80 Chapter 79 ~Finger Wheel~.txt


I woke up in a strange place.

"Lord, you're awake.

As I got up and scurried around, I saw Night in her kitten form come in through the window next to the bed where she had been tucked in.
She looked relieved and somewhat tired.

'Night, what is this place?'
It's my house.

Another voice echoed in the room, even though she must have heard it at night.
A familiar voice.

'...... Crowe.'

The black cat beastly forger comes close with something.
There was no furniture in the room except for the bed, and there wasn't even a closet.
It must really be a room just for sleeping.

''How do you feel?''
This is bad. How long was I unconscious? And where is Amelia?

The languor characteristic of sleeping for long periods of time enveloped her body.
I couldn't think straight.

Ever since he was summoned to this world, he felt like death was right next to him all the time, and he hadn't been able to sleep soundly.
And yet, now the desire for sleep had been completely wiped out.
I must have slept for quite some time.

As the hours passed and my head woke up more and more, I took stock of the situation.
I put my hand to my forehead.

''Oh, I see. Amelia was kidnapped by the demon tribe?
'Yes, that's right. By the way, it was three days ago that the Lord passed out in a rage.

The night's words surprised me.
Three days of sleep.
I had taken over to save a kid who was about to be hit by a truck a long time ago, but he was still unconscious for only two days.
That time, after being hit, his body was just between the tire and the tire and he was almost unharmed.

It's strange that he slept for three days when this time, too, he didn't have any major injuries by the looks of it, he was unharmed.

As I was thinking this, I saw Night, who was silent with a difficult look on his face.

''Night? What's wrong with you?

I pick it up and pet it, and it throbs like a cat at night.
I've heard before that when it's time for a transformation, it completely becomes the creature it's transformed into.
Even when he was a black cat, he would subconsciously throat it when he was stroked where it felt good.
Amelia and I used to play such a trivial game to see who could throttle the night faster.

'The Lord Lord is ......... no, it's nothing after all,'

It bothered me a great deal.
But I knew from experience that on a night like this, I wouldn't speak at all until I had made the proper decision to speak, so I kept my mouth shut.

As the two of them fell silent, Crow dropped the object he was holding in his hand onto Akira's lap.

'Here's what you asked for. And the dagger you were using, I sharpened the blade just in case. Tell its owner to continue to use it carefully.

The dagger he had borrowed from an adventurer who had left the front lines was shining like new.
Then he looked at the other two daggers.

''You split it in two. Was it too rough to use the stone?''
Yeah. But, well, you're an assassin. A dagger would be easier to use.

The two daggers are covered in jet black, and even the blades are black when I pulled them out.
There is no doubt that the "Yatougami", which was a single swing, had been split into two daggers.
I'm not sure if that's the reason for the change.
It's not a crack that can't be repaired, but considering my occupation, I'd dare to say that's where I did it.

"And take this with you.

I drop what looks like a small box.
I pick it up and sullenly look at it.
It's nighttime, and my eyes widen at the sight of it.
It looks familiar.

'Hey, this is that ......'
Yes. It's exactly what you think it is. Open .......

At Crowe's urging, I opened the lid fearfully.

'Is this a ring?'

Inside was a martial ring with a blood red gemstone buried in the center.
Obviously, it was for a man.
There was no name dug into it, just the words on the inside.

"'I am thy guide'.

Moreover, the characters that were not supposed to be in this world, unfortunately they weren't in Japanese, but because they were in English, second only to Japanese, which I was familiar with, I was able to read them somehow.
It must have been made by a brave man from an English-speaking country, a brave man other than the first, I'm sure.

'That's the brave man. You can read it?

I'm not exactly a brave man.

'Yeah, it's not the country we were born in, but it's the language of the world we were in.

I see, and Crowe nodded.
Apparently, he thought he couldn't read the letters on the "Night Sword God" because they were different from the letters engraved on the "Night Sword God", so he couldn't read the stones.

Most of the classes are in bed, but I try to stay awake for Japanese, English and math classes.
It's not because it's good for his future or anything, but just because he's afraid of his teacher.
The English teacher, in particular, smiles and smiles and looks like he's not looking at anything, but he's quick to notice when a student is asleep.
On top of that, he can't get his mind off of it because he's going to take it apart from the person who is asleep.

'Well, it's just as you just read. That ring tells the wearer where to be what they want. Put it on your finger and think strongly of what you want and desire. At the end of the light that comes from the ring, it is there.

My heart felt like it had spluttered.
What I wanted, what I wanted, what I wanted.
That meant I could see where Amelia was.

I hastily put the ring on my right index finger and thought strongly of Amelia.


A streak of red light came out of the ring and illuminated the walls of the room.
That was the direction of the Brute Labyrinth, the labyrinth of the beast race.

''Hey, that's supposed to be a national treasure. Why do you have it?''

While I'm happy that we have a signpost to Amelia, I ask Crow about it in the night, sneaking around.
If it's not good, it's a treasure that should be housed in the castle's treasure room.
At such a night, Crow shook his head as if it was nothing.

'It was given to me by a guy I rescued a long time ago. The guy didn't reveal his identity, so I don't know who he was, but I took it because it was useful.

The night feels a little bit of killing intent as Crow says without changing his expression, "You're lucky it's not a curse item.
If this was a cursed item, and if something happened to the Lord-dono, he decided to make this guy bleed immediately.

'Anyway, now I can go to Amelia. ...... are you coming? Crowe.

I turned and asked him, and he nodded his head to ask why.

'You're going to be Amelia's mentor, aren't you? Why don't you go help your disciple?

Crowe cowered his shoulders in frustration.

'When are you going to be my master? I don't recall ever saying a word about that.
But the fact that you're doing this for me shows that you care about Amelia in no small part, right?

Crow was stifled by my question.
He stared into the void with eyes that didn't know what he was thinking.

'............ Right. If you make it out of there alive, I can take a look at you.