65 Chapter 64 ~Stay~

So, Amelia, you and your party will be staying in one room. Would you like to have breakfast?
Yeah, I'll just get it from a cart.
Okay. I'll have someone show you to your room for a moment.

Now we are standing in the reception area of an inn.
It's a solid-looking inn and we all pat ourselves on the shoulder.

In fact, earlier, Amelia said she was hungry, and we entered a random restaurant-like place nearby that looked like a restaurant.
The master was a cat-type beastie, or perhaps a tortoiseshell cat if you want to talk about the kind.
It was quite a stylish, English-style restaurant that looked like a coffee shop.
They have food other than the kind of food that beastmen would eat, such as matrimony, and there are also customers who look like human adventurers.
The number of customers is not too bad, it seems.
Amelia, who eats more than I do, became friends with the master while asking for various things, and when I asked him for his recommendations, I found this place.

The master seems to have known about the rumors I've been spreading around town, knowing that Amelia is a high elf, but just like the Adventurer's Guild, the exterior and interior of beastmen's buildings are often the exact opposite, and while the exterior isn't bad, the interior and service are terrible... Apparently, there are many such cases.

Well, it seems that there is also a decent restaurant, and the inn recommended by the master, "Toriman. is a clean-looking inn where the first floor is a tavern, and the husband of a slender, bird-like beastman is a good man.

He wasn't too afraid of the night, which was feared by the beastman race, and Amelia was treated with the hospitality she deserved.

'It's nice to meet you, Hal. Let me show you my room.

The one who came out from behind the stroke-shouldered husband as a guide was a pretty, human race girl with double teeth.
Moreover, her hair is black, and if this was black instead of green eyes, she would have been completely Japanese.
The name also sounds Japanese.

''Cora, she's an elven princess!

Hal, who was greeting him in a high-tension, friendly manner, was hurriedly chided by the stroke-shouldered husband.
Amelia stops the husband who was about to bow his head.

''This one hasn't even greeted the king of the beastman tribe yet, he's in a state of complete snobbery. We can't afford to be so hospitable.''

Amelia made one suggestion to her husband, who looked unconcerned.

'Then tell me your recommendations for restaurants. That's fine.
'Yes, sir, I'll have a few listings sent to your room for you.

Amelia nodded and urged Hal on.
Hal ushered us in with a serious expression, a change from earlier.

''Then, over here.''

Hal stopped in front of a large room that was obviously specially designed, as he showed them the hall where they were eating and so on.

''...This is Amelia-sama's room. This is the emergency exit in case something happens. If you need anything, just ring that bell over there.

We were shown to probably the safest and cleanest room in the inn.

Oh, and the walls are completely soundproofed so you won't have to worry about it at night!

With that last statement, Hal went back.
That guy, who used to be able to use the honorific expression in front of his stubborn husband, is now back to normal.
He shows no remorse.

It's a good thing that I'm a demon who can read the atmosphere, so don't worry, I'll be out of here at night. I'm not going to be able to ask you a question by telekinesis, either.
Do you think I would do that to Amelia at night?
"I don't think so, but as they say, a man cannot live without his meal.
Where did you get that word?
"The Demon King said...
It's just that my opinion of the Demon King, whom I haven't even met yet, is going downhill.

As we were moping around the night and talking together, Amelia came out of the corner of my eye with a nudge.

'What are you two sneaking around together?'
'It's nothing,'

The synchronized swimmers responded with a snugness that surprised even the synchronized swimmers, and Amelia huffed and pulled back, though she looked unconvinced.
Me and the night let out a breath.
From now on, we'll do these conversations as a reminder.
I decided to do so and organized my luggage as well next to Amelia, who started unpacking her not so many things.

''...I wouldn't mind if Akira ate me.

I didn't know that Amelia was muttering next to me.

'Is Amelia good?'

I felt the corners of my mouth rise as Amelia filled her mouth with food.
After that, I stumbled around and relieved myself of the long journey.
I checked every inch of the room and saw if anything had been set up using my magic, but there was nothing.
Maybe I'm too nervous because I've had a lot of near-death and near-killings since I've been here.
Well, this level of caution is usually necessary....

''Now it's just a matter of what to do about that guild master's troublesome skills.