102 Chapter 101 ~ "Shadow Magic" vs. Maro 2~.txt

The dazzling light that suddenly appeared in front of me unexpectedly made me - or rather, 'shadow magic' - close my eyes.
Closing your eyes in the middle of a battle is fatal.
The magic that Mahiro unleashed with his legs pierces my stomach.

I wonder how many times it will pierce me in one day.

《Damage to master confirmed. Exceeding tolerance.

I gulped down the words "tolerance and nothing, you're moving it around on your own.
I don't have the power to break out of the current situation, and I don't have the ability to stop the "shadow magic".
It seems that the shadow magic saved my life, so I'll just lend my body to them now.

Mode, "healing".

After all, the hole left by Mahiro's magic was soon plugged.
It's funny how magic can help you.

'Isn't you crazy from now on? It's that sword, the magic wrapped around his body, and his tone of voice. Are you being hijacked by ...... or something?

I never thought I'd be right.
If my body had been moving, I would have clapped my hands involuntarily.

I can't answer that question.

I thought I wouldn't answer anything, but 'Shadow Magic' responded dutifully.
My body gets stronger.
Of course, I didn't put the power into my body.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get my hands and feet free, but I'm going to be able to get my hands together.
Even after launching so many big techniques of the magic circle, the magic power still doesn't run out.
But Mahiro's magic power floating in the air has faded considerably.

It's fine. I'll catch you and force you to answer the question. Originally I was going to just take the princess home with me, but I changed my mind. I'm interested in you too.

I'm not at all happy that a man is interested in me.
On the contrary, it gives me goosebumps.

"The Hand of God.

A huge, glowing hand was born behind Mahiro.
That hand is closing in on me to catch me.
Even though it came in front of me, the 'shadow magic' didn't move.

''If the ...... light is strong, the shadows will become even darker and stronger. I will fulfill my master's wish.''

Without telling anyone, 'Shadow Magic' mutters.
But surely she must have said it to me.
I didn't doubt it, but it seems that my 'shadow magic' still has an ego.

''If you die, the magic cast on Amelia Rose Quartz will be broken.

The 'Shadow Magic' raised his hand before the 'Hand of God'.

''Eat away!''

That's all the words I uttered.
With just that, the "Hand of God" that had an overwhelming presence disappeared.
No, it was devoured.

As expected of Mahiro, he too seemed to be speechless.

''Know the difference in rank. You are not my enemy.

Mahiro, who had been stunned by those words, opened his mouth.
Then he gave a horrified smile.

'Heh. ......'

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Night and the others take a step back as they were squeezed out of the corner of my eye.
I would have stepped back too if my body had been moving.
As expected of the demon race's second in command.

''You say. ...... bottom of the barrel.

For the first time, the smile disappeared from Mahiro's face.
It's not a smile to begin with, nor is there any emotion floating around, it's just a token smile, but even so, if it disappears suddenly, you can feel the fear.

"You human race will never be suitable for the demon race. It's inevitable and destined.

I hate being judged from the bottom of my heart.

But here and now, it's also true that I think Mahiro has a point.
It's just that I'm a bug, and the rest of the human race, including the brave ones, are surely not suitable for the demon race, even with their only strength in numbers.
Even though we fought so much, there's no sign of Mahiro's magic power running out.
As for Aulum, this time his attack was just a good one, but the next time he wouldn't be able to make a good decision like this.

''Please don't make assumptions on your own.

But 'Shadow Magic' seems to have a different opinion.

''I don't think that hard work is necessarily rewarded. It's not such a gentle world. But it would be wrong to give up without even trying.''

The words 'shadow magic' made Mahiro's blue streaks appear.
Apparently, he was angry.

'You humans really don't learn, do you? In all of history, the human race has never been victorious over the demon race.''

If you're a brave man, though, Mahiro adds.
From the tone of voice, he must have had a brave man from the human race.

Mahiro clasps his hands together.
The red light covering Amelia's body thickened.


At the same time as Amelia turns her body and shouts, Mahiro activates a new magic.

''You, you can eat magic, right? Then I'll fill you up and tear you apart.

Every time shadow magic eats magic and demons, there's a question I've been asking myself.
That is, is there an upper limit?
If it happens to be out of control, I can't stop it.
I want to at least know my magic, but there is no precedent for it.
It's a good thing that I'm not going to have to worry about it.
If possible, I don't want to go along with Mahiro's trickery.
I'm not going to be able to get my hands on any of them.
I don't want to just lose control.
...... No, is this situation now also uncontrollable?

''Water Needle.

Many magic circles floated and Amelia rushed in at the same time as the water needles rained down.
Since her body was being manipulated, she didn't even avoid the falling needles.
At this rate, the needles would rain down on Amelia as well.
I reached for Amelia, even though I knew she wouldn't move.

I don't want to see Amelia get hurt any more.


My body moved and pulled Amelia into a hug, as if that thought had been received.
Then I turned my back to the rain that was falling, sheltering Amelia.
The needle is a needle, but it's almost as big as an icicle.
If you pierce it, it will easily penetrate a person's body and so on.
I don't want to die.
But even more than that, I didn't want to see Amelia suffer.

''Lord Lord!!!!''

I can hear the night screaming at me.
I close my eyes, bracing myself for the pain.
Really, how many holes will there be in my stomach today?