73 Episode 72-Amelia and Crow-.txt

In the maze...

'Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! Ha, if you don't let Gilmouth know about this soon, we're in trouble!

There was the sound of a man rushing out of the dimly lit labyrinth and the moaning of a snarling beast from deep in his throat.
And then, mixed in with it was the voice of a high-pitched young boy.

''Hmph. Let it all break, all of it.

Yeah. Then what are you doing now?

The night shook with Amelia's harassment and restlessness as she said the words she clearly shouldn't have said in a swift manner.
Come to think of it, Amelia often said frankly what she thought before.
On top of that, Amelia is a royal who is used to being served by people.
There are only a few times that she has said things with people's feelings in mind.
And it was all for the sake of Akira.
Fortunately, it seems that this time, that personality of Amelia's took a turn for the better.


Then Crowe laughed to himself.
Crow is about to open up his inner self to others for the first time since that incident on the hill.

'I'm just a weakling who can't even help my sister. I've already figured it out. She doesn't want revenge.

Crowe punched the desk, and the heavy mace, which was probably a weapon that had been repaired, bounced on the desk.
Amelia looked at Crow with such cold eyes.
The night felt a chill run down her back as she looked at Amelia's eyes like that.

''Ah, Miss Amelia?''

He called out to her, but there was no response from Amelia.
I'm sure I've seen magic in Amelia's red eyes.
I heard about the "world eye" that Akira and Amelia have on the day they became friends.
I've heard that you can see the status of your opponent.
I've been told by Akira at night that it's a skill too good for humans.
That skill is activated all the time, but if you put magic power into it, you can also see even more things.

''... If it were me, though, I'd want revenge at all costs.''

Crowe's eyes widened quietly.
Then he gasped when he saw Amelia's suspiciously glowing eyes.

'Extraskill, eh? How do I look to you now?'

Clow quickly realized that Amelia had the World's Eye and said so.
Amelia closed her eyes quietly.

I don't know. You have to figure it out. But as someone who sees everything, a word of advice. Don't use your sister to escape yourself. It's just empty.'

Amelia's eyes clearly reflected the black cat beast race girl who was cuddling up to Crow with a sad face.
"The World Eye is an extra skill that shows everything.
It's no wonder that he could see ghosts.
Most of all, Akira couldn't do such a trick due to his level, and Amelia couldn't see them for a long time unless she consciously put her magic power into it.
Crowe quietly lowered his eyes.

''... It was delicious. Go home for today.''

With that, Amelia bowed to Crowe, who turned his back to her, and left.
The night glanced back a few times while following Amelia, glancing back at the workshop where Crowe was.
I finally looked up at Amelia after the workshop was completely out of sight.

'Miss Amelia, are you happy?'
'It's fine. Even if you stop and ask someone looking down to teach you a technique, you won't be able to reach Akira. Because that man is not as kind as he looks.

It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with your friends and family.
And if you think that she was paying attention to someone who is not related to Akira, you may even feel more respect for Amelia, who is also crystal-centric.

''Fufufu.... Go. Go, and kill everyone on earth.

The sound of a sigh of relief stopped midway through.
Amelia noticed it after a bit, too.
They both stared at the ground together.

'・・・・・・・・・ what is this?'
"...Miss Amelia, is this not a good idea?

Amelia, who is a demon of the night and has the "world eye", was the first to notice it.
The beastmen around them who are a little bit mixed in with the beasts also turn their heads to look at the ground.

It's a good thing that you're not going to be able to find out what's going on.

''Huh! Mistress Amelia, the thing!

When I looked in the direction pointed by the voice of the night, I saw something black blowing out.

''Oh, hey, that's the direction of the labyrinth...''
'You don't mean to tell me that a hundred year old disaster has come!

The beast race around them said this and looked up at the sky.
The black something that was blown out climbed into the sky in an instant and dyed the clear blue sky black.

''... "Adria's Nightmare"'

The night said so abominably.
The demon that attacked Adrea, the capital of the beast tribe's territory, Adrea, in the same way a hundred years ago, now looked up at the black sky as the one being attacked.

''... I want to assess the situation. Night!''
Copy that.

With a single voice from Amelia, the night adjusted itself to its size and became huge.
The sudden appearance of the large black cat demon that had attacked Adrea caused the beastly race around them to panic, but now was not the time to worry about it.
In a single bound, the night jumped over their heads and aimed at the nearby high ground.

''...It's finally here, the return of the nightmare from a hundred years ago...''