86 Episode 85 ~ Rear Lagoon ~.txt

"Enhanced sense of smell"?
I tilted my head back to look at the night.

'To put it simply, you have a good nose. Each of the other five senses have their own enhancements, and those skills are most likely to appear in the beast race.''

I nodded my head to see what the night's explanation was.
At any rate, I used my 'world eye' for the first time in a long time to see if Leah's story was true or not.

Leah Lagoon.
Race / Beastmen
Occupation/Guardian Lv.52

Life force 2500/2500
Attack power 150
Defense: 5,000.
2000 magic power

Enhanced sense of smell Lv.7
Royalty Lv.2
Short sword technique Lv.2

extra skill
God's wards.


It's true that there is 'Enhanced Sniffing' in the skill column, and at level 7, the skill level is quite high.
With this, it might be possible to reach Amelia by following the scent.
I should still need some kind of Amelia's possession, though.

Also, it doesn't seem to have the power to really fight.
His attack power is about the same as his non-combat profession classmates when he was level 1.
The beast race is a tribe with high original physical abilities even without the use of skills, so this is too low no matter how much it is.

Well, I guess it's better than that because it's a great defense.

Also, there was something else that bothered me more than that.

''Are you, by any chance, adopted or something, into the royal family?''

Leah's shoulders trembled, as if she hadn't expected to be found out.

'Wha...... how did you know that?'

I look into Leah's frightened eyes and everything gets messy and I jump back on the back of the night.

'I'll talk to you on the way to ....... Now get in.

I point behind me with a cui, and Leah looks at me with a dumbfounded look on her face.
The night turns its head around and looks at me.

'Are you sure? Lord. I know it's not a lie, but trust someone you don't know very well.'

'Who said I trusted you? I told him to get on board because I'll listen to him and I'll tell him our story. I'm running out of time. I can't stay here. And even though you're a princess, you're still coming here, so you're ready for this, right?

Without even looking at her face, Leah stood up on her wobbly feet and climbed onto the night's back.

'I'm going. ...... I really need to tell Lady Amelia this much.

Okay. ...... Proceed, night.

The night still looked like it hadn't said enough, but I commanded it without making it say anything.

The nighttime hairs rustled under my body and glowed.
It was the 'transformation' of the night.

When the light subsided, I couldn't see its entire body because it was on top of me, but it became a black-furred, cheetah-like demon.
The legs are long and slender, and the body looks like it specializes in running fast.

'Hold on tight. Even if you get shaken off, I won't pick up anyone but the Lord Lord.''

He said this to Leah, and then I could feel my muscles tensing up.


One step and the landscape changed.
In two steps, the demon appeared in front of him.
In three steps, the demon passed far behind me, too.

I could see Leah hurriedly clinging to my clothes behind me.
To tell you the truth, it's nothing but annoying to have a girl other than Amelia do that to me, but let's hold it together here.

I'm bigger than Amelia, but I'm a type of boy who isn't really interested in that, so it's not a problem.
I'm not saying which one.

Well, let's talk about you first. Be careful not to bite your tongue when you speak.

I spun around and flipped my body around to face Leah at breakneck speed.
Leah was forced to let go of my clothes from her grip and hurriedly clung to the night hair.

''Wow, I was, indeed, not royalty.

What I noticed about it was the order of the skills.

Normally, skills are arranged in the order in which they are acquired.
It was the same for me, Amelia and the night.
So it's not like the beast race is the only exception.
Among them, the difference between Amelia and Ria is whether the skill 'Royalty Nobility' is first or second.
Amelia told me that royalty was basically royalty before they were born, and "Royalty Class" is the first skill in the skill column.
It seems that they used to look at the status of various people with their world-eye, and she told me that.
In other words, the second one, Leah, was an acquired skill.

There are other materials to judge, like skill level, but this is what I'm thinking.

And perhaps Leah was invited into the royal family because of her profession and extra skills.

'I was the daughter of a slightly wealthy, ubiquitous family.

Leah began to speak smoother and smoother as she got used to the fast pace of the world.

That was something I hadn't expected to hear either.