114 Episode 113-Festival 1-.txt

A few days later, we ended up coming to Uruk as a trip.
That's right, we've come.
The festival is held in the largest city in Uruk, the largest state of the Beastman territory.
As I recall, the name is Mari.
I heard that they set up a big stage in the square for this festival, and it seems that you can see the stage from other Uruk cities through magic.
I wonder if it's like a TV broadcast.

Not only is Mari, but the whole of Uruk was very lively even in the daytime.
Stalls were lined up at both ends of the street, and surprisingly, there were many stalls from the human race.
But there are too many people, no matter how many.
The beastmen and the human race are pushing and squeezing each other, even though they haven't even entered Mali.
It seems that only the residents and contestants are not allowed to enter Mali.
Well, looking at the number of people here, it makes sense.
There are a few people here and there wearing spirited outfits that would be in the contest, and some people are avoiding the side of the road, perhaps because they are drunk on people.

'Look at them, Akira! Lots of things I've never had before!

Among them, we and our group were very much in the spotlight.
Crowe didn't want to walk through the crowd and was separated from Ziel-san, so it was the brave group and us who were together.
Some of the attention is drawn to Amelia, who usually attracts gazes even when she has her hands full of food and is frolicking like a child, but surprisingly, many of the gazes are directed not at Amelia, but at me.
If I was craning my neck to see why, I understood from a voice that came from a few meters away.

"...... Isn't that the 'dark assassin'-sama?"

Yeah? Yikes! Wasn't that a fairy tale?

'You took down a demon in a flash! Can we get an autograph?

I don't have a signature.
I mean, how is it that an assassin's face is exposed and he's a celebrity on top of that?
I'm not sure why I was identified.
It's a very good idea to get a good idea of what you're looking for.
I'm sure you're not going to be able to find one in this world.

You're not going to be able to find out if you're a celebrity, ...... Akira? Can I get my autograph too?

I moan at Kyousuke's words as he walks next to me.
At times like this, Kyousuke's words hit me hard.

"I don't have a signature. I'd rather you hide it.

Really? Then we'll do that.

I walk under the shadow of Kyousuke's body as he moves in front of me.
But it's not completely hidden.

'Shall I call out to him!

'Yes! Let's do that!

I'm coming with you!

...... Give me a break.

I grunted and frowned at the voice I heard again.

'Why don't you keep your mind off of it? Lord. You can't handle it, indeed.'

I nodded at the words of the night on Amelia's shoulder.
''It's fine to use 'hiding signs', but there's just one problem.

''I'm leaving Amelia in charge.

Copy that.

The population density is as dense as a crowded train, so I will inevitably walk on top of the stalls, but I can't stay close to Amelia when the time comes.
There are many people who have been trying to talk to Amelia since a while ago, and I really don't want to leave her.
The beastmen are rather moving away thanks to the night on their shoulders, but the human race is coming up to them with their noses stretched out.

'Kyousuke, watch Amelia as I leave for a moment. If any of them call out to you, you can knock them off.


After asking Kyousuke, who nodded, to give me his regards, I activated 'Concealment of Attention'.
From the reactions of the sisters who were trying to talk to me, I made sure I was unrecognizable and went up on the roof of the stall.
Unlike the Japanese food stalls, the stalls are solidly made of wood, so I don't have to worry about my feet.
The government must have led the way in building them for this day.

'Ah! You've got a target!

After walking for a while, Ueno saw one of the stalls and cheered.
It wasn't exactly the same as a quintessential Japanese target, but a target that anyone could do, using the wind magic of a magic circle.
By setting the amount and power of magic in the magic circle and carving it into a wooden board, if you point the board at the prize and let the magic flow, wind bullets will be released.
Apparently you can get the prize if it hits well and the prize falls.
So all you need is magic control and accuracy.

''Oh! Do you want to play, little girl?

I do!

At the words of the stall's uncle, Ueno's eyes sparkled as he paid the money and received a wooden board with a magic circle engraved on it.

''Yes! Do you want something, Amelia?

Well, I want that candy.

Ueno and Amelia, who were either hit by the festivities or had a funny tension.
I mean, when did they become such good friends?
Come to think of it, on the day that me and Crow were away from home, everyone else had gone off in pieces, but they were coming back together.
I wonder if they became friends then.
Well, whatever it is, it's good that Amelia seems to be enjoying herself.
She looks like a princess, and I'm sure she didn't have any friends or anything.

'Aim well, Ueno.

I know! ...... and ya! Oh!

Amelia's face loosens in happiness as the prize drops.

'Look at that! I got it!

'You do it, girl. ...... Okay! That's just an added bonus!

'Oh! Pops, thanks!

Amelia was really smiling happily as she received the prize sweets from Ueno.
Seeing that, I narrowed my eyes too.
Seeing something like this makes me glad I came to the festival.
It made me feel like I could forget my bloody daily life.