79 Episode 78 ~ Emotional Explosion ~.txt

When I saw the amount of blood that was left of Amelia's magic, an obviously fatal wound, I heard something inside me shred.

That said, I wouldn't let my anger get the better of me and break those things with force.
However, I was lightly confused as anger at myself for not being able to protect Amelia, helplessness, and sadness came crashing down on me.

Then, just when I thought I could get out of it, the demons would appear and I really don't know why.
It's like a child at a loss for a landmark.

''Shadow magic, activate.''

Still, I'm still trying to take it out on something myself, and the shadow magic is rougher than usual.
To be honest, I can't control it.

''Lord, my lord. I'm going to go on the rampage now. When you're done, stop me, please.''

I was distracted by shadow magic, and before I knew it, the night had turned into Cerberus.
It's like the time of the labyrinth, all the famous demons that even I know about.

The night that became Cerberus said just that and jumped out.
Blood sprayed out of the throat of the demon that Night jumped on, wetting the ground.
Three heads bit into separate demons and in the blink of an eye, the carcasses of the demons piled up.

''...... Okay. Grasp complete.

Of course, I didn't just stand by and watch.
I appeased the shadow magic that claimed to want to rampage within itself and made its power my own.
The power of shadow magic is still an unknown quantity, and even I don't know how much of a limit it is.
It's too strong for me, but strangely, I wasn't willing to let go of it.

I used shadow magic to create a foothold near the night and jump over the demons.

Cerberus' night was drooling from his mouth, apparently without reason.
It is completely driven only by the urge to destroy.

I labored over the night and joined the battle.
Thinking that he wouldn't understand what I said now anyway, I'll have to say it again later, I pierced the demon's kryptonite precisely with the dagger that had been granted shadow magic.
The shadow of too much moved thoughtfully and ate the demons around it.
It's probably more accurate to say swallowing, because even if I say eat, it's swallowed whole.

...... Oh, hey night!

The next thing you know, the night is a long way away.
Even though we were far away, we could see each other, but it was still too far away to go help.
I had thought that the demons were moving as if they were under control from earlier, but could it be that they were working to divide us?

'...... demon race, huh?'

They are the only tribe that can use demons.
They are hated by other tribes because of their power, and are driven to Volcano, the harshest place on the continent.

The only reason for their movement is that the Demon King is on the move.
I have no idea what the kings of Leatis in Cantinen are thinking, but it seems that the timing of the summoning of the 28 of us to the other world is not necessarily bad.

'Aulum Trace.

I called its name and clenched my fist.
Shadow magic stirred.

'I won't forgive you.'

Suddenly, I had never been in love in the other world.
Of course my mother and sister, Yui, are important to me.
But when it came to other girls, I had no contact with them because they were just afraid of me, and I didn't have a beautiful childhood friend.
Or rather, I don't have a childhood friend.
More than that, I was too busy with my part-time job and didn't have time to be fickle about romance.

So Amelia was my first love, the first woman I ever fell in love with.
Even if I found out she was a princess, this feeling wouldn't go away and I wouldn't let her die, but even if Amelia died, I wouldn't love anyone but Amelia.
I wanted to cherish her and protect her.
I sank even lower than usual when I showed my haplessness in front of Amelia.

Someone like that is out of my reach.
And yet, I don't know where they are.
Maybe they are in great pain.
Maybe they're in pain, and I don't know where they are.
And yet, I can't run to him.
No matter how many demons I defeat in front of me, I can't get to Amelia.

''Ahhhhhh !!!!''

When I thought that, my emotions exploded.
The blackened sky turned even blacker and darker.
The shadow magic continued to spread even as it broke through the capacity.

''Shadow magic, shadow hell.''

The demons gradually sank into the blackened ground.
Like an ant hell, the demons were unable to get out of the shadows.
When all the demons sank into the shadows, there was almost no more magic power.
When all the shadows returned to me, the black sky returned to its original blue.
When I recognized that, the power drained from my body and the ground became closer.

''...... Lord-dono!

I'm not sure why, but I'm going to be able to say that I'm not going to be able to get it right.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this in the future. I'm not going to be the only one who's been in the same boat for a while.

The night that supports me answers my questions.
That's the way it is with my partner.

'It doesn't matter! How could you do this to yourself? You didn't have to destroy each one of them!'

When I thought that, Night suddenly fished out her eyes and yelled at me.
Because the voice of the night is a voice that originally echoes in my head, combined with the dizziness of my magic power, I feel incredibly wobbly.

"...... Sorry, Night. I'll hear the sermon later. I'm going to bed.

Oh, hey, Lord! I closed my eyes, ignoring the night that screamed at me.
I'm at the end of my rope.
The night was right, you were too reckless.
It's a rarity for me, because my emotions didn't listen to me.
Even now, if my magic power was still intact, I would have destroyed even those places, even the miraculous houses that had escaped the demons' damage.
I had a principle of not taking it out on them because it was exhausting.
Ever since I met Amelia, she's changed me like I'm not me.
But strangely enough, I was happier to be able to express my emotions this way than I was on the other side, where I didn't have the slightest interest in anyone but myself.

Amelia, I'm gonna help you.

Muttering that, I fainted this time.

''...... Master's magic power has exceeded the limit value. It greatly exceeded the allowable value. As this is life-threatening, I will forcefully activate the shadow magic. Mode, "Healing". Collect the required amount from the magic power stored in the shadow magic. ...... healing complete. Shadow Magic, Stop Activating

A machine-like voice escaped from the unconscious Crystal's mouth, and when I thought it glowed a little, I saw the unharmed Crystal sleeping peacefully.
Her complexion, which was bad due to the loss of magic power, was also completely restored.
It had only come out once before meeting both Amelia and Night, when Akira had nearly died from the wounds he had sustained in the battle against the chimera.

After confirming that the Lord was not only safe, but fully recovered, Night slowed his hurried steps.

'............ Lord Lord,'