78 Episode 77 ~ Anger ~.txt

"...... Aurum Trace

I remembered the novelty of the magical power floating around the area.
And the green color that had flashed through the air when Miss Amelia had been kidnapped.
It's him out of ten.

...... Hey, did you see which way Amelia was kidnapped?

The Lord-dono calls out to me in a lower voice than usual.
It's probably because he doesn't want to show his raging emotions.
He must be gulping down the urge to run off at any moment.

I know ......, but he's no match for the current Lord. I think I should conserve my strength.''

I noticed that my voice was somewhat lower than usual.
I was a little surprised myself.
The fact that he has started to move means that the Demon Lord is moving.
Even though the Lord Lord is currently designated as the sovereign, it was unthinkable when he was a Black Cat to feel disgusted by the movements of his creator, the Demon Lord.

''Who kidnapped Amelia?''

Standing right above the spot where a great deal of blood was splattered, the Lord Lord squeezes out a voice.
A small amount of magic resides in the blood, too.
The stronger the magical power, the greater the amount of blood that dwells in it, and even after a while you can still tell who the blood belongs to.

That blood, which was clearly a deadly amount, contained Miss Amelia's magical power.

"The man whose name is Trace is given to the third-most powerful member of the demon tribe. It's Aulum Trace.

The Lord Lord squatted down and clenched the sand, which was soaked with a lot of blood at his feet, into a fist.

...... For now, we're going to wipe out all the demons around here. I won't be stingy with them anymore.

Maybe they smelled Mistress Amelia's blood, or maybe they sensed the presence of my Lord and I, but the demons that couldn't be eradicated have begun to gather in the area.


My Lord never let me see his face until the end.

"Shadow magic activated.

Perhaps because they were inspired by the Lord Lord's anger, or perhaps because they were putting more magic than ever before, the shadows leaped out of the crater that Mistress Amelia seemed to have created and met the Lord's shadow.
Until now, shadow magic should have only been able to use the shadows of those near itself at best.
It's a great advantage, but it's also a huge disadvantage, such as being difficult to use in places where it's easy to get sunshine, but the current Lord Lord didn't control shadow magic.

''...... Transformation.''

I take a breath and change my body shape.
The dragon's scales aren't as strong as they should be because it hasn't attacked yet, but this one is different.
It's a demon that I've dealt with in person.

The light envelops me, changing down to the shape and the type of power I have.
After the light cleared, my line of sight was somewhat higher than it was in the cat form.
And my field of vision is now divided into three parts.

'Cerberus or ....... Isn't the Kantianen Labyrinth too well known?

The Lord Lord was muttering something, but I could see that the drool was coming out of his mouth without stopping because of this demon's unique ferocity, and his thoughts were messed up.
The words weren't even half understood now.

This demon's transformation was very easy to move around in addition to obtaining a much more powerful power than when it was a black cat, and it was built so sturdy that a normal attack wouldn't require a single scratch, but there were too many things to consider.
As far as offensive power goes, it's about as perfect as the lower levels of the labyrinth, but I can't stabilize my thoughts as if I've been drugged, and the urge to destroy something is happening all the time.

And the most troublesome part is that I have to get someone to stop me.
Now that Lord Lord Lord is here, I can handle it, but when I was in a position to lead an army, I could never use it.

''Lord, Lord. I'm going to go on the rampage now. When I'm done, stop me, please.''

Without hearing the Lord Lord's reply, his body began to move on its own.
In an instant, he jumped on the closest demon and bit its throat out.
I didn't even check that the demon had died out, I just jumped at the next demon for blood.
I found myself getting more and more enriched by my bloodlust.

'Ooooh, I see. You, you can't control yourself when you're in that form?

Only the Lord Lord's voice echoed in my paralyzed head.

''I wasn't able to control my shadow magic either, but I finally did a little bit. Thanks to your stalling, well done.

Just that voice was the only thing that seeped into me.
I don't understand what he's saying right now, but I'll think it over when I get back to it.