106 Episode 105 ~ What's Scary ~.txt

It seems he's made some kind of deal with the demons.

I look up.
The only demon races I know of are Aulum and Mahro, but I feel like I've been called an inferior race and bottom and all that.
So I thought it was the same attitude towards other races, but I wondered if it was different.

'And then I contacted a guild official I know in Urum and found out that Gram had been hiding in the labyrinth here a few days ago.

Well, that's dubious.
I'm convinced.
If you're hiring strong mercenaries, there's no need for you to be strong yourself.
Or rather, from what I've heard, they seem to be a picture-perfect villain, so they probably don't move anyway, and are round and fat.
The body shape of these people is marketable.
...... Come to think of it, the King of Ratis was thin in reverse. I'm not sure if it's because he looks like a russian boss, or if he's thin.

According to the guild official, Gram was fully clothed in a large cloak. He had to show his dog tags to the guild before entering the labyrinth, so that's how they knew it was Gram, but without them, they wouldn't have known who he was dressed.

That's obviously suspicious.
I chuckled.

''Maybe it's a cloak to avoid demons.''

Night said on his shoulder.
The gaze that had been gathered on Crowe shifted to Night.

'What's that?'

I'm not sure if it's a strong demon, but there are some weak demons who can't even sense magic power, and sometimes they mistake the demon race for the human race and attack. The demon race never lags behind such weak ones, but this is a cloak made by Mahro, who was depressed about being attacked every time. There is a magic circle woven inside, and if the demons are as weak as the lowest level of the labyrinth, they will avoid it''

Night stutters to answer Crowe's question.
If it was a cloak made by Mahiro, it would be very effective.
I mean, even the demons in the lowest level of the labyrinth are still weak?
Then the demons in the demon territory are even stronger?

''It's settled on Gram.

Crowe got up from his seat.
He's just acting like the conversation is over.
I look away from Crowe, who quickly goes away, and I turn to the brave man next.

''So, what are you guys going to do now?''

The brave man blinks his eyes in surprise, as if he didn't expect to be approached by me.
The boy who used to talk to me often to the brave man, offered to help him.

''We have the ultimate goal of defeating the Demon King,''

Night snickered at his answer.

''The likes of you will defeat the Demon King? One side of my stomach hurts!'

The boy with the monkey on his head and the cat on his shoulder didn't like the answer, and a blue streak appeared on his forehead.

'Huh? If you've been listening to me for a while now, what's the point of this cat? Whose side are you on?

Yeah, yeah! He was getting at Asahina-kun too, so what is it?

The girls in the Kansai dialect are also taking advantage of the ride.
It was quiet until a few minutes ago because there was a scary Crow.
The tension seems to have dissipated as the number of familiar faces has increased.

''I'm on the side of the Lord and Miss Amelia! If you're not fit to be the second best Demon Lord, how can you be fit to be the Demon Lord?''

I don't know about that!

We're stronger than ever, too!

I'd love to see how strong he's gotten, but I don't want to see a knightly dressed, womanly boy about to cry.
The word "man's daughter" comes to mind, even more so when I see the teary-eyed figure.

''You guys want to stay in the field?''

The two of them closed their mouths to Kyousuke, who spoke up with a simple question.

''When I say I'm going to defeat the Demon King, I have to build up my strength. I know very well that it's not suitable in its current state. That's why we came to this city where we heard there was a labyrinth and yet a skilled blacksmith.

After what happened in the labyrinth, though, the labyrinth would be sealed off for a while.
So it was a waste of time.
Crowe won't be getting any requests at that rate either.

''But now that the labyrinth is unavailable, requests in the Adventurer's Guild will be skewed, and I'm not strapped for cash.

The brave man says while choosing his words carefully.
I listened to it while blocking the night's mouth as it tried to ramble on with every word.

''So, if you're going to follow you, Asahina-kun, we'd like to go along with you, too.''


I can't help but answer immediately.
I wonder if the answer was as I expected, but the brave man doesn't show any reaction.

''Kyousuke too. I don't want an object to be protected, not to fight with. And I don't need a healer at the moment either.

You can't beat the demons while protecting them.
With a glance at Kyousuke, who was biting his lip and looking down, I set the night down on the desk and sat up.

'I have a question for Crow. I'll be out of my seat for a bit, so think it over in the meantime. Besides, you're out of line from trying to talk me out of it.

I put my hand on Amelia's head.
Amelia's body twitched and bounced.

'I'll fight for Amelia. I won't complain if Amelia says so. If you want to talk me out of it, you can talk me out of it.

I whispered to Amelia not to ask, and I left the room.
As I did so, the hero and Kyousuke looked at me, but I didn't look at them.

Not using it as an excuse to leave the place, I had something I really wanted to ask, so I looked for Crow.
Then I ended up at the forge next to the house.
Crowe is looking at various tools and thinking about something.


When I called out to him, the sluggish Crow looked at me.

'Oh, it's you,'

I leaned my back against the doorway and looked at Crow.
The moonlight just illuminated Crow.
I don't know what he's thinking without a light on, but let's get the requirements done for now.

'I've got a question for you,'

Crowe frowns.

'I'm sorry, but right now--'

What's the one thing you're most afraid of?

I interrupt him mid-sentence and I say, and Crow's eyes finally focus on me.
He turns his puzzled gaze to me.

What are you talking about?

Interest. What's the one thing you fear the most?

Really, I'm just curious.
But I knew Crow was thinking the same thing as I was.
So I asked him.
Maybe Crowe would know what this feeling in my heart means.

"...... The reason I'm most afraid of anything in the world is that

Crowe turned his gaze to the moon behind me.
It wasn't his usual sharp stare, but a weak one.

'It's that outstretched hand that you can't reach.