45 Episode 44 ~ Yamato no Kuni 1 ~ Tsukasa Sato's Eyes

It's not at all an unusual sight in the city to see a lot of people walking down a wide boulevard with a lot of noise and buzzing.
We live in the city, too, and we've walked among more people than the scene in front of us.
But we froze in the middle of the street with our mouths open, as if in a daze.

We weren't surprised by the number of people.
It's the way they're dressed that surprises us.

Oh, there is a theme park similar to this one somewhere. The one where you can experience shuriken or something like that.
''Yes, that's it.''

I listened in the corner of my mind as Asahina-kun and Nanase Rintaro, a wind magician who was close to Akira in class, were having that kind of conversation next to me.

The men were dressed in formal attire in monk's kimono or kimono sash with swords at their waists, and the women were dressed in kimono or miko costumes with hairpin on their heads.
It's like a scene from the Edo period, like a period drama that is often broadcast on television in the evening.
The miko costumes look a little strange, but since all the women wearing them are heading towards a certain building that they are trying not to look at, I think that the miko costumes are the women's formal wear.

'So, that one is Himeji Castle no matter how you look at it.
'I was trying not to look at it...'

Asahina-kun muttered a line that I didn't want to be said as accurately as if she wasn't aiming for it, and I looked up at it in return.

It's about the same size as the recently restored Himeji Castle in Japan.
The shape of the castle is not similar at all, but the white plastered walls are the same.
This gives the impression that it is Himeji Castle.
Even from a distance, the big castle looked not so gorgeous and opulent as the royal castle, but it had an intimidating power.
I'm not sure if it's just my imagination.

''Oh, excuse me.''
''It's fine, brothers, but don't just stand there in the middle of the road.''

As I was looking at the castle with a poke, I bumped into a man who was coming from before.
When I reflexively apologized, the man laughed and quickly left the place.


Only Asahina-kun was staring at the man's back, as if something was catching him.
Asahina-kun glanced at me and chased after the man.

'Wait a minute. Hey, someone stop that guy. Purse snatcher.

I hurriedly checked for my wallet.

'....It's not there.''

The wallet, which was definitely there when I entered Yamato, was gone.
Come to think of it, the way the man bumped into me was obviously strange.
Besides, there was no way he was going to bump into someone who was standing still when he was looking forward properly.

'Tsukasa-kun? What happened?

Mr. Ueno is approaching with Mr. Hosoyama.
The others around them had also begun to notice something unusual.

My wallet has been ripped off. Asahina-kun is chasing after it now. Is yours okay?

Their faces immediately searched for their wallets at my words, and their faces quickly changed to relieved ones.
Apparently, I was the only one.

Fortunately, there's not a single penny in that wallet, but it's something I used to use over there.
Did someone give it to you?
''... Yeah, it was a birthday present from my brother.''

There were many sibling fights, but it was still an important memory.

After a while, Asahina-kun came back.

''Seems like there are a lot of good people here.''

Then he holds out my wallet to me.
I'm relieved and take the wallet.

"Thank you. How did you manage to catch up with me, though?
'Yeah, after I shouted, people around me shouted the same thing, like a game of message, and people like the new elections caught me.

Apparently, there's also an organization to maintain security.
I heard that several generations of brave men liked the end of the Edo period.

''An asagi-colored cloak?''
'Yes. I thought you were a cosplayer for a moment, since you were also properly framed.

Asahina-kun said with a straight face, and Ueno-san looked at him enviously.
I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more to say about it.

''Alright, for now, let's find an inn to stay at today. We'll go to the adventurer's guild afterwards.
Copy that.

But still, a pickpocket?
I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

I'm not sure if it's an inn, but it's called an innkeeper.

The first time in my life I've been attacked, maybe because of the confusion, but even at a time like this, unimportant things come to mind.

I steeled myself and followed my companions.