108 Episode 107-Ring on the finger-.txt

I landed in front of Amelia from the tree.
Amelia's shoulders were shaking as if she was frightened.

'Ah, Akira ...... where did you hear that from?'

I tilt my head back and scratch the back of my neck.

'Not from the beginning, or rather because I was here first.

Then Amelia's face paled.

It really just happened.
After hearing from Crowe that the scariest thing to do was to be unreachable, I went into the forest for once to think it over for myself in a quiet place.
I climbed the tree because that's where I felt personally at ease, not that I was trying to hide, and I didn't move to this tree on purpose because I was contemplating it so much that I didn't notice it until Amelia was right underneath it.

Even if I explained to her, Amelia's complexion would not change.
Her originally white skin was completely drained of blood.
I put my hand on Amelia's head to reassure her.

'You don't have to worry, I won't pull back and I won't forget about Amelia.

It's true that Mom and Yui are important, but Amelia is just as important as that.
Amelia has tears in her eyes and squeezes the cloak I'm wearing.
As it is, she looks up at me and nods her head.

'Really? You won't pull it, and you won't forget?

I nodded, almost annoyed by Amelia's adorable puppy-like gestures.

'Yeah, I promise. ...... On the contrary, I'm more worried about me. Because from the looks of it, you and I aren't balanced. If I were to say just by face, as much as it pains me to say it, the brave man would definitely be a better match.

I took out my dagger and put it in Amelia's hand, who was frowning.

'I don't like that guy. Akira is cooler and stronger than me. ...... what are you doing?

I chuckled at that impression.
It's true that the brave man is weak, but I'm not going to be any cooler than him.
And in terms of me and Amelia's encounter, there's no denying the suspension bridge effect.

With my right hand, I grabbed Amelia's hand from above as she gripped the dagger and brought it closer to my left hand.
Amelia backed away as if frightened.

I don't know about the Japanese, but in Japan it is a custom for a man and a woman to wear a ring on the ring finger of their left hand when they are committed to their future. I don't know the details of the engagement and wedding rings, because I wasn't interested in them either, but for the moment I put a ring on my left hand ring finger.

I let the blade sink down around the third joint of my ring finger.
Along with the pain, blood so red you could see it in the dark ran down his hand and down his arm to the ground.

'Hey, what are you doing ......?'

Amelia's eyes widened as I continued to carve a circle on my own fingers with Amelia's hand without changing her expression.
Deeper and deeper, deeper so that the marks don't disappear, but still don't cut any important streaks, etc.

'...... See, it doesn't look like a ring.'

In the moonlight, I see a red mark circling the ring finger of my left hand.

You wanted to make a mark on me, didn't you?

So now my wish was accomplished.
When I looked at Amelia's face, I stared and compared my finger to my dagger.

''A ring that a man and a woman wear on the ring finger of their left hand. ......

This time Amelia held the dagger in my hand, and without hesitation she wound the thin white fingers of her own left hand.

'...... glad we're matching,'

Amelia carved a ring on her finger as well, and she shines her hand in the moonlight next to me.
Maybe it's because the tension is high at night, or maybe it's because I was happy to be matched for the first time, but normally I wouldn't have been okay with Amelia hurting me.
But today, for some reason, I feel very comfortable.

'My biggest fear is that I won't be able to reach this one.

Crowe's pained voice echoes in my head.
Even if I reached out, this hand might not reach me.
The demon race is that strong, and if Crow hadn't come to me then, Amelia would have been kidnapped and we would have died.
Still, as long as I have these fingers, I feel like we can always be connected.

'Amelia, if you want me to, I will break this body into pieces. I will gladly scar you. In return, if there's anything you want done or that bothers you, tell me right away. If it's something I can do, I'll make it happen.

I kneel in place and drop a kiss on the back of my left hand.
When I look up to see if I'm being a little too racy, Amelia's cheeks are reddened enough that I can clearly see it, and she puts her hand on my cheek.

'Then you have to promise me too. Don't die, don't forget, don't leave me, just look at me all the time.

I stand up and hold Amelia close.
I hold her in my arms, her body a size smaller than mine.

I've heard your wish. I'm going to make it happen.

I don't think I'll be able to stay away, but other than that, I think I'll be fine.
I'm not going to die, forget about it, or turn to another woman.

In my arms, Amelia smiles happily.
After hurting me in the labyrinth, Amelia, who has a somewhat shadowy expression on her face since hurting me in the labyrinth, smiles for the first time in a long time with a real smile on her face.
Not the kind of affectionate smile that she would turn to someone she's never met before, but a smile that she only shows to me and the night.

I want to go back to Japan for my mom and sister.
But I didn't want to let go of this smile just for this moment.