110 Episode 109-Majority Decision-Kyosuke Asahina.txt

Everyone nodded in agreement with Sato's words.

'I see, that's why you said to go with Akira. Is that the same with Kyousuke?'

Nanase said that and looked at me.
The only people who were in favor of going with Akira at that time were me and Sato, so it was only natural that I would be asked.

''No, I have no reason to do so. I just wanted to help Akira as much as I could. I'd be a liability now, though.

Akira was stronger than I had ever imagined.
I'm only protected now.
I can't imagine that I can fight next to him very well.
I didn't see Akira's strength with my own eyes, but even so, I can tell by looking at his eyes how much he has gone through the shura.

It's a good thing that you're able to do that. It's a good thing that you're able to get a good idea of what's going on in the world.

According to a classmate who read a lot of mystery novels, seven hours had passed since his death at seven in the morning from rigor mortis.
If we trust the sudden knowledge, it was around the change of date when he died.
At that time, we were all together in a meeting except for Akira.
We can't do it.
There's magic in this world, so you can do whatever you want about rigor mortis, and it's possible that the other people in the castle did it, but the curse was driving us crazy, and that was enough for us to decide that Akira was the culprit.

'Didn't we discuss that it wasn't Akira in the first place?

After we left the castle, we had our first strategy meeting to make sure we came to our senses and to decide what we were going to do.
There, based on Akira's reaction and the princess's words that Sato had heard, we should have come to the conclusion that Akira hadn't killed Saran-san.

Ueno ruffled his hair wildly as if he was annoyed.

'No! I know that, but what I'm saying is that Oda-kun, who was acting in a way that was suspicious, is also suspicious enough.

I nodded my head.
I don't think Akira was the kind of person to act with his classmates in the first place.
I only remember him looking at his classmates with a somewhat ridiculous look on his face as if he was making fun of people.
Only me and Nanase were the only ones who spoke.

'I think so too. If he wasn't wandering around by himself, no one would suspect him. I'm sure that Ryusuke didn't like that guy to begin with, but...

Waki's "Ryusuke" is probably Oka Ryusuke.
He was on the same soccer club as Waki, and he must have been the guy who got the class going.
He was tall, and although not as tall as Sato, he had a good-looking face.

But what didn't like about him, Oka had been talking bad about Akira since the spring of his first year of high school.
Because of Oka's going around saying one thing and another, Akira was increasingly distanced from his classmates.
I asked Oka once if he said something to him, but he just nodded his head.
At the end of the day, who is Oka? He even asked me if I was a good fit.
Maybe it's because of his personality of only remembering what he's interested in, but my guess is he won't even remember Nanase's name.

Come to think of it, Kazuki was close with Oka, and I think he and Oka talked bad about Akira.

'Well, Akira is, at best, a loner. At worst, he's a troublesome guy with no cooperation at all.

Nanase blurted out.
I almost nodded at that and relented.

'What do you think, Tsuda?'

I asked Tsuda, who was alone and silent in the corner of the room, and he shuddered as if he was scared to death every time I asked him.
Apparently, this guy doesn't like me.

Tsuda is also in the kendo club, but I'm the captain and Tsuda is a member of the general club.
Our physiques are different, and Tsuda started kendo in high school, so he hasn't even made it to the regular team yet.
He looks weak like a woman, and it's no wonder he's scared of me.

'Oh, bo, I don't know much about Oda-kun since I don't have much to do with him, but if Asahina-kun trusts you so much, I'm willing to trust you: ......'

I blinked.
Does that mean I trust Akira because I trust him?
Does that mean Tsuda trusts me?
You're not good with me.
...... I still don't know what other people are thinking.

'How about you, Hosoyama-san? It's three to two at the moment.

I haven't asked Nanase about it yet, but she's probably in the Akira camp, so it's practically four to two.

Hosoyama gave a mature smile.

''I'm with you on following Oda-kun. Whether Princess Amelia will allow it or not, I don't know.''

Hosoyama smiles at me, and I get goosebumps.
I'm not good at this guy after all.

The majority vote was decided without waiting for Nanase's result, but what about Waki-kun and Ueno-san?

There's no rule that we have to move as a party.
At that time, we didn't know if it was safe on the road, and we were moving with seven people because there might be a chase from Leitis, but from here on out, Sato would say without saying it, that it's okay to leave since we're going to a dangerous place ourselves.
Well, I don't think Akira would care how many more or fewer people were added to the group.

They looked at each other.