36 Episode 35 ~ Mysterious Man ~

I never felt sorry for myself.
But the adults around me say I'm a pitiful child.

What is the meaning of "poor"?
Is it a matter for the adults around me to decide what to feel sorry for?
Or is it something I can decide for myself?

Do I feel sorry for them if their hair is white?
Do I feel sorry for my sister if she has red eyes?
Is it a pity that my sister is better than me?

I don't know anymore.
It's true that my sister has beautiful hair and beautiful eyes and is very strong.
For a long time, my sister has taken everything from me.
My parents who were supposed to be my allies, my friends, my fiancé who whispered his love to me.
Before I knew it, all my people were with my sister and somehow I was the one who was abusing her.
My sister cried in front of everyone and gave a passionate speech about how bad I was.

All of my people sided with my sister.

Then I was banished from the Elven Tribal Domain and forced to choose to leave the Sacred Tree.

No one believed my words.
No one believed me either.

I guess I left the forest and drifted off to the human continent of Kantinen.
I was confused in a strange forest when I was eaten by a slimy, black, slime-like creature.

I thought I was going to die.
Or rather, I thought I was dead.

The next time I woke up was in the human race's labyrinth.
As I recall, the name was the Kantinen Maze.
A dark-haired, not-so-bright man gave me food.

I believe that that slime-like demon was a slime subspecies that had been altered to capture the elves, released by the kidnappers who have been causing a stir in the elven tribal territory recently.

There are two reasons for this.

The first is that just before he was eaten, I sensed a faint but definite sign of human presence.
I don't think it was just one or two.
Perhaps the village was close.
If that demon was a human-eating carnivore, then it would be better to attack the village than me alone.
Even if it was a bit of a struggle, that slime would have been able to prey on the villagers, a non-combat type profession, without any problems.
Even if there happened to be adventurers, that slime would be able to repel them if they weren't quite as skilled.

Secondly, for some reason, he was in the Kantianen Labyrinth.
It was also at a lower level that didn't match my abilities.
Labyrinth demons basically don't move in the hierarchy of their own abilities.
The exception happens once every few years.
When the demons flood out of the labyrinth.
At that time, the demons will move up the hierarchy of their own strength and appear on the ground.
The hypothesis that can be formed from this is that after capturing me, they tried to take another one back.
From the size of my body, there was room for at least one more person to enter, and if that slime dude who was following someone's orders was actually not of the Elf race, but had captured his target on the condition that he was a person with as much magical power as a demon race, then this man in front of me, whose magical power would be quite high, would meet that condition.
If that idea is correct, I don't know why Zu's kidnappers, who were targeting the elves, released their demons on the human continent, but .......

I wondered if this man might have a reason for it, and I looked at the man's status with the world eye that everyone in my tribe hated, because I could see through everything.

Akira Oda.
Occupation/Assassin Lv.68

Life force 23000/23400
15,600 attack power.
Defense value of 10400.
Magic power 8400/9100

The art of arithmetic is Lv.5
bargaining skills Lv.5
dark arts Lv.8
Assassination skill Lv.8
Kyokuto technique Lv.9
Short sword skill Lv.5
Air cover Lv.MAX
Sense of danger Lv.9
Sense of danger Lv.8
Intimidation Lv.7
Howling Lv.3
Two swords Lv.3
Magic control Lv.8
Magic manipulation: lv.8 ・Dazzle magic: lv.1

extra skill
Language understanding
World eye Lv.2
Shadow magic Lv.7
Good luck.


For a few moments, I cringed.
Obviously, it's not right.

The Adventurer's Guild, the highest gold rank, is far stronger than my sister's status.
In terms of attack power alone, it surpassed the previous Demon King.
And yet, there was a lack of sign of him.
I couldn't feel the signs of a strong person's unique character from this man.

As I was staring at him, the man who was wondering about him looked at me, so I let out a scream for now so that he wouldn't think I was suspicious.
It was hard work for a throat that hadn't had any food or water for a long time, and after a little while it began to snatch.

Whether I knew it or not, the roasted demon meat and bread was offered to me.
Shortly after that, my stomach growled.
Haphazardly, I take it away and eat it in the corner of the labyrinth.

It was on one of those occasions that I met Akira.
Akira, who gave me food and water to a stranger and a woman who looked like she came out of a demon, didn't look away or scowl at me.

On the contrary, she told me that she hated "perfection".
I'm glad that I didn't have my own kind of people to believe me, but that's just the beginning.

"Akira, what's wrong with my hair and eyes?

Akira never looks away from me when I ask him that.
And then, curiously, he answers, as if it's a given.

'What are you talking about? I still don't know anyone with more beautiful hair and eyes than you.

Akira hasn't seen my sister yet, but I still wish Akira would.
Akira would be on my side when I see my sister.

Besides, it makes me nervous to be near her, and my heart jumps at the mere touch of their skin.

I'm sure this is what love is all about.

The cheeks that didn't even react to the beautiful faces of the elves of their own race turn red as soon as Akira strokes their heads.

I want to stay by Akira's side forever.
No matter what, I will stand by Akira's side.
Even if Akira turns the world against me, I will be the only one to stay by his side.

When was the last time I made a strong vow in my heart that I would stay by his side?
That vow has never faded away in my heart.

'Akira, let's be together forever, okay?
Yeah. You're still with me, right?

Only this time, I don't have to thank my sister for it.
If I hadn't been betrayed by my kindred, I wouldn't have met Akira.

So thank you, Kirika Rose Quartz and many other kindred spirits for betraying me.