you with the house!'
'...... Totally, that guy and all the guys around me are going to disappear ...... geez!

My sister and mother were looking for me anxiously.
It's been a long time since I've seen their faces.
I'm sure my mother's face has grown even more pale again.
...... Oh, I want to go home.
I want to go home.

I'll do anything to get home.

......... It's a dream. That was a very realistic dream.
"...... Oh! Akira, are you awake? Have you eaten yet?

A loose voice from right next to me made me half-eyed.
When I got up, Amelia was holding her stomach and looking at me with resentment.

'Are you a Serious Crusher?'
Are you hip? Sounds delicious.

I was a fool for wanting this guy to be serious.
I took out the bread that Commander Saran had prepared for me and the cloth wrapped around the meat I had saved as a backup.

'...... Akira, I had a nightmare. Did you have a bad dream?
No, it was more of a happy dream.

I shook my head at the thought of my mother and sister.
They haven't been home for a month.
It makes me homesick.

'Yeah. Did you dream of the family you left behind on the other side?'

I sear the bread a little and grill the meat.
Amelia sizzles and drools from the corner of her mouth.
...... It's still raw meat.

Did I tell you that I'm from another world?

'With my world-eye, I can tell you everything. I can even tell you what Akira was wanking about at night .......
Hey! Don't use your eyes for trivial things!
'Nonsense? What it takes to get close to Akira.

He slaps off his hand reaching for the bread and turns the meat over.
A demon appears, caught by the smell of the meat.
It's something bipedal with a face like a pig.
The level is fifty-two?
I randomly threw a dark weapon at Amelia as she tried to stand up.

''...... Akira, get the meat.''
That one doesn't taste so good.
Yeah. All inedible flesh must disappear.

Amelia crushed the demon's carcass with her gravity magic.
It's a waste of magic.
Is it a normal act if the magic power is about as close to infinite as you can get?
It seems that he's thinking and acting in a way, when he's properly avoiding the darkroom equipment.
But it's a splat in the morning.
I'm used to it, but the smell is still very strong.

...... Whoever can get rid of that guy far enough will get the bigger piece of meat.
I'm out.


"Thank you for this.
...... What is that?
Oh, I didn't know we don't have the habit of appreciating food in this world.

The elves are said to have a great obsession with knowledge.
Maybe that's why this guy is with me.

As I ate, I taught him about Japan.
I taught him about Japan while eating.
Of course, we ate and talked about Japan.

"There are eight million gods?
'In a manner of speaking, it's believed that there is a God in all things.

Come to think of it, I had this conversation with Commander Saran.
It was only a few weeks ago, but it was oddly nostalgic.
I wonder if the brave man is doing well.
I'm not sure if the curse of my classmates has been lifted.

...... Akira, I want to hear about Akira's family.
Well, all right. I have a sickly mother and a younger sister at home. My mother's name is purple, and her sister's name is Yui, one year younger than me. My sister's name is Yui, one year younger.
Where is your father?

...... father.

I gritted my teeth, remembering the wide back I'd seen once when I was little.

'She disappeared when I was in sixth grade. She couldn't hold us, her sickly mother and her kids, so she ran off.
...... Yeah.

Since then, Mom has been working at home at an inside job and I've been working a part-time job without telling the school and somehow we've managed to make ends meet.
I'm sure she wanted to join a club, but she's put up with it and is working part-time for me.
I've been doing all the housework, including meals.
I wondered if I was eating well.
It's not a joke if a family member died of food poisoning or malnutrition before I left.

...... I have a sister too.
Surprising. You're my sister.
Yeah. She's so much more beautiful than I am and she's so much better at everything and she's the perfect little sister.
"Heh. ......

The cloud cover is starting to fade.
I stare into Amelia's red eyes.
The red that glistens in front of the flesh is dull now.

I can't do anything. Housework, anything. My sister can do everything once she sees it.
Does your sister like meat or something?
No. I eat everything. You have more skills, more and stronger than me, and ...... why meat?

I think I'm finally starting to read it.
The point is that there's a defective sister and a good sister, and only the good sister gets preferential treatment from her parents.
It's like my sister is always being compared to my sister, and she's always being mean to me.
Me and my sister were never like that.
Well, we were in a different kind of house, and our mother would never allow that to happen.

I was trying to lighten the mood, you know. Anyway, I hate the word "perfect".

Amelia raised her face from looking down.

'Because perfection means you can't be more than this. Humans, we grow better and more interesting when we have flaws. It's the same for elves, right? ......, so if that sister is the one who says she's perfect, I hate that guy.

I don't like brave men for the same reason.
Sure, they have many flaws, but they cover them up with perfection.
That's why the brave people I know were sitting on top of perfection.
To the average person, it's not even funny.

...... Right. Then I can't let Akira meet my sister.
We're not interested. ...... and then we'll start searching the maze.

I'm not very good at comforting her or anything like that, not to mention I'm not very good at it.

I gave Amelia a little pat on the head and stood up.
"I'll have to get the Night Sword God in shape.

...Why thank you.

So I really didn't hear any little words of thanks.
If there aren't any, there aren't any.