32 Chapter 31 ~The World's Strongest~

Amelia moved unexpectedly well.
I'd expected her to scream and run away because she's royalty, but apparently I was licking Amelia's chops.

"Amelia, three of them are headed your way.
Hm. No problem. "Gravity.

The gravity magic crushed the three of them together.
The three big rat-like demons were crushed by the three of them mangled together.

'It didn't look good.
No, I'm not mad at you.

Amelia's expression lights up at my words as she looks away and her mouth twitches in response to my gaze.
It's as straightforward as ever, which is good.

'How many levels are you on now?'
Sixty-two. I'd like to get to seventy today, but it's a bit hard to do.
Akira and I can do it. We're a great team.

I don't know where such confidence comes from.

I silently patted Amelia's head.
Amelia's mood instantly improves as I do this.
Her cheeks also turn a little red, but I'm not self-conscious, so I don't get it wrong.
It's probably hot in the labyrinth.

''Well, did you hydrate yourself?
'Yeah. ...... Why do you take water so often?
You don't want to get dehydrated. Well, in a labyrinth like this, you have to be more concerned about the demons than dehydration, but it's better to be careful. It would be better to be careful.
You've got a problem with ......?

There doesn't seem to be a concept of heat stroke in this world.
Apparently, medical technology isn't advanced either.

'Do you feel sick when it's hot and you're not drinking water?
I'm going to .......
That's called heat stroke. It's called heat stroke.
Some young elves would suddenly get sick on a hot day and die, but it wasn't an epidemic, it was just a watering hole.

He seemed to agree with me.

I almost got heat stroke once because I was so busy working part-time that I didn't hydrate myself.
That was tough.
My sister, who was so close to me, kept crying and screaming, and my mom had to do all the housework.
I started to take better care of myself than anyone else.

'If you know what I mean, drink the water often.

I throw the darkball.
It hits the forehead of a demon that emerges from a distant bend in the distance.

My skill level and player level are both rising steadily.
Either I'll be able to achieve my goal faster or I'll be able to attack the labyrinth faster.

'The world where Akira was ...... or is it a country? I know a country that looks like.
Huh? Did the brave men who were summoned before us start a nation?
Yeah. As I recall, it was in a country on the elven side of human territory.

Amelia tells me that there is a country in the human race that looks like Japan as it existed in the Edo period.

The name of the country is Yamato. The staple food is the rice that Akira wanted to eat.
Okay, we'll go there when we get out of the maze.
Hmm. I thought Akira would say that.

I want to eat rice.
I hate bread.
Japanese people are made of rice and miso soup.
I can't live without rice.
I love rice.

Oh, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, it looks like a secret desire has exploded.
That was a close one.

I heard that a popular music shop is coming up. It's actually separate for men and women, but it's called 'kongoku'.
Amelia, do you even know what mixed bathing means?
Soaking naked in hot water together?

No, you can't.
It's too hard for me, a Futumen, to bathe with a beautiful girl like Amelia.
And it's hard to look at the people around you.
Besides, this girl, I wonder if she hasn't forgotten that she's an elf.

But Amelia seems to be really looking forward to it.

''And, for now, on hold.
I want answers before we leave the maze.
Yeah, I'll do my best.

I wish the labyrinth could go on forever.

While having such conversations, we are definitely slaughtering demons.

It's a good thing that you're able to have a good time with your friends. Moreover, we were raiding, so Akira's fighting power is not comparable to the human race.

I looked at Amelia's face, wondering what she was going to say all of a sudden.
Amelia is looking at me with a serious face.
The seriousness prompted me to tell Amelia something I hadn't even told my classmates.

'...... I don't know why, but my status is obviously stronger than the brave ones.

Amelia didn't react much by nodding a little, as if she had guessed it.
Then, she opens her mouth gravely, as if it was hard to say.

''Akira, even the strongest demon race of the four races, the basic attack power of an ordinary person is limited to nine hundred hundred. The previous demon king's attack power was around one hundred thousand. Without a doubt, Akira is the strongest in this world.

...... Maybe so. I don't need to use the World's Eye to know I'm crazy. Besides, I'm hiding in the labyrinth in order to raise my level to one hundred with a promise to someone. When I get out there, I may definitely be some kind of walking god of destruction.

What happens when you get it up to 100?

I don't know. I don't know exactly what's going to happen either. But I do know that what I want is going to happen.

In the previous world, I'm sure he would have been given an instant shooting license.
You could be an experimental guinea pig for a dangerous person.

Then Amelia squeezed my hand tightly.

'Even if the world says Akira is a monster, I'll still be there for you.
Thank you.

I felt a little bit saved by Amelia.

Come to think of it, I've seen this happen before.
I'm in Amelia's position, though.

How are you, Kyousuke?