77 Chapter 76 ~The Demon~.txt

It was only a few minutes after the night had left Amelia.

'...... haha, haha, quicksilver, there are so many.'

It's impossible for Amelia's magic power to run out, but if she drains a large amount of magic power, she will be tired of the quicksand.
It would be good if the night came back before that, but the night hadn't come back yet.
Well, since he was, he'd be back soon, but it would still take quite a while to get the old men to safety and get them all down.

'In the meantime, we'll defend this place to the death at all costs.

Amelia raised her arms horizontally, both of which were scarred by the graze.
Those wounds would be gone without a trace in a few minutes, but there were still more wounds that could be inflicted.

Currently, in front of Amelia's eyes, there is a large army of about a thousand just visible.
If you combine the invisible, abandoned houses, behind another demon, and other blind spots, the number may exceed two thousand.
Even if you die, you can just cast a reviving spell on yourself, but after you are revived, your magic power will be taken away and you won't be able to move for a while, although it won't disappear.


The ground and the demons sank a few dozen meters in front of them.
Inside the sunken ground, there were dozens of flattened demons that had been crushed by something of incredible mass from above, and their guts were smashed to pieces.
This is a completely R-rated scene.
I can't show it to my kids.

By the way, there are a lot of houses in town that were crushed by Amelia, who couldn't even consider houses, and even if you were able to escape from the demons, it would be difficult to make a living from now on.

...... yol slow.

I hoped it was nothing, but I didn't care about the deaths of my friends, and I cast gravity magic on the demon that rushed into the boardmen again.

''Heh. I see, that gravity magic was that time ...... you were the princess of the elven race?

From somewhere, there was a high-pitched voice, calm but characteristic of a young child.

Amelia craned her neck.
There should be no other human voice here but her own.
There shouldn't be.
Because that would mean that she was running late.

But the voice was somewhat familiar to Amelia.
I look for it, wondering where it was.

'This way. Don't you have the skills to detect signs and crises?

When I looked at the direction of the voice again, I saw a young child with hair and eyes as green as emeralds, with a pretty face, though not up to the elven race, sitting on the head of a long-necked demon.
Surely if Akira was here, he would have said it was a giraffe the moment he saw the demon.

The green eyes seemed to be enjoying the situation.
Then I remembered.

''Are you ...... the demon race that attacked the elven tribal territory in the past?''

He hadn't told Akira - since he hadn't told his father, the king, either - that the demons that had emerged from the labyrinth because of Kirika had a demon race that led them.
For a brief moment, I saw a voice saying "See you later" and a green light.
At that time, I was still a child and didn't understand the existence of demons, but as I grew up and learned what demons were, I became more and more convinced that they were the demons.
It was a momentary thing, and he wasn't sure if he should report it to the king.

The appearance of the demon tribe means that the demon king is on the move.
If I'm wrong, I'm in big trouble.
If the demon tribe appeared, not only in the Elf Continent, Forest, but also in the Elf Continent, even though they dislike to get involved with other tribes, they would have no choice but to cooperate with each other.
Such a critical moment, it was impossible to judge it with just a moment's glance.

''Oops! Yes! Well, I'm really grateful for your help, sister. You went out of your way to make room for us to come out!

When Amelia began to warn him that he was a demon tribe, the demon tribe suddenly began to raise the tone of its voice in a happy manner.
Their cheeks were flushed like a child who had been given a new toy.

Before I knew it, the demon's invasion has stopped.
It's as if the demons surrounded Amelia as if they had narrowed their target to Amelia alone.
In all directions, as far as the eye could see, they were demons.
Even in the Monster Room, the trap of the human race's Kantinen Labyrinth, the monster room that I had been diving with Akira, there were not so many and large demons this many.
The demons surrounding Amelia are even large enough to rival the night when she became a dragon state in a bad way.

Even though gravitational magic was a magic that could eradicate them all at once, they were at a complete disadvantage.

''You have a bit of a job to do... So it's a bit of a shame I can't kill you.''

A demon boy suddenly lowered the tone of his voice.
When I thought those green eyes flashed suspiciously, the demons that had been quiet until now began to move all at once.
It's not a rush like in the past, but a movement as if they are being led by something and following orders.

Amelia almost clicked her tongue involuntarily and stopped.
If Akira found out, even at a time like this, Amelia, who is crystal-centered, instead frowned widely.

''I know about your magic, okay? So I'm going to kill you anyway, right?

The demon boy smiled at him.
His eyes were pure to all intents and purposes, and if it wasn't for the intense magical pressure that came from his body, he would be no different than a child normally found around there.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who's interested in this. I don't want to be with you. I don't want to be with you. You have to kill him before he accomplishes his goal.

A demon boy with a cute frown on his face.
Amelia was in the mood to frown too.
She knew that the Demon King knew about Akira because Night had come to deliver a message.
But the purpose of Akira's being here is to have Crow repair his sword in order to survive in the demon territory.
What a selfish demon king to get in the way of that even though he called me.

It's a good idea to use a resurrection spell for the sake of the assassin, who might be killed by me, so I have to survive. You can use it without worrying about the fact that it's not today that you're going to kill the assassin.

The boy raised his hand.
The circle of demons narrowed.

'Ah, yes, my name is Aulum. Aulum Trace. You have to remember that.

The demons jumped at the same time as the boy lowered his hand.