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'My real family was from an old noble family that had fallen many generations before, and in my father's generation we were no longer just a slightly wealthier family of commoners.

It swayed a little as it turned down the aisle.
Leah almost fell off and hurriedly clung tightly to the night.

'Wow, I became royalty about fifty years ago, and I lived there until then. But one day a demon attacked the village where my house was located, and all the villagers died except me, including my father and mother. ...... I thought I was dead.

Leah bit her lip hard there.
I looked at Leah, whose mood had changed. Oh? I nodded my head.

'Well, what is this demon that you say attacked the village?

I had a bad feeling about it somehow.
Leah's eyes held a hint of hatred in them.

''It's a slime. All of the villagers were taken in by a demon that should really be able to defeat them with a single blow. That wasn't an ordinary slime. It's true that slimes come in many different colors, but I had never seen a black slime before that day.

I took a small breath.
A bad premonition had come true.
The black slime was the slime that had captured Amelia when I first met her.

I thought that if that slime only captures the elves, then someone who noticed the beauty of the elves' appearance would release a slime to make them slaves or something.
But if the beast race is also affected, it's a different story.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about the knight-like kidnappers you met in the elven tribe's territory who had swords with Uruk emblems on them, and what's really going on with the beastman tribe.

...... I'm sure that slime was altered and artificially released by someone.

'What did you mean earlier when you said you thought he was dead?

He piled the question on top of Leah, who was looking down and muttering something.
Leah's expression darkened further.

'I told you when I first met you, didn't I? 'Do you know at what cost the summoning of the heroes took place?'

...... Hey, hey, don't tell me you've been summoned to sacrifice the captive beast people.

That's what I was thinking about when Leah told me in front of the labyrinth.
But then I dismissed the idea.
I didn't know why I would sacrifice so much just to summon a brave man, and I still thought at the time that I was summoned for a straightforward reason.

But against my wishes, Leah shook her head.

'Its no way. Once I knew I was a guardian, I had set up wards for my family and a few of the villagers just in case. A guardian's wards aren't just wardsmiths, they can put up wards on moving objects, not just fixed objects.

I see, then it's possible to put up wards on humans themselves.
Although its attack power is low, it creates an effect similar to a grant in terms of defense.

''As the name of the defender suggests, if the target that has been warded dies in a way other than the ward being broken, for example, if they were hit by a deadly poison when the ward was used exclusively for physical attacks, the ward will naturally disappear. And I can feel it too. At the stage when I was taken in by ...... slime, all my wards had not yet disappeared. And yet, one day, all my wards suddenly disappeared. I was already adopted into the royal family at that time, so I used the full authority of the princess to find out what happened then.

I kept my eyes down.
I don't need to ask where it goes from there.

''There was nothing in the beast race territory, but it was being done in the human race territory. The cursed heroic summoning. After finding out that the timing of the warding I had put on disappeared and the timing of the huge amount of magic power being poured into the Demon Squadron for the summoning of the brave was simultaneous, I headed to the Human Clan territory to see the brave at least at a glance.''

And that's where you found me.
It occurred to me.

I wondered if Leah didn't know that I had come to this world by summoning a hero.
The first time we met, I called out to Leah, but only after we had passed through the line of brave men.
And even if she had researched me in meeting Amelia, she would only know the name of the "Demon Servant" or, reluctantly, the "Dark Assassin" and not know that I was summoned. Most likely.
In the first place, the only person among the beast race who noticed that I was one of the heroes summoned was Linga.
Even though I'm acquainted with the king of the elven race, it's hard to believe that Ria, who just became a royalty, and Linga, a mere guild master, are connected.
Moreover, every time I say the word "brave", there is a slight killing spirit coming out of Ria.
But it was not directed at me.

Should I tell you ......?

Since I don't know how strong the demon race is, I allowed Leah to accompany me just in case, but the truth is that I was planning to fight the demon race alone.
Even if Leah left now, it wouldn't hurt much.
Even if I told him that I am one of those summoned by the summoning of a hero, Leah is not in a position to do anything about me.
But when shall I tell her?

''I was taken in by the royals because my father, who is no longer with us due to his involvement in making knick-knacks for the royals, is a protector.

Leah concluded her story by saying that.
Seeing my face, which must have been a difficult one, Leah hurriedly said

''I got so excited as we talked that the timeline became disjointed, but you can forget about my old story since it's not much of a story.

It's a big deal! I gingerly resisted the urge to say out loud, and I asked him what I was most curious about.
Will I tell her that I've come with a heroic summoning, or will I tell her after hearing that?

'Then what is it that you have to tell Amelia? I've only heard sketchy details, but I don't think there's any connection between you and Amelia.

There would be infinitely zero chance that Ria, who was only adopted and had no right to the throne, would be acquainted with Amelia.
Moreover, the elven race and the beastman race do not get along.
The chances are even lower.

Leah opened her mouth, a little hesitantly.