109 Episode 108 ~ The Thought of the Hero ~ Kyosuke Asahina.txt

We relaxed in the largest room Crow had lent us, the one we wanted to be in.
I leaned against the wall near the doorway and crossed my arms.

As Princess Amelia had told us, we tried to discuss it in an attempt to unify everyone's opinions, but no one would speak up.
When the party members were working alone, Sato was in charge when it came to discussing plans and other matters.
However, Sato hasn't said a word since he left that room.
Waki and Ueno, who usually make a lot of noise, also remain silent.
Nanase and Tsuda are restless and unsettled, while Hosoyama, on the other hand, is calm as usual.

I closed my eyes, trying to get my head in order.

First of all, the ultimate goal for us and Akira is to return to Japan.
It would be the same.
Perhaps Akira would want to go home as soon as possible for his mother, Murasaki, and sister.

Then what is the difference?
I'm sure it's the process.
I don't read novels like Akira does, but from what I've heard from Akira, in these otherworldly things, you can often find a way to return home once you've defeated the last boss.
...... No, wait?

I opened my eyes with a gasp.
Tsuda, who was directly in front of me, shook with a jolt.
He turned his open eyes to Sato, who had a difficult look on his face.

''Sato, do you intend to defeat the Demon King?''

All of them looked at me and then at Sato at my sudden question.
Sato shook his head with a beautiful frown on his beautiful face that was well received by the girls.

When I was in the country of Leytis, the knight who had been following my training told me sourly.
The Demon King would never be able to defeat the Demon King without the Holy Sword and Extra-Skill Holy Sword Technique that only the brave can possess, which Sato has.
On the contrary, he would be able to defeat it as long as he had them.
That's why it was our job to protect Sato and bring him to the Demon King no matter what.
That's why Sato's will as a brave man is essential to defeating the demon king.

'I'm sorry to everyone, but I don't feel the need to defeat the Demon King at all right now.

As of now, the Demon King has not appeared, and the only people who claimed to have seen the demon race are Akira and the others.
I can't dismiss the possibility that the flood of demons from Ur's labyrinth this time was just an accident.

My skill 'intuition' denies that, but my intuition only gets sharper as my level increases, and that skill doesn't allow me to see the truth.
In other words, I can't trust it completely.

''Jeez, then how are you going to get back to Japan!

Waki exclaims with his eyes wide open.
It's a natural reaction.
Until now, I've been fighting with the belief that if I defeat the Demon King, I will be able to return to Japan.

'What do you mean you don't feel the need for it? Tsukasa said that he was going to defeat the demon king and save the people of this world, right?

Indeed, Sato said that.
But that was when he still believed in the King and Princess of the Leytis Nation.
Because they had heard that the Demon King was tormenting the inhabitants of this world, and they were told they had the power to save it.

'I don't know. It was King Laitis who told us that the people of this world were being tormented by the Demon King, and he was using the Princess to put a curse on us. Besides, I didn't get the impression from looking at the people in the city that they were being forced to live a hard life.

Ueno and Waki's eyes widened as if they just remembered.
The city was vibrant and full of people.
Even Yamato, which was closest to the demon tribe territory, didn't seem to be scared and frightened by the demon invasion.
Nanase and Tsuda lowered their eyes, as if they were worried about the friends they had left behind in the castle.

''Then what do you think of Oda-kun being hurt by the demon race?''

Hosoyama raises his hand and asks a question.
I narrowed my eyes.
Sometimes Hosoyama says and does things like he believes in Akira.
I don't know if that's because he believes in her as a classmate or if he intuitively realized what kind of person Akira is, but I don't know what he means.
There are many things I don't understand about Hosoyama.
It would be helpful if he had a personality as easy to understand as Waki and Ueno's.

'Let me tell you, Akira is stronger than me. Probably since he was summoned. Even if we banded together, we couldn't defeat Akira, and Akira and the other demon clans that are strong enough to be seriously injured couldn't win even if we fought to the death. And we wouldn't be able to defeat the Demon King, the pinnacle of the demon tribe, even if we were to spend our whole lives fighting him. In other words, our current level of strength is only slightly stronger than normal people.

This was the first time I had ever seen the confident Sato spout such weak words.
Even Nanase looked at Sato with eyes that looked as if she had seen something unbelievable.

'I want to go back to Japan, and I'm sure Akira does too, but Akira isn't thinking about defeating the Demon King. It's probably because he knows he can't win, isn't it?

If this were in a game or a novel, you would be able to know the strength of the game by breaking your balls once and getting stuck in, but this is reality.
We have only one body, and our lives are cut short.

I'm sure Akira has the strongest desire to return to Japan among the people summoned, and he's probably the one closest to an answer. That's why I thought we should work with Akira.