66 Episode 65-Flirtatious? ~

He wanted to go somewhere for the evening and we left after dinner together.
Do you know anyone who wants to go somewhere?

We go back to the inn and roll around on the bed again, lounging around.
The bed is fluffy and very comfortable, just as it is a room that accommodates royalty.
I think even more so since I've been sleeping on the hard floor since I hid in the labyrinth.
Amelia was also slumped in the bed next to me.
I'll have to make her wipe herself before she goes to bed.

Speaking of which, I got a thumbs up at night when we parted ways, but that guy still thinks I'm going to attack Amelia....
Sure, it would be the romance of every man in the world to hold such a beautiful girl.
But there's too much of a difference in looks between me and Amelia, and I don't have that kind of experience.
Back home, I was too busy earning money to have a girlfriend because I was working late at night every day, and even if I had, my mom was always at home with me, so I couldn't make out with her.
Well, I didn't have anyone to do it with, nor did I plan to.

Because I was thinking in agony, I didn't notice that Amelia got up and laid down next to me.

''...Akira. Thinking?
Oh, yeah. It's about that guildmaster.

I rub my sleepy eyes and Amelia looks into my face.
I'm a little thrilled.

'Skill 'non-interference'?'
'Non-interference'. It's a very tricky skill.

He strokes Amelia's head as she rubs against him like a cat.
Amelia rubs against me even more, looking as if she's about to gurgle and choke.

''...Akira, don't I look delicious?''

I stopped thinking for a moment.

What do you mean?

When I asked her that, Amelia looked up at me with her mouth agape as she lay there.

'Because you're so close to me and you won't attack me Akira. Isn't it unattractive?

I was stunned by Amelia's sad face as she peed and looked sad.
I didn't expect those words to come out of Amelia's mouth.
I press my hand to my forehead and exhale.

'Unattractive? No way. There's too much charm in there for us to be together.

The real feelings poured out of her mouth in a potty.
Amelia quietly opened her eyes.
What am I saying, me.
I felt the heat gathering on my face.

'Hmmm. 'Nay.'

Amelia laughs at me, probably red to the ears, and hugs me from behind.
Then she whispers into my ear from behind.

'You can eat whenever you want, Akira.'

Oh, as a man, it's shameful to be cajoled by a woman.
But I couldn't give this one away.
I only put my head back and kissed Amelia's cheek.

I'm going to be able to say that I'm going to be able to hold you as long as I want after I'm done with this thing from the demon king. You'll be prepared for that, won't you?

I meant to say it as intimidatingly as possible, but Amelia nodded vigorously with red cheeks.

I'm going to sleep. I'm going to look for a blacksmith who can repair the "Night Sword God" from tomorrow.

I turned my body around and took the shape of facing Amelia.
Amelia was already clinging to me and out of it.
Come to think of it, I remember that she looked sleepy from earlier.
We both fall into bed, hugging each other.
In a haze of sleepy consciousness, my body was thinking about wiping it off in the morning.


"Lord, we're home. ・・・・・・?

A few hours later, when Night returned from the place he wanted to go, he turned his head to look at Akira's bed, which was burned out and Amelia's bed, which was unoccupied.
It was long past lights out, and it was pitch black, but it didn't matter to the night, which was a cat for one thing.
With a vision that looked like daytime, he slowly approached the bed and rolled up the covers.

'Hohoho, well, well. Good for you, Miss Amelia.''

There is Akira and Amelia, sleeping in each other's arms.
She can tell from the messiness of their clothes that they haven't crossed the line, but she smiles gently at Amelia's happy face, knowing that the night knows that Amelia has been having trouble with Akira.
After putting the bedding back on, Night lies down on the other empty bed.
With her small body, she didn't want to waste the range of the bed, so she went to the trouble of adjusting her body size to match the size of the bed.

''...Good night, Lord Lord, Miss Amelia. You're going to be busy tomorrow.''

He muttered, and the night closed his eyes quietly.