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The Festival of Uruk?

When I ask him if he wants to go to the festival, Crow sounds just as bareheaded as I do.
Well, I'm confused.
Just when you think you're running for your life after fighting the demon tribe, their numbers have increased and the next day they say they're going to the festival.
I wouldn't even want those people to stay at my house.

Want to go to ......?

When he asked that, Crow made a difficult face and fell silent.
The abominable place where the one who killed his sister is located.
I don't know why I didn't try to take revenge before, but it would take courage to go there.

''Are you serious?''

I'm serious. Amelia wants to go, too. And she's a foodie to begin with.

I muttered to myself that I did, and Crow looked up into the air with empty eyes, just like he did last night.
In the living room, where we are alone, I sigh.
The brave men went to help rebuild the city.
Amelia and I went out at night with Jiel-san.
Probably because of the increase in numbers, they ran out of food and went to the mountains to gather it.
Crow and I, who was still too hard to climb the mountain, were left in charge of keeping watch.
I couldn't bear the silence of just the two of us, so I asked Crow if he wanted to join us.

Amelia told me about Crowe and the night's encounter and Crowe's sister.
I think I know a little bit about how she feels because I have a sister too.
No matter how much we fight, no matter how much we say we don't like each other with our mouths, we're still an important family.
Me and Yui came out of my mom's belly at about the same time, so we are much closer than normal siblings.
Yui didn't hesitate to say that she was actually my older sister because of a doctor's mistake, and I'm sure she still doesn't think of me as her brother.
And I have a great sense of reluctance to call him big brother.
But no matter how sassy she is, she must be a cute little sister to me.
If someone kills Yui before I leave, I don't think I'm going to be able to stop myself.
I'll make them regret it by any means necessary.

That's just my thoughts, and I don't think Crow has the same thoughts, but I'm sure he's close.

...... You want to know why I would not avenge my sister's death while knowing the truth?

Crowe said and wagged his tail.
I huffed and looked at Crowe.
His gaze, which had been wandering in the air, was directed straight at me.
But the obsidian-like eyes didn't emit any light.

'I can tell what you're thinking by looking into your eyes. You may have a poker face, but your eyes say more than your mouth.''

Maybe it's because he looks almost as old as Mr. Giel, but sometimes I seem to forget that Crowe is someone who's been alive for over a century.
Crowe opened his mouth with a quiet face.

'There are two reasons. The first is because I don't think my sister would find it good to get her hands dirty with the blood of her compatriots. The second is because of .......

Then he shook his fists down to his knees in frustration.

''Due to my age, I can't fight for long periods of time. The human race may not understand it, but the aging of our beast race comes all at once. There are many of our brethren who can move like they did in their youth the day before, but the next day they are bedridden.

Heh, I couldn't help but let out a voice.
It seems to be an aging phenomenon unique to the beastman race.
I had never heard of it before.

''It varies from person to person, but in my case, it was fast. When my sister had just died, I spent about fifty years gathering information on Gram, planning to avenge her death, but the day I was about to put the plan into action, I started to age. A lot of recklessness in my youth had accelerated my aging process.

Crowe gives a self-deprecating smile.
Apparently, Gram has extra bad luck.
Either that or Crowe's luck is so much worse.

''Leah's wand, that was made by me. I made it for my future guardian, long before she joined the clan, and it's the best wand I've ever made. It was a signal to me that you were in danger. ...... I couldn't quite decide whether to come to your aid.

So that would make Crow and Leah the ones who saved our lives.
I didn't know them before they joined the royal family: .......
What kind of relationship?

I saved you for a reason.

As I was thinking about Crowe and Leah's relationship, Crowe looked at me with a serious face and said so.
His eyes were looking straight at me like before, but unlike before, there was an odd light in his eyes.
I gasped at the light.

'It's .......'

I listen in confusion, unable to predict what he will say.
Crowe had a faint smile on his mouth, with the light in his eyes intact.