105 Episode 104 ~ Rogue ~.txt

...... Yeah, no problem.

I replied, and the brave man breathed a sigh of relief for some reason.
I nodded my head.
It's not an exaggeration to say that me and the brave man hated each other.
I've been trying to be clever and stay away from them because they don't like it, but what kind of change of heart is this?

As I was thinking about this, Crow spoke up.
Seeing the number of people who had increased to the point where the room felt small, even the mere sight of them made his sharp gaze even sharper.
The brave men flinched.
Mr. Ziel is sipping the tea served to him without regard to himself, as if he's used to it.

''If it were true, I would tell you to get out of this house, except for Ziel Boy. ......

Crowe stared at me.

'I forgive you for being so sick. If you make any noise, I'll have you camped out, no questions asked.

I laughed at his relentless argument as usual.
He seems to be paying attention to me at least, and he seems to be a tsundere to the core.

Due to the number of seats, all of my classmates are standing except for the heroes and Kyousuke.
It's Crow in front of Jill, me in front of Crow, and Amelia next to me.
The brave man sitting in front of Amelia has his cheeks tinged with Amelia's beauty, but Amelia doesn't even look at the brave man.
Kyousuke in front of me was exchanging glances with the night on my shoulder and exchanging wordlessly.
Sparks are flying.

'First of all, Crowe. How was Linga?

I ask him what he was asking me to look into when I collapsed from the depletion of my magic.
As it is, we're not going to be able to talk about it, and Crowe doesn't seem to be willing to facilitate it from the edge.

My gaze is drawn to Crowe.
He sips his tea, raising his eyebrows at it depressingly.

'...... That guy's white.'

I'm surprised.
I thought it was Linga who led the demon race.
Or rather, in the circumstances, Linga was the most suspicious.

No matter how much the labyrinth is rumored to have been created by the Demon King, there is no way they can transfer to the labyrinth with pinpoint accuracy.
No matter how much of Mahro's magic circle, there would have to be some kind of marker at the exit.
Before, Commander Saran said that magic is not a panacea.
There is certainly magic that can instantly get you to where you want to go in an instant, but it can only get you to places you've been before.
Mahiro's magic team must have its own limitations.

Linga would be the guildmaster of the city where the labyrinth is located, and he has a certain amount of ability.
I thought he would be able to at least mark the lowest level of the labyrinth.

''But there was someone else with a nasty smell.

Crowe clenched his fists.
His claws scratched the skin and blood flowed.
Crowe doesn't seem to notice it.

''I'm the guildmaster of the Adventurer's Guild in the largest city, Uruk, and that guy is already rotten.

What's your name?

The night reacts on my shoulder.
I feel like Amelia is also strengthening her body.
Crowe said the name with a definite murderous intent in his eyes.

'His name is Gram. The former beastman vizier and nephew of the current king. He is my revenge.

My eyes widened at the name.
It's a name I've heard before.
I look at the night.

"The name of the ringleader of the supposed Uruk knights who tried to kidnap Miss Amelia in the Elven lands, just as the Lord thought.

He said he felt like there was a vizier named Gram at the time, but he didn't realize he was the guildmaster of Uruk.
Moreover, he said that he was Crow's revenge partner.

...... I've never heard of Crow's revenge before, but did Amelia and Night hear about it?

We haven't been able to share information in any way.
It's been a bit of a flurry these days, and with Amelia being kidnapped and all, we haven't had time to talk slowly.

'I heard about it the day I was kidnapped by Aurum. I heard it from the night.

You can tell me about it. I don't want to hear it.

Crow turned away, as if he didn't like the story that much.
I give Amelia a look that I'll get back to her later.

'So, how does this Gram thing smell?

At my words, Crow, who had turned away, turned his attention to me.

'In no way, shape or form, that guy is like a bunch of scoundrels. Just by probing a little bit, there's a lot of dishonesty and dealings with the backroom.

A mass of scoundrels.
Yes, it's an odd thing to say.

Embezzlement, human trafficking, theft, kidnapping, and incarceration ....... You have a complete list of crimes other than murder. Only murder seems to be the only thing you let your men do, but it's the same thing.

Kidnapping, captivity, and human trafficking to the elves?
But why are the ones who are so quick to poke at you and get dusty on the loose?
I soon found out the answer to that question.

'Because he's royalty.'

Crowe nodded.
Amelia bit her lip.
It would be hard to forgive him for being a member of the same royal family.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this as well. Once this was discovered, he was removed from his position as vizier and continued to do so even after becoming a guild master.

I lowered my gaze and stared at the pale yellow of the brown.
I didn't know someone like that really existed in this world: .......
That's even worse than the Princess of Leatis.

'Because he's royalty. That's the only reason he hasn't been punished for anything. Rumor has it that if you try to assassinate him, he's got skilled mercenaries who will take care of everything. ...... He doesn't deserve to be alive.

Not worth living for, eh?
That's exactly what you're saying.
But I don't want to end up like the self-proclaimed hero who killed the Witch King's wife.
I'll have to do some research on my own.

"What does this guy have to do with guiding demons into the Brute's labyrinth?