112 Chapter 111 ~Excitement~.txt

'What? A festival?

I don't blame him for screaming in a barefaced manner.
I was so startled that the tub of water I was holding to wash my face tipped over.

I knew the brave men had been discussing a lot of things last night when Amelia and I were ticking off the ring due to some kind of strange tension in the middle of the night.
Even after Amelia and I went back to our room, the room assigned to the brave men had twinkling lights on, and I thought they were trying to convince Amelia to come to them.
But I didn't expect them to invite me to the festival first thing in the morning.

Kyousuke, who had invited me, picked up the tub I'd dropped and filled it with water.

'Yeah. I heard there's a festival going on in Uruk. Do you want to go?

Kyousuke nodded his head, still with a more poker face than me and Amelia.
I frowned as I accepted the tub.

'...... Uruk?'

There is a man in Uruk who seems to have summoned the demon tribe.
The demon tribe that tried to kidnap Amelia.
Of course, I don't think chastising them is enough.
At least make them regret being born, or at least make them regret it, or else I won't be able to relax.

I put my face close to the tub and splashed water on my face.
I feel like my half-asleep brain is now fully awake.

'You can move at night too, but you can't fight yet, can you? Training is important, but don't you think you should take a break once in a while?

He groaned at Kyosuke's suggestion.
I don't know what kind of festivals in this world are like, but I'm sure it would be fun.
Amelia would want to have fun once in a while, and if it's the same festival I'm thinking of, there will be food stalls.
Since Amelia has an eye for food, I'm sure she'll want to go.
The question is what intentions did Kyousuke have to invite her to the festival?

...... what are you up to?

Wiping his face with the sleeve of his clothes, he looks over at Kyousuke.

He must not have known Amelia's love of food yet.
That means he's not here to grab his stomach.
What's going on at that festival?

Kyousuke chuckled at my quizzical look.

'I think you're being skeptical because you've dived too far under the dead line. You're thinking too much. My girls want to go, so I'm talking about Princess Amelia, too. I'll think about the persuasion in a moment.

It is true that I am more skeptical than when I was in Japan.
However, this world is probably just as good as that.
Unlike Japan, you don't know when you're going to die.

...... I'll tell them I'll be there just in case. I'll have to ask Amelia and the night, but she'll probably say she's going.

And while we're at it, let's ask Crow about this world's festivals.

With a clear head, I began to formulate my plans for today.
I didn't notice that Kyousuke smiled meaningfully behind me.


When I told them that Kyousuke and the others had invited me to the festival, Amelia and Night had the same reaction as I did.
Only, the night was grumpy and Amelia had a jubilant look on her face.

''Lord, could it be about the beauty contest that is in Uruk?''

'Well? But I did say it was a Uruk. ...... Is there such a thing as a beauty contest in this world?

I tilt my head to the night with a frown on my face.
Amelia, on the other hand, takes my hand with a sparkling face.

'You're going! I want to go!

I turn my back on Amelia, who is biting me awfully hard.

'Oh, oh. I thought Amelia would want to go, so I replied that I would go to ...... in case she wanted to go. Do you know what kind of festival it is?

I don't know!

I lose strength at Amelia, who says with a crisp face.

''You look awfully happy for not knowing.

Because it's a festival, right? Lots of good food!

Oh, after all, Amelia is more of a foodie than a festival.
It's just as I expected, and rather obvious and cute.

I stood up on two legs and looked down at the black cat holding her head.

''Lord Lord, Miss Amelia, that was a brawl called a festival, right? There were definitely a lot of food stalls out there.'

You talk as if you've seen it all before.

'Have you been there?'

"Yeah. And quite recently.

With that said, he begins to explain about the night's beauty contest.

According to him, it started in the human race territory, and before you know it, the beast race territory is also holding this festival.
The contest is divided into men's and women's divisions, and each contestant participates in the one they want to compete in.
In other words, men can dress up as women and participate in the women's division, and vice versa.
Basically, it's just the human race and the beastman race, but a few years ago there was an elf who jumped in and won the competition.
And apparently there's an unbeatable prize for the winner.
It changes every year, but last year it was a free pass to the most exclusive inn of the human race.
This year it's Uruk, so there's a good chance it will be a food prize.
The color of Amelia's eyes changed when she said something like .......

''It's out.''

"...... Lord.

Amelia clenched her fist in a goofy fist, and the night looked at me to stop her, but I shook my head.
It's hard to stop Amelia when she's like this.
Or rather, it's impossible.

''So, what do you mean by brawl?''

If it's dangerous, I won't go even if Amelia hates me.

'...... Well, all the creatures of man are ugly in every world, aren't they ....... Every year, the woman who wins is not who she thought she was, and who is not who she thought she was, lashes out.'

Oh, I nodded.
It was easy to imagine.

'Akira, I'm going to go win.'

Amelia wasn't listening or she was ready to enter the contest.
Me and the night looked at each other and shook our heads, to hell with it.

'I don't think there's another woman on Amelia's level and she's going to win, isn't she?

"...... Right.