52 Chapter 51 ~ Uncle~

'Then, in the name of the King, I acknowledge the duel between Aquila Oda and Liam Gladiolus. Both take a stand.

I pulled the Night Sword God out of my back and returned the blade and held it at the ready while Liam held his bow.
Like Kirika, he didn't react to the return of the blade.
But he didn't move, as if he was concentrating.
According to Amelia, he's a civil servant to the core, and he's not very good at fighting.
He's good with a bow like an elf, but apparently he's not good with a sword.
In the first place, there is no other elves other than Kirika who are good with swords, and they usually use bows and magic as their weapons.
Liam also uses a bow for hunting, but not a sword.
It's a fastidious elf race, so maybe it's because he doesn't want to get bloodstained or something like that, surprisingly.

Long-range vs. short-range.
Of course, I'm at a disadvantage at close range.
Even in the labyrinth, there was a demon that flew the poisonous needles growing on his body, and his hand was burned.
As I recall, I approached it for a small amount of time when reloading and cut it in half.


Arrows flew in the air with the king's words.
I had never done an arrow cutter before, but I cut them off appropriately.
That demon's needle was faster than me.

''Too slow.''

I walked around behind Liam, who fumbled to get his next arrow ready, and slammed my sword into his neck.
Oops, he's a good-looking guy, so I might have been a little overpowered.
No offense, and I don't regret it.

'Winner, Akila Oda.

With the king's pronouncement, the square was once again in an uproar.
Three stupid-looking squires stared at me as they carried Liam down from the platform and carried him away.

I had won in the end.
I mean, if Kirika is the strongest of the elven race, there's no point in having any more dueling, and I'm annoyed with the elven race for not honestly admitting defeat.
Also, Liam looked very refreshed at the end, but I wonder what kind of change of heart he had.
Did the little tricks work?

Liam, Kirika's fascination was broken.
You got it.

I nodded and opened my right hand, which wasn't holding the sword.
There is a single piece of wood there.
This is the piece of wood that Amelia gave me before the duel with Kirika began.
This piece of wood was pressed against Liam's skin as he grabbed his chest.

'The Sacred Tree has the power to counteract the effects of magic, curses and such. I was too desperate to think of it before, but if I'd figured it out sooner, Akira wouldn't have had to go through the trouble.

Of course it's probably about me, but more importantly, I patted Amelia's head, regretting that I had cut down the sacred tree, which is more important than life to the elven race.
I really like this shunned face of Amelia's, but I still like her smile the best.
When I told her that, Amelia instantly blushed and turned over.

''Akira, I'm somewhat blown away.
'Yeah, well. I tried not to think about things that weren't in balance with me.

Really, a beautiful girl like Amelia doesn't suit me.
Even if Nakami's age was far older.

I crushed the piece of wood into pieces in my hand and sprinkled it over the crowd.

'・・・・・・ that, what am I doing?'
What's that platform?
Oh, there's Lady Amelia!
You're as beautiful as ever.

The elves, who were confused at first, began to cheer when they saw Amelia standing on the platform.
I pour the remaining powder in my hand over Amelia as well.

''Huh? Akira, why are you in elven territory?

Amelia was also under a fascination, after all.
This would explain Amelia's extraordinary paranoia.

''Isn't it empty? Kirika Rose Quartz

When I turned around, Kirika was there.
The sword from earlier was in her hand.

What do you know about it?

Kirika said and drew her sword.
I also hold my sword as if to protect Amelia.


Kirika slashed at them with a terrific sound.
The elves screamed.
I took it without danger.
Kirika's face contorts as she sees my relaxed expression.
As it was, we exchanged a few dozen swords.
I was having quite a good time, but Kirika, who wanted to end the match quickly, didn't seem to be so sure.


Finally, he also started using magic and wind grants.
Is it okay to use magic?
I'm in.

Shadow magic activated.

There aren't many shadows on the platform, but it's okay.
I gather the shadows to my sword.
I hold Amelia close.
Kirika's sword, with the wind tangled in it, collides with Kirika's sword, which is tangled in black shadows and is disastrous to look at.