44 Episode 43 ~ Kirika Rose Quartz ~

We were able to come out to the square thanks to the night, but countless killing spirits attacked us.
However, due to the presence of hostages, they do not attack us.
When I looked around, I saw that elves with bows and arrows were surrounding us in a circle.

'Amelia, stay on top of the night. Night, please.
'Leave it to me, Lord! 'I won't let you lay a finger on Miss Amelia,'

I dragged Liam Gladiolus, who was still unconscious, down from the night.
Maybe it's because this guy is so handsome, but he's also a bit of a mess to handle.
Oh well, I can't blame him.
All the beautiful people who look like they're going to enjoy their lives should be destroyed.

''You! How dare you treat Master Liam!

One of the elves holding a bow and arrow, one of the bloodthirsty elves shouts that.
I see, this guy seems to be well-liked in his own way.
Since he doesn't attack easily, his status must be reasonably high, too.

''If you want this guy to be handed over to you unharmed, you'll have to let us, Amelia, off the hook.

The elves were clearly frightened as he shouted at Liam Gladiolus, holding a dark instrument to his throat and shouting at him.
Still, they didn't make a quick decision.
Some of the elves are flickering and giving off an air of waiting for something.
Come to think of it, I don't feel like there are any elves who are like leaders.
They're led, but there's no one to tell them what to do.

''... d*mn it! The barbarian races and such, if Kirika-sama were here, he would finish them off with a single blow, no matter if Liam-sama was being held hostage.

I can even hear such lines flowing through the wind.
I'm sure you've been waiting for that "Kirika-sama".
I'm not going to be able to get my hands on any of them, but I'll be able to use my shadow magic to cut down the sacred tree when the need arises.
You're right.

You! What are you smiling about!

The elf who yelled at me earlier yelled again.
It's so loud.
The same thing happened to Liam Gladiolus.
I tried to take out the magic stone.
But an impatient voice comes from behind me and I stop moving.

''...Mistress Amelia?''
No! Akira, Kirika is!

When I turned around, I saw Amelia bent over the night in a crouch.
Her breathing was ragged and she was probably one step away from hyperventilating.

'Kirika haha! No!

I rubbed her back and I wondered if her breathing had calmed down a bit.
The elves are looking at Amelia and whispering to each other in whispers.

It's what happens when you harass Kirika-sama.
The punishment has been handed down to you by Master Aitel.
That's what happens when an abomination asks for something it doesn't deserve.

That's what I heard the elves say.
I'm sure he's deliberately saying it out loud so that we can hear him.
I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

She can do whatever she wants.
But I don't know anything about Amelia.
What I do know is that Amelia is a woman who doesn't do unprofitable things, such as harassment.

'But that's good enough for me, isn't it?'

I popped Amelia's head.
I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

"Hey Amelia, those guys are saying you harassed this Kirika guy, what do you think?

Amelia's eyes widened and she fell silent.

'I believe you when you tell me you didn't do it. ...and it's not like I'm harassing you or anything. You wouldn't do something so childish, would you?
・・・・・・ yeah. I'm not. I'm not harassing Kirika.

I asked so that everyone around me could hear, and Amelia, who caught my intentions, said so clearly in an equally loud voice.
It's a good idea to have a good time.

It's a good idea. Elves.
Why should we believe such a lie? Why do you believe in the word of this abomination?

A different voice broke into the square.
It's a sticky, tangled, sickening voice.
I frown unknowingly.

'Now that Lady Kirika is here, it's all right!

Relief was in the air among the elves.
I turned to the direction of the voice.

'・・・・・・ Ame, Leah?'

The hair and eye color is different, but a woman who looks just like Amelia walks through the elves.
Also, the size of her breasts are different.
The clothes are also several ranks higher than those of the other elves.
To see, they were royalty.
A nasty type of royalty.

"That's Kirika. My sister.''

I heard that in Amelia's shaky voice.
So that's the Kirika.
I'm sure you've got a good idea.
I'm sure you'll find a lot of people who have a lot of experience in this field.
The facial shape is what makes it similar, but it's very different from Amelia's expressionless face.

''Hmph. You don't panic when you see me. The brazenness. Well, I will thank you for bringing the escaped sinner to me.''

Kirika said, brushing back her hair, which shone with more gold than any of the elves in the place, and matching her blue eyes with mine.
She then pushes me away from Liam in her arms and approaches Amelia, who is still riding in the night.

'Oh, sister. It's been a long time. I haven't healed from the wound you gave me. Look,

Kirika said and rolled up her arms so that we could see them as well.
The elves around us frowned.
There was a terrible burn scar on its jewel-like skin.
It hadn't completely healed yet, and the skin that had healed hadn't been able to regenerate back to its original state.
The elves around him looked at the wound and lamented in unison.
Amelia looked at them and was paralyzed.
Kirika's eyes shone brightly as she looked at them.

''Your sister is good, thanks to Kamiko, no matter how many injuries or fatal wounds she gets, she won't die.
''...Ki, Kirika, apologize to Akira.

Amelia looked up at Kirika, who contorted her beautiful face to the extreme and said that to Kirika.
Kirika was stunned for a moment.
I, too, looked at Amelia, wondering what she would say in this situation.
Amelia stops her frightened face from earlier and looks straight at Kirika's face while trembling.

'Kirika, apologize to Akira. You tried to charm her.
'I tried to charm you and nothing else, this man is mine now. What's it to you, sister?

Amelia now looks at me.
Her eyes told me that she believed me.
I grinned.

'When did you say I belonged to whom?'

As I said this, Kirika turned to me again.

'Why, why aren't you fascinated? A man like this, you don't need to use any magic to make me feel better about myself, do you?
Why should I be attracted to an ugly character like you? Even I have the right to choose.

When she made eye contact with Amelia, she smiled happily.
Seeing this, Kirika shouted to the elves around her as if she was impatient.

''Everyone, shoot arrows at Amelia and this man!
But Master Kirika, Master Liam is a hostage!

Kirika fished her eyebrows up.

'I don't think it would be you guys who don't know who would be worse off if you got hurt, me or Liam.'
'Ri, we understand.'

The elves draw their bows, which they had only been holding up, with a killing intent.
I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more to say.
I'm sure you're not the only one who's been in the market for a while.

''Amelia, near me at night.
'Are you okay? Lord.''

I didn't respond, just held out my hand in front of me.

"Shadow magic activated.

At the same time as the elves shoot in unison, they activate their shadow magic.
There aren't many shadows, so we can only cover ourselves, but it's enough.

Our shadows stirred and ate up all the arrows that flew at us.

The square goes silent and still.