101 Episode 100 ~ "Shadow Magic" VS Mahiro 1 ~ Night Eyes.txt

Just like that time.
When I found out that Mistress Amelia was kidnapped, when her magic power was completely reduced to a negative value and her life was about to run out.
The 'Shadow Magic' replenished the Lord's magic power and even cured him of his injuries.
It's not clear if it is activated when the Lord Lord is dying or if the Lord is unconsciously activating it, but it still restores a dying person.
It's not as good as Miss Amelia's 'Resuscitation', but it's a tremendous magic from a one-horse person like the Lord Lord.
No, it may no longer be magic, though.

''We will now begin the battle. We will eliminate Mahiro Abe.

The 'shadow magic' speaks using the Lord Lord's mouth.
The only voice was the Lord Lord's, but the tone and gestures were something else.
If you look closely, you can see shadows wrapped around the Lord Lord's limbs.
The shadow magic must be forcing them to move.

I don't know what happened, but what can you do now? Humans are only lowly creatures. It's more appropriate to crawl on the ground like we did earlier.

Mahiro said and clapped his hands.
A beautiful magic circle arose from between his hands.
Mistress Amelia, who was being controlled by Mahiro behind the Lord Lord, took a stance.

''Kah, my body will take care of itself! Akira, run!

The hand raised by Miss Amelia is lowered.
The "Gravity Magic" was activated and a great deal of gravity was applied to the Lord Lord's residence.
In the midst of such gravity that the sturdy ground of the labyrinth cracked with three asses, the Lord Lord Lord stood calmly without even kneeling on the ground.


Mahiro's magic circle was completed and a wind with countless blades blew through the labyrinth.
That wind may be targeted only at the Lord Lord, but it didn't come towards me or Miss Amelia.
The original "Kamaitachi" is a broad-range magic that attacks nearby enemies indiscriminately, just like the "Thunder King".
By concentrating it on a single Lord-dono, it is probably increasing its power explosively.

''I didn't expect it to go this far: ......

Mahiro is basically loose.
His stupid hair is always dizzy, as if it's a reflection of him, and I've never seen any emotion on his face other than a smile.
And it's mysterious.
No one knows how long he's been around or where he came from.
Still, the only person who can stop the Demon King is Mahiro, and he's second only to the Demon King, and second only to the Demon Race.
I thought I'd admitted it, but I didn't fully grasp his abilities.
I didn't expect to show such complete control of magic.

I was only attacked by the original master of this body, Saran Misrai, with the 'Light Hammer' and just one more.
But I still don't have the conditions to use the other magic.

The wind has stopped.
I can't see the Lord's back yet, but I know he's alive.
Am I just going to be protected by the Lord Lord Lord again?
Will the day ever come when we will fight next to each other again like we did earlier?

''...... The magic you used earlier, you put quite a bit of magic in it, and it should have been a direct hit, why are you still alive?''

Huffing and puffing at the sound of Mahiro's voice, I saw the Lord Lord-dono, who hadn't changed at all from earlier in the dust and smoke.
Even though he was subjected to Miss Amelia's 'Gravity Magic' and Mahiro's 'Scythe' concentrated attack, the Lord Lord's body did not waver.

''Night Sword God, return!''

The Lord had Crowe fix it, and instead of one sword, there were two daggers, the Night Sword God, stuck in the ground some distance away.
When the Lord called out to him, it disappeared and was in his hands the next second.
What in the world did he do?

...... That sword is .......

Mahiro also felt something and looked at the "Night Sword God".
The sword seemed to move momentarily.
I've never seen the Lord of Hosts call for the Night Sword God in the same way.

When I threw it far away, I would go out of my way to pick it up even if I couldn't get to it.
If the Lord's heart is as important as mine and Miss Amelia's, and he doesn't want to lose it, he will certainly do the current method of getting it back to you.
It's a good thing that the shadow magic that's controlling the Lord's body now knows how to handle the Night Sword God better than the Lord.


Perhaps he was thinking about it, but the moment Lord-dono suddenly appeared in front of him, Mahiro, who had lost his stance a bit, had been slashed a few hairs.
The Lord-dono's movements were faster than before.
It's probably because the 'shadow magic' is forcing him to move, but is it safe to move that much even though his injuries have been healed?

''Guh! The sword is heavy: ......!

The shield's magical formation is preventing attacks, but the Lord Lord's speed and the weight of the strikes are steadily chipping away at the shield's durability.

''Shadow Magic--Binding Shadow''

The shadow connected between the Lord's and Mahiro's floats up and binds Mahiro.
I wonder if he's learning from the battle so far, but he's focused on binding Mahro's hands, and he's unable to use the magic circle.

''Solve the magic cast on Amelia Rose Quartz.

The 'shadow magic' says with his sword at Mahiro's throat.
Still, Mahiro's smile does not falter.

'Unfortunately, I can still use the magic formula even if I seal my hand. Besides, you said it earlier, right? My profession.

Instead of a hand shrouded in shadow, a relatively free foot moved, bringing the soles of the feet together.
At the same time, a light peculiar to magic activation leaked out of Mahiro's hand.