51 Chapter 50 ~Reverse Scale~

As I was having a harmonious conversation with Amelia, there was a lot of noise behind me.

''It's impossible for Kirika-sama to be defeated by such a barbaric human race! All of you, wake up! Of course you cheated!

The clamor grew even louder, starting with that voice.
I thought the agitated voice sounded familiar, but it was the man I had just taken hostage.
He's shouting at me from underneath the platform.
I'm sure he almost killed Amelia and got some pain from me, but he's a guy who never learns his lesson.

'Liam, what's cheating now?'

Amelia said as she looked down at the man with a cold look in her eyes.
Oh yeah, his name was Liam or something like that.
I can't remember the name of the handsome man.
Including the brave man.
It doesn't matter, Amelia's become more imposing.
That's a good thing.

Liam, who's scared of Amelia's words for jumping out with a bang.
Well, Amelia is usually a great killer too.
Especially now that she's hungry, she's probably even more annoyed.
I turned my back to Liam to get off from a different part of the platform.

'It looks like your eyes have glazed over, too. Is that what you call an abomination? It's not as bad as it used to be, but you're still the one who brings disaster to your people. Joining the human race...

I grabbed Liam by his chest and dragged him up to the top of the platform.
I'm sure it was a little too much force, but Liam crawled to the floor and coughed.
I didn't even wait for the coughing to subside before kicking him in the side and making him turn to face me.

'Guh! ・・・・・・ Hee!!!!

As soon as Liam saw my face, he let out a small scream.
You're so rude.
You just let out a strong kill shot with a bit of intimidation mixed in, didn't you?
Yeah, but I feel like my gut is churning for the first time in a long time.

I haven't lost my temper like this since junior high school, when my sister Yui was molested on the train.
That time I happened to find her and hit the guy who was molesting her until he was stopped by others.
My mother and school were called to the school and my mother and I had to apologize to the man for some reason, but as soon as I got home, I got a compliment from my mother for a good job and a hug from my sister.
My mother is unforgiving for a weak body, and I think she was seriously scared of me, and I think she was just scared of me.
Was it because of this incident that I kept being labeled a cis-con until I graduated from middle school?
It's a fond memory now.

Speaking of which, before I hurt this guy, I need to make sure I know what I'm doing.

'Hey Amelia, what is this guy your what? Or what is it with Kirika?

I asked, and Amelia thought for a moment, as if she was lost, and after some hesitation, she opened her mouth.

'My fiancé, it was. I've been around since I was little, but since Kirika's fascination with me, I'm Kirika's fiancé.
I mean...Wow, such a guy is your ex-fiancee.

I'm not sure I'll ever be able to find out.
I don't know what to say.
Okay, let's just kill him half to death.

Hi, hi-hiiiiiiiiiiiii!
So, what did you say before?

I tilted my head back at Liam, who was seriously too scared to talk, and I looked back at Amelia.
I asked her if she looked that terrible and she replied that she was indeed scared.
I'm a little shocked when Amelia says that.

'Oh well. If you're that unhappy, I'll duel with you or your agent if you can't fight. There should be no complaints about this.

I tucked my anger away for once and handled it in a supremely gentlemanly manner.
It's even more frustrating when you can't get the conversation going.
But Liam was still crawling to his feet.
He was too intimidated to get up.
It was as if the match was already decided, but in the end, the king agreed and they had to duel again because he was so frustrated.
By the way, Kirika hasn't woken up yet.
Since I didn't poke her that hard, she was about to wake up right away, but either I've lost my hand or she continues to pretend to be unconscious.

─ ─ Liam's eyes.

Master Liam, please allow me to represent you!
'No, I'll punish the little human boy myself!
'We must punish her for disgracing our goddess! I, Kirika-sama's fiancée, your full squire, will be on duty!

I closed my eyes in silence as my followers all shouted in unison.

Memories from the last few days spun and swirled around in my head.
Besides, there were many things that stuck in my followers' words.

Am I Lady Kirika's fiancé?

No, my betrothed is Amelia.
She is said to carry misfortune, but she lives a noble and upright life, and her beautiful hair and eyes are the treasures of our elves.
It is true that Kirika-sama is strong and beautiful, but she is no match for Amelia.

So why is it that I'm bullying Amelia, accusing her of false accusations and banning her from the elven tribe, and making a betrothal pact with Kirika?
Kirika-sama's twisted smile as she received the betrothal cup flickered through my mind.

That's right!
Kirika-sama told me I was being called by Amelia-sama and I went out to that square.
No matter how long I waited, Lady Amelia didn't appear, and finally, when I was about to leave numbly, Lady Kirika appeared and kissed me.
I couldn't react to the suddenness of it, nor could I shake it off because of the status difference.

Then I could only think of Kirika-sama.

''Oh, I remember. I... I don't know what I...

Oh, Amelia-sama, I'm sorry.
It is my fault for not being able to notice Kirika-sama's madness.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most out of your time with the help of your friends and family.
Even women and children are less effective, but effective, and the king, the high elves, and all the royalty have come to love Kirika-sama and ignore Amelia-sama.

Just like Amelia-sama and Kirika-sama before them.

It's true that Kirika-sama has a pretty face.
But no matter how much she looks like Amelia-sama, Amelia-sama is still more beautiful and everyone is looking at her.
I wonder if that didn't sit well with Kirika-sama.
However, everyone recognized Kirika-sama's ability.
If Amelia-sama excels in academics, then Kirika-sama must excel in martial arts.
All of the sisters are excellent people.
As expected of royalty.
The two of you are the crown jewels of our elves.
I'll have to stop Lady Kirika.

I have to stop Lady Kirika.