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'Does the ring really indicate that it's this way? The "Lord

In front of the entrance to the Brute Labyrinth in Ur, the night looked up at me to check.

That time, the door to the labyrinth was breached and demons flooded out, but the door was repaired and completely closed.
As expected of an adventurer's guild, the work was fast.

There are no people around, so they can enter, but I don't know if they can get out.
It's a gamble in a way because there isn't always a magic circle at the lowest level like in the Cantinen Labyrinth.

I look at the index finger on my right hand.
The light illuminates a closed doorway.

Yes, the light is indeed the entrance to the labyrinth.

With that said, the night grew larger.
I opened the door to the labyrinth and got on Night's back.

'Let's plow through it like we discussed.

I'm on it.

Since going to Amelia is the goal of this time, I decided in advance to avoid the battles I can avoid.
Since I don't know how far down the line Amelia and Aulum Trace or something like that are, I'm going to use my nighttime legs to plow through them, except for the boss fight, instead of seriously attacking them one more time.
I told him that I'm completely back on track now and can at least run at the same speed as I did at night, but the overprotective squire stubbornly refused to shake his head.
I don't know which one of us is the master at this.

"...... No, wait a minute,

As I was about to run, I sensed something and stopped the night.
I took out my dark instrument and threw it at the place where it was just dark and in my blind spot.


With a small scream, the lone female beastie who had been peeking out came out into the light.
Her face was obscured by her hood, but she was quite tall.
She's probably a little taller than me.

I raise an eyebrow.
I think I've heard this voice before: .......

'Who are you?'

Night bared his teeth and snarled.
Its voice was so alert that the air around it tingled and trembled.

Sure enough, the woman's knees shook and her face strengthened.

'Night, lessen your 'intimidation' a bit. You wouldn't be able to talk to me even if you wanted to.

"...... Okay.

I said, and the night reluctantly weakened its intimidation.
Still, it adjusted to the point where I couldn't move.


A voice with a clear, bell-like tone echoed.
Finally, I understood what the uncomfortable feeling was in me.

'You're the one who stared at the heroes before they hid in the Kantianen Labyrinth, right?

It was the first time we had ever left the castle, the woman in the hood who was trying to kill us.
The woman who told us that we needed to make a sacrifice to summon a brave man.

'You are ...... no, not now. Excuse me, may I join you?

The woman in the hood was about to say something, shook her head, and said to us in a quiet voice.

'I don't trust you. And we're in a hurry. We don't have time for you.'

The night he says what I'm thinking out loud.
She's kind to me and Amelia, but she can be a bit harsh on other people.
I guess it's a remnant of my demon days after all.

''Then, should I show you my identity?''

With that, the woman crisps her hood back down.
Her cobalt blue eyes shot through me.

'I'm Leah. Leah Lagoon. I'm the first princess of Uruk, the largest country in the Beastman territory.''

Her strong-willed eyes looked a bit like Amelia's.

''Huh, why is the First Princess in a place like this?''

The husky dog beastman cleared his throat at the intimidation of the night.
From his frightened face, one could tell that he didn't seem to have much experience in actual combat.
The current intimidation can only be felt around the upper levels of the Cantinen Labyrinth.
In other words, it's not a force to be reckoned with.
That's why he said he's going with you, and he knows he's not suited for battle.

''I wish to meet Amelia-sama, the princess of the elven race.

"To Miss Amelia?

I found myself unable to keep my cool at the words he said as he looked down.
The night also unintentionally released its intimidation at the unexpected response.

I got off the night's back.

Then, I grab the chest of the beast called Leah or something like that.


'Amelia stayed in the battlefield alone to buy time for the beastmen to escape and fight against thousands of demons. I'm sorry ...... but I don't think you have the strength to fight.

I took out my dark weapon and placed it on Leah's neck.

'No matter how much the elves and beastmen don't get along, is this the answer to the beastmen's benefactor? And how do you know this is where Amelia was kidnapped?

The hand holding the dark weapon unexpectedly gathered strength, and a little blood smeared on Leah's neck as she twisted in fear.

'...... I've had a lot of trouble with the princesses of the human race. I have never been good to anyone with the title of princess other than Amelia. I will not hesitate to kill you if you reply.

When I said that much, I relaxed my strength and intimidation a bit to make it easier to talk.
Probably my intimidation was more intense than the intimidation that Night was directing at Leah.
You can't really lose your strength when Amelia is involved.

''Kehosh ...... I certainly don't have the power to fight, but I do have the power to protect. And I'm not here as a beastman, I'm here as a princess to give you some advice.

The eyes were definitely telling the truth.
And the pulse on his neck where his hand was hitting it was not unusual.

I wanted to ask him many questions, but I let go of the clothes I was holding onto for now.
But I kept the dark box against my neck.

"You didn't answer one question. How do you know you're here? I didn't feel like I was being followed. Which means they came for this place.

Glaring sharply, Leah replied in a curt manner.

''I used the skill 'Enhanced Smell'. Amelia-sama and the strange smells have ceased since I entered here.