120 Episode 119 ~ Festival 6 ~.txt

As Kyousuke had warned me, I didn't take my eyes off of Amelia.
Of course, I couldn't keep my eyes on her completely, so I used a backhanded approach.
There are a lot of things I'm curious about, such as why the name Gram came out of Kyousuke's mouth and how he's involved in this contest, but for now, I'm going to enjoy the festival.

'Entry number 291! Princess Amelia!

Amelia's name was called out next to the girl with the Kansai dialect and another girl with good style.
The hall shook softly.
Apparently Amelia's fame is higher than I thought.
I could feel the anticipation rising even before she showed up.

As soon as Amelia, dressed in a beautiful new green dress, appeared, everyone's eyes were glued to her.
Her pure white hair was fluttering and her scarlet eyes glittered as they reflected the light from the spotlight.
The elf's signature pointed ears were adorned with modest accessories that accentuated Amelia's appeal.
While a number of men looked up at Amelia with their mouths open and dumb faces, I couldn't take my gaze off of Amelia either.

'...... beautiful,'

I don't blame her for muttering that.
Although Amelia is always proud of her beauty that sets her apart from others on a regular basis, but when I see her dressed and decorated like this, even her usual appearance looks hazy.
Come to think of it, I heard that costumes are loaned out for those who jump into the show.

Amelia's and my gaze crosses and intertwines with mine on the stage.
Amelia smiled bewitchingly at me as I stared at her dumbfounded, and winked at me with a snap.


The screams that poured out of the men's mouths shook the earth.
The cheers didn't stop even after Amelia walked to the edge of the stage, turned around and left, and was no longer in sight.

'...... Hahaha ...... it was true about women turning into women, wasn't it?

I put my hand on my forehead and let out a dry smile.
That Amelia, who until just a few hours ago had been eating like a gluttonous athlete and drawing everyone around her, was going to get one.
I was falling more and more in love with her again.

Looking around, the women were excitedly talking about Amelia's beauty and the men were staring blankly at the stage as if she was still there.
So far there was no sign of suspicion.

''The voltage in each venue is now at its highest! Next up is entry number 292! Rusty!

As I look up at the stage with the aftermath still lingering, I see Latisse Nail, still wearing her hood, walking proudly onto the stage with a confident smile on her face.

Unlike Amelia, the hall goes silent with a thimble, as if expecting her face to be hidden by the hood.
The anticipation grew higher and higher as gazes gathered to see when she would take off her hood.
I was curious to see what the Demon King's daughter looked like, so I turned my gaze to the stage as well.

In the center of the stage, Lattisnail slowly put her hand on her hood.
It's so quiet that I can hear someone gulp and clear their throat.
With a crunch, the hood fell off with a thud.

'...... is...'
""Ooohhhhhhhh... !!!!"

She had amethyst-like hair and eyes, and excellent proportions that were apparent even over her military-like clothing.
Underneath was a skirt, sparingly exposing her muscular bare feet.
Her face was slightly inferior to Amelia's, but she had a well-defined face, and perhaps it was the effect of hiding it until the last minute, or perhaps it was the subdued color of her hood, but the loosely curled purple hair that suddenly appeared was the most beautiful of all the participants so far.
If Amelia was a finished sculpture, Latisse Nail had a human-like muffled body.
If you were to ask which one is more popular with men, of course it would be Latisse Nail's.

So, although it's a bad way to say it, it would be like a one-on-one battle between the good-looking Amelia and the good-looking Latisnail.
So far, no woman has been able to rival the two, and probably won't appear in the future.
It's hard for people to react if a whip-smart, immensely beautiful woman like that appears.

'...... So, let's get to the tally of this year's beauty contest! All you have to do is trace the entry number of the person you want to vote for with your finger while letting the magic flow through the panels set up at each venue! ......

I manipulated a nearby panel, letting the voice of the moderator come from somewhere in my ears.
Of course, it was Amelia who put it in.
I watched as the words "Vote Complete" appeared on the panel and then I headed over to Amelia and the others.