35 Episode 34-New Power-

Akira, cheer up.
...... Huh.

I leaned back against the labyrinthine wall and sighed.
There were probably mushrooms growing on my head right now.
I hadn't been able to defeat the Huge Goblin, and my lack of skill made me want to run to the boss room right now.
Amelia comforts me, but that's not enough to revive me.

''Huge Goblins are above the Adventurer's Guild's recommended level of seventy for defeating them. Originally, they are an opponent that Akira, who has no skills, cannot defeat.''

They're doing what seems to be a follow-up, at least.
But it doesn't make me feel any better.
There's no way I'm going to feel better.

'Why are you so depressed?'
...... How could a man be protected by a woman?

What's frustrating is that Amelia protected me.
She's a pain in the ass, huh?
Then you should be protected by a woman: .......
It's soooo humiliating.
Moreover, Amelia is a single gravity spell for an opponent I struggled with until I almost died.
I want to die.

I mean, is there such a thing as an adventurer's guild?" ......
Yeah. A popular profession for all races. As long as you're strong, it's easy money.

I'm going to die instead, though.
I unknowingly straighten my back at the cold voice of Amelia who says that.

Commander Saran had glanced at the fact that there is a profession with a very high mortality rate, but it seems that he means the adventure business.

And Amelia is not happy about it.

'Is Amelia in the Adventurer's Guild?
Yeah. I can make some money.

Amelia said and took a dog tag from around her neck.
The two tags were chained together and hung around her neck like a necklace.

That's cool.

'I won't give it to you,'
...... of course you make your own.
Akira looked at me like he wanted something.
Don't talk like that.

Sullenly, I looked at the tags, the first one had Amelia's name, race and occupation on it, and the second one had nothing on it.
At my curious look, Amelia neatly explained it to me.

At first I thought she was a silly character, but after all, maybe it's because she has a younger sister, but I can see the solid part of her as well.
It's funny, I should have a sister too.

'The tags over here represent the ranks. Different colors have different ranks, so there's no need to show the characters.
'Hmm. What rank does Amelia have?

When I asked, Amelia's face grew a little stronger.
Apparently it was a topic I shouldn't have asked about.
But Amelia answered.

''Second from the top. Different races have different levels of difficulty, so the standards are different for the human race and the elven race.''
Yeah. So it's great to be second from the top among the elves?
'Well, great. But my sister ranks right up there with the best.

Another sister.
When I talk to Amelia, it's this sister that comes up often.
And every time I talk about my sister, Amelia looks like she's about to cry.
I want to ask her, but I can't.
In the first place, me and Amelia have only met for a few days.
We are able to talk lightly now, but if it were true, my shyness would have been triggered and I would have remained silent.

''Yours is silver, but the top rank is gold or something?''
Yes. "There were only four gold ranks in Morrigan. They were the best in the world.
Was it?
'Akira is the strongest right now. ...... And, truth be told, there's another rank above Gold.
What color is it?
...... I believe it's black. It seems to be the color that the first hero-sama liked. The black rank has been vacant for the last hundred or so years, so no one in the human race remembers it. Even among the elven race, many don't know about it.

Come to think of it, the elven race had a long life expectancy.
The human race has a shorter life span than the elves, but they are more fertile.

How old is Amelia, by the way?
Don't ask a woman her age at .......

The fist ponied up.
But a fist with 400 attack power doesn't hurt at all, even if it enters the pigeon tail.
It should be four times the limit attack power of the human race in general, but it doesn't hurt at all.
In fact, I feel that a mosquito bite would be very effective with an itch.

If you think about it that way, you can understand how weak the human race is.
How did they beat the beastman race?
Did they crush them in numbers?

...... Huh? Am I just off-specification?

Sorry about that. ...... Now, let's get back to it.
Are we done yet?
Unfortunately, I have to be strong for a reason. I'm willing to die and endure the most rigorous training to do so.

I chuckled at that, and Amelia blushed and stood up, putting the dog tags in her pocket again.

'Then I'll help you. ...... a, I said I'd be there for Akira.
...... I see. Thanks.

From the side, it may be a curt response.
But this was still my superlative embarrassment.
The evidence of this is the heat rising in my face.
I spun around and turned my back to Amelia and began my search again.

"White bat from above.
I know.

I had walked a few meters when Amelia gave a sharp cry.
But I knew something was coming from the sound of wings before Amelia told me.

What appeared in front of us was a white bat.
Of course, it wasn't an ordinary bat.
It was as large as a human and acted in unison, not in a flock.
With its sharp claws and strong teeth, a bite from it would surely separate its upper and lower bodies forever.
It seems to be quite strong in terms of levels.

''It's not hearing, sight, or smell. It's more different, so to speak, reading the opponent's movements with your sixth sense.
This is bullshit!

With the momentum of pulling the Night Sword God out from behind, he swung down into a kesa-kake.
He thought he had caught it, but the blade didn't even drop his head, it only ended up hurting his white fur a bit.

'The white bat shifts the opponent's perception. It's the perfect opponent for Akira right now.
Say it first. Say it first.

My partner and my combat teacher are well aware of their students.
I've been recognizing and fighting opponents with sight and sound.
I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work for you.
In the end, I used shadow magic to cut them down.

''The only thing I sealed was my skills. I didn't seal my magic power.''
What if I make a new kind of magic?

Even when we're having a conversation, the battle is still going on, as it should be.
I'm avoiding the kryptonite, but I've already produced a large number of graze wounds on my body.

''Magic power hey ......''

I think I know what it feels like to move only magic power.
Since the first time I erased a sign of presence from myself in the other world, I had an intuition that there was something inside of me.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it happen.
...... The magic power after the synchronization is released not into the body, but into the surroundings.
If I were to visualize it, it would be like a fog.

'Akira! If you close your eyes in front of the enemy!

Amelia's voice didn't enter my ears as I concentrated.

I synchronize my magic power and release it.

'Oh! It's a big deal.

For some reason, the white bat was scurrying around to look around at the hit, as if it couldn't see me.
Perhaps because I hadn't had an assassin-like battle lately, it's been a long time since I've seen my target from behind.
That's the worst feeling for an assassin.

I flashed the Night Sword God.
After a few seconds of delay, the bat's head fell off in a lopsided manner.

''Amelia, is this what you want?''

Amelia's beautiful face contorts into a contemplative look of some kind.
She finally looks at me when I tap her on the shoulder.

'Are you okay? You don't have to be around if you're not feeling well, okay?
It's okay. Akira, what was that?

I nodded my head.
Did I do something so strange?

'What do you mean, I just synchronized my magic with my surroundings and released it from my body to my surroundings?
'Akira, normal humans can't synchronize their magic with their surroundings, and it's impossible to control it away from their bodies. ...... with the exception of one person.

I tilt my head more and more.
Impossible, you said ...... just now it's possible.

''Can you still control the magic around you?''
Hmm? Yeah, come back.

When I summoned the magic power, the magic power returned to my body in a straightforward manner.
Amelia has a complicated look on her face.

''What's wrong with ......?''

I'm starting to worry about the quintessential thing.
Did I do something that bad?

Amelia opened her mouth gravely, taking my worries elsewhere.
The content was enough to make me cringe.

'There was someone who was doing the same thing that Akira is doing now. ...... That's the first hero-sama.

It seems that he is able to do the same thing as the "original hero" that the inhabitants of this world revere.