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Even in the antechamber behind the stage where there were nearly three hundred women, Amelia was easy to spot.
The way she turned around alone seemed to have a sparkling effect on one person.
Next to her was Lattisnail, and they seemed to be chatting amiably together.
There were also two girls from the brave party nearby.

'Onyssan, how do I look? You've been wondering what's under that hood, haven't you? What do you think?

Latisnail, who had a friendly smile on her face, ran up to me and said so.
I thought I could see a dog's tail behind Lattice Snail, flapping and waving from side to side.
Are you ...... hallucinating?

Yeah, that was surprising. Well, I'm not as good as Amelia.

I say, patting Amelia's head as she comes up to me as well.
Amelia looks like she's about to gurgle and choke, and closes her eyes happily.
If Lattisnail is a dog, then this one is a cat.
I'm definitely a cat person.

Latisnail puts her hand on her nicely nubile waist and puffs out her cheeks.

'That's right, Amelia is substandard! No one looks better than Amelia! But, if I do say so myself, I'm a man-pleaser!

Rusty is pretty enough as long as he doesn't open his mouth.

What, so you think I'm what you call a "disappointing beauty"?

They call each other by name.

And I strongly agree that Latisnayl is an "unfortunate beauty".

I still call her by her name because I don't know her name.

As I suddenly remembered, Lattisnail told me, and I think about what I should have said.
Come to think of it, I didn't say hello firmly.
I saw this one firmly in The World's Eye, and I knew Lattisnail's name because Yoru had mentioned it, but I don't remember him saying my name.

'It's much later, but my name is Akira Oda. Would it be more correct to say Akila Oda over here? ...... but anyway, nice to meet you.

Hm! You must be Akira! I've got it memorized, Onyssan!

You don't change what you call me when you say my name?

He let out a wry smile at his ungrasping personality.

It would still be a little while before the results were announced.
He should still be able to talk.

'Lattisnail is your real name, right? Is Rusty a nickname?

That's right! Lattice Nails is a long story, so I figured it out on my own! I could have gone straight to Lattice as it is, but Rusty's got more charm and cuteness, don't you think?

Well, it's true, I feel like Latisse alone gives a stiff look that doesn't fit the character of Latisse Nails.

'Rusty's better. Akira, Rusty is very funny when he talks.

Amelia's expression has softened.
Is it because of Latisnail's loose speaking style and personality that it creates a nice relaxing effect?
I had a feeling that Latisnail had a charismatic talent that drew people to her.

The voting and tallying is complete! Now I'd like to move on to the long awaited announcement of the results!

I huffed at the voice of the moderator coming from somewhere.
The conversation with Lattisnail was so unexpectedly lively that I forgot that we're in the middle of a contest.
Amelia and Lattisnail look at each other and laugh.

'...... whichever one of them wins, I won't say a word.'

'Yes! Of course!

The top five winners were awarded and were allowed to appear on stage again.
Amelia and Lattisnail, who had nothing to do but wait for the results while most of the people in the waiting hall clasped their hands and prayed, still had a distinctly different air to the others.
While the others wanted to be in the top five, these two only wanted the first place title.
Well, what Amelia would want would be the prize that came with the first place.

''Well then, we will announce the results! Fifth place! ...... Entry number 108, Natalia!

A woman in an orange dress started to cry and then proceeded to the stage.
She was mumbling about how she couldn't believe it, as if she was so happy.

''Next, fourth place! ...... Entry number 25, Ardila!

This time, a raven beast tribe woman in a blue dress walked out onto the stage with a humph and a sniff.
Her expression was severely dissatisfied, glaring hatefully at Amelia and Lattisnail.
Well, if it wasn't for these two, they certainly would have had a chance to win.
Aside from their prideful personalities, their faces are good.
Only the face.

''Third place! ......... Entry number two! Sonora!

A woman in a white dress oded out.
I wonder if the dodgy attribute was good.

More women turned over as if they had already given up here.
Their rivals must have known that Amelia and Lattisnail were in the top two places.

''Then we will announce the first place!


...... Ah, so that's what it is.

I looked at them both with one of them convinced that I had skipped second place, amidst all the questioning.
They both looked at each other as if they understood.

'First place is! ......... entry numbers 291 and 292, Princess Amelia and Rusty !!!!

Apparently, the winner was not decided.

''This is the first time in history that we are tied for first place!

Amelia and Lattisnail proceeded hand in hand towards the stage as the host shouted excitedly.