46 Episode 45-Yamato no Kuni 2-

We decided to stay at an inn called "Uguisutei", changed into the clothes given to us by the inn and gathered again in front of the reception desk.
Mr. Ueno and Ms. Hosoyama asked the landlady for a no-go on our behalf.

Hey Asahina, did we have to change too?
Don't say that in front of the girls. It's good for you. You look good in it.

While waiting for the girls to get ready, which is quite late, we talk together in a place where we won't be in the way.
I had a light blue cloth with a red carp pattern on it, and Asahina-kun had a black background with a firework pattern scattered across it.
Nanase and the others had chosen a plain, safe navy blue color.
We were the only ones the landlady had pushed for.
Asahina is blessed with a good physique and looks good on her, but I don't look good no matter how you look at it in a favorable light.
I sighed and looked down at my body.
Even if I say I'm stronger than Asahina-kun, it's because of my skills.
There's no way I can beat Asahina-kun, the captain of the Kendo Club, in pure swordsmanship.
Even if you use your skills, it would be a close match at close range.

''Here you go!
'I'm sorry, it's still hard to put on a kimono.'

We turned at the familiar voice and froze.

Oh, oh.
How's that? Does it look good on you?

Mr. Hosoyama spun around on the spot and smiled mischievously.
Mr. Ueno, too, opened his sleeves to show her better.

I didn't think that the stylish Ms. Hosoyama-san would look good in a kimono, but she looked good in a pink kimono with a butterfly pattern.
Ms. Ueno's morning glory looks good on the dark blue cloth.
They both wore their hair up in a bun, and the slightly sweaty nape of their necks, usually hidden from view, was very sensual.
High school boys have a hard time with it.
On top of that, both of them are beautiful girls that our class is proud of, so the guys wouldn't shut up.

''Oh, I'm glad I was born...''

Some of them were in tears as they worshiped.

You know, I don't know.
Heh, that's weird, huh?

Two of them ask me for my opinion.
All the boys except Asahina-kun cried tears of blood.

''d*mn it! So it's the face after all! It's a face!
'If I could change my face...'

I smile a little at them and say my honest opinion.

You look good in it. If it weren't for the circumstances, I would have confessed to you in a heartbeat.

Their cheeks were red and they looked satisfied.

The first thing that comes to mind is to go for a rice meal.