64 Episode 63 ~ Benefits ~

While saying let's get down to business, Linga sips the drink that Mile brought her earlier.
By the way, the content is not citrus, it's some kind of fruit juice.
Is it a grape in terms of smell?
I haven't drunk it, so I don't know how it tastes, but seeing as Amelia is drinking it like it's delicious, it seems to be good enough to suit the palate of royalty.

Linga's eyes narrowed a bit when she realized I hadn't touched my drink.

''So what brings you guys across to this continent?''

I pulled the sheath from my back and placed it on the table.
When I prompted her silently, Linga half pulled it out.
My eyes widened slightly.

'I see, to find a blacksmith.

Seeing the spill of the blade, Linga put it back on and placed it on the desk again.

'Looks like quite an undertaking, but how did it come to be like this?

The more severe the blade is, the stronger and sharper it becomes.
It's the same with swords.
He asked if there was such a thing as a sword that could be shown to be great even to the untrained eye to be used to this degree.

''I really need to raise my level to 100. That's what happened when I hid in the labyrinth in the human tribe territory and killed a bunch of demons in order to do that.''

Linga froze for a while as she answered honestly.

''...Did I hear wrong? It sounds like you faced the labyrinth of human territory with this sword.
No, that's right.
You're an idiot.

It was crisp.
That was already refreshing.
The night nodded over my shoulder, too.
I pointed to it for now.

'Don't tell me you didn't know that the labyrinth of the human tribal territory is a training ground for magic only? Or did you go into death and survive by accident?
'I didn't know until you told me that night. I'm sure it was a coincidence, or maybe even a little bit of luck on my side, but mostly it's because of my ability and this Amelia.

Linga sighed as I said it off without a hint of being particularly bothered by it.

''Most likely, they're looking for the special skill that they can get at level 100, but to risk your life for a fairy tale like that, you're quite eager to die.

I grin.

There's a rumor that those who raise their level to 100 will be given a special skill, a skill even higher than extra skill...
Of course, I've heard about it from Commander Saran, and I furthermore know that the rumor is true.
And I promised Commander Saran that I would make sure to raise my level to 100.

The first and last promise.

'Special skills do exist,'

I insist, and Linga stares at me.
For a while, a silence fills the room.

"....You look like you really believe that. No. You're sure? Why? There shouldn't be any more heroes in this world with a level above 100.
No, I was there. I saw it. There was a special skill given to those who raised their level to 100.

Is it true?

After leaving the Adventurer's Guild, Amelia asks me as we swiftly make our way through the crowds.
Thanks to the night on my shoulder, the beastmen will avoid the beastmen on their own, and the fact that Amelia is a high elf has already spread throughout the city, so no one is getting involved.
It's a hooray that my aim is on target.
But it's time to get into the alley.

Amelia's question had no subject matter, but I had an idea what she was talking about.
Even at night, she says as she clings to my head, balancing herself dexterously on my shoulder.
This regime is a little ticklish with my chest hair against my ear.

''Lord Lord, I've never heard of getting a benefit at level 100?''
'Yeah, the night I was a demon, I suppose. I'm sure you've heard of Amelia a few times.

Okay? I asked, and Amelia nodded awkwardly.

''I've heard of it in fairy tales. Just like raising an ordinary skill level to the max, only a few geniuses can reach it. It's impossible for an ordinary person to reach it; even raising it to 99 might be tough.''

Yes, it was all supposed to be a fairy tale.
But it wasn't.

'The first person to notice the level 100 perk was the original hero. In the last battle with the then Demon King, my friends were wiped out and I was dying, and it appeared when I defeated the last demon other than the Demon King. He blossomed during the battle against the Demon King and used his power to end happily. Well, it's like the kind of limit-breaking that's common in brave ones.

By the way, it seems that the impact blew away the northern half of the demon territory's continent.
Even Extraskill's shadow magic can annihilate one forest, so that much should go.
By the way, even if the forest is a forest, it's not a tiny forest like the one in Japan.
It's the kind of forest that a foreign, small country would be able to fit into.
It's a good idea to have a good time with them.
I'm not going to be able to get it right.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this.

He stroked the head of the night with a disappointed and disappointed sounding voice.

''If the lore itself wasn't there, does that mean that neither demons nor the demon race have such privileges?
Maybe. Well, there's another possibility...
"Another possibility?

I paused on the road into the alleyway.

'That means the demon tribe hid it on purpose.

When I looked back over my shoulder, I saw Linga throw a sharp look at me in the crowd.