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So, what's going on?

Amelia asks while frying the finely chopped vegetables.
Amelia has gotten much better at cooking.
Cooking was always Akira's responsibility, so I didn't notice that Amelia was not very good at cooking at night, but if she learns at this rate, she might be able to make something that was, well, mediocrely good.

'I didn't see him after that. I also forgot about him until I came to this city and sensed his magic.''

On the day I came to this city, magic power flew in from somewhere.
Just at the moment that Akira activated his shadow magic.
It reached the source of the night as if it was hidden by Akira's enormous magic power.
Akira was still not as good as Night when it came to manipulating magic power.
That's probably why he didn't notice Crow's magic power.
I think the only person who might notice that magic power in that place is the guild master Linga.

''Speaking of which, I've heard from your father that there's someone in the party of the previous generation of heroes who is as skilled in handling magic power as the demon race. So it was Crow.

The night nodded.
There was a commonality between the tribes as a criterion for being chosen for the brave party.
That is, they must be excellent in martial or magical power and possess overwhelming skills that are unrivaled in that regard.
In Crow's case, it was the manipulation of magic power.

''That day, when the Lord and Miss Amelia returned to the inn, I went to see him.''

"There she is, Adrea's Nightmare."

At the top of the hill, as if meeting for the first time, Crow waited for the night.
Night silently frowned at his arrogant and irreverent manner.

I'm sure you're not going to be able to get away with it. It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has been given the name "Night". You can't keep calling me by that name. That was a hundred years ago.

Night said, and Crowe chuckled.
Then he rephrases Night's words.

''It's only been a hundred years. And you demons, who live in almost eternal time, will be a moment in time, like a hundred years in the blink of an eye.

Indeed, the lifespan of the beast race is about the human race plus a hundred years.
It was incomparable to the demons that would live on until they were defeated.

''...More importantly, what do you want? What's the reason why they deliberately concealed their magic power and sent it flying at the same time that the Lord-dono was activating his magic?''

Crow reacts with a twitch at the word Lord-dono.

It's a good thing that you have a good idea of what you're talking about. You can't be sure that the "nightmare of Adria" is serving a human being, and the weakest and most famous human race? Well, that demon king would rather order himself to do it.

The night is frustrating and tail wagging.
I didn't come here to talk about that.
It's only the second time we've met in the first place.
What do you know about me, I want to scream.
Or more importantly, what do you know about the Demon King?

"What do you want?

When I urged him again, Crow sighed deeply.

''Your Lord, from your senses, it's probably that boy with immense magical power. Bring him to me because I have a lot of questions to ask him. Right, how about I heal your broken sword?

The night silently stared at Crow.
That gaze was different from the one usually directed at Akira and Amelia, and it was so sharp that it could be shot to death by itself.
Crowe shook his head in relief.

'Didn't you notice? That sword was struck by the first hero. The magic power built into it is no different than that of a single human. Moreover, the person who possesses it is also the owner of an amount of magic power close to that of the demon race. Even from here, you can see what it is doing in your hand. .... Right now, it's good with that elven princess.

The night sounds impressed with Hou Hou.
As far as he is concerned, it's not about that skill of Crow's, but about the relationship between Akira and Amelia that seems to be finally progressing.
Nevertheless, Crow was in a slightly better mood, so let's say it's a good thing.

''But it's not just an errand to fix your sword. What else are you hiding from me?''

Crowe waved his index finger from side to side in front of his face.
The night felt a little annoyed by the gesture.

'If I told you that, you would definitely get in touch with that Lord Lord. Try to find some answers yourself. The hint is, yes, your Lord has something other humans don't have.

The night nodded its head in silence.
What was it that Akira had that the other humans didn't have?
There was nothing that Night could think of.

''Also, that's the stuff we need to repair the sword. Bring it to me in the coming days.

A sheet of paper flew over here using wind magic.
On it are written the parts of demons that seem to be difficult to collect.

''So much?''
It's all I have. You know, we had this conversation earlier.

Crowe chuckled and the night stared at his face.
For the first time, he saw a face that laughed.
And that face was not the face of one who has a vengeance against the royalty of his own race.
But there was no way he could ask if vengeance had been served.
Even if it was indirectly, it was also because of the night.

''...That's what happened then. That's why I've been thinking about it at night ever since that day.

Amelia placed the finished dish on a plate that was on the shelf at random.
I'm going to squeeze the fruit and put some juice on it as well.

'You noticed.'

The tail of the night twitched.
He was glad that she had noticed the change in him.

'Well, it was Akira who noticed it first,'

Giggling a little, Amelia took her food and headed to the workshop next door.
It was just lunchtime and Crow stopped inside to wait.

'Yeah, sorry about that. You weren't used to it.'

Amelia and Night rolled their eyes when they were told an honest example.
Crowe silently brought the food to his mouth without noticing it.
There wasn't much of a reaction to the food, but they didn't say it tasted bad either.
Apparently, it was in his mouth.

'Hey, I heard about you from the night. Did you get your sister's revenge?

Suddenly, Amelia said that as if she just remembered.
The night looked at Amelia with a jolt, wondering what she was going to say.
Pitter-patterningly, Crow's hand stopped.

''...Not yet. The royal family that killed my sister, the nephew of the current king, is still alive and well.''

Crow's expression was very pained as he answered that.