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Hey, are you sure you should have left him behind?

Crow, walking next to me, asks me that on the way to the designated place yesterday to pick up the prize.
Akira was asleep when it was time to leave, so he left her on the couch like that.
This morning she had a somewhat reverent tone of voice, but she was already back to her original Crow tone.

What was that all about this morning?
When he called me, he didn't call me "you" or "princess" or anything like that, he called me "you".
And he spoke to me as if he knew what I had done, as if he understood what Kirika was going through.

At the time, word of the labyrinthine demons that attacked the elven race was passed down to every continent.
It was mandatory to share information related to demons and demonkind in case the demonkind attacked.
It was known that Kirika had accidentally scattered a large amount of demon food for the reporting obligation, but now the elves have erased all the literature from that time, so it doesn't remain in the books.
In other words, if he was alive at the time, it wouldn't be surprising if he knew about Kirika.
But I don't remember how many years ago, but that was a long time ago, and considering the lifespan of the beast race, anyone who remembers must no longer be alive.

I'm tempted to ask him out, but if Crow's reaction is that I'm mistaken and Kirika's secret that everyone has been trying so hard to hide is out there, I'm .......
I couldn't listen to that thought.

' ...... Akira has been pushing himself too hard lately. Besides, I'll be fine today, as soon as I get my prizes, I'll go back to the inn.

Once you accept your prize, you have no business in this town.
We'll have to leave as soon as Akira wakes up.
Akira is probably just not sleeping well, and I think he'll be up by the time we leave.

'I see. ...... Hope you get home safely.

Crow's last words, blurted out in a blur, didn't reach me and fizzled out into the air.

'We've arrived ...... right?'

Ueno-san muttered in dismay at the building in front of him.
The reason he couldn't hear Crowe's words was because he was surprised by the building in front of him.

The place that was designated yesterday was a dingy, dirty, nearly collapsed hotel.
It doesn't seem like a very good place to hand out contest prizes.

In an instant, the atmosphere of the place was tense.
I thought everyone was on edge today, but I don't think they had expected this to happen.

''......, who's that?!

I turned at Crowe's sharp voice and saw a man in black standing there.
Everyone's eyes turned towards him.

''You are, I believe, the chairman of the convention committee ......

My eyes widened at Hosoyama-san's words.
Indeed, the white rabbit's ears and its face, which could be mistaken for white hair if he didn't look closely, were familiar.
Most of all, it was standing there proudly, without the faint feeling of being scared of something jumpy like yesterday.

'...... Looks like they're after you,'

I came to my senses at the sound of Crowe's voice and was surrounded by a group of men dressed in the same black clothes and hoarding as Yuhu Beastman's rabbit, the contest committee chairman, Lapin.
Although retired, Crow, a former member of the Brave Party, and the Brave Party, even though they were retired, and the Brave Party, seemed to be pretty good at getting this close without me noticing.
A total of twelve people.
Completely and seamlessly surrounded.

'...... Princess Amelia, I presume,'

My name came out of the mouth of one of them.
The members of the brave party rushed around me and alerted their surroundings.
It was a move that I had predicted from the beginning.
But I don't have time to pay attention to it now.

''Yes, but what is it?''

When I responded with narrowed eyes, the black-clad men looked at each other and nodded.
Even I, who hadn't acquired the skill of 'Attitude Detection', could sense that this wasn't an atmosphere for a gentle discussion.

''Gram-sama wants to see you. Let's have him come.

At the name "Gram," I felt Crowe's murderous spirit rapidly rise as he stood next to me.
He is the one who avenged Crow's sister.

''You think an elven princess would respond to a mere guildmaster-style call?

Normally, you wouldn't summon me to greet a royal like me.
It would be polite to come from the other side.

When I said that, the black-clad men began to narrow their circle.
Apparently, they intend to take him away by force.
After them, Lapin let out a sneaky laugh.

'But I shouldn't ....... To bring an old man to a woman and child in a place like this. The little boy who is usually with you is not with you today.

Apparently the only one of these people who was paying attention was Akira.
I wonder if he knows anything about the ...... brave party.
Like Akira said, I realize that I should gather information.

I sighed one sigh and held my hands out in front of me.


My magic causes all the black clothes to fall to their knees.
In the past, I didn't have the dexterity to separate friend from foe, but I acquired it from living in the labyrinth with Akira.
The 'Magic Generation' used this morning has left me a little exhausted from the enormous magic power consumption, but for an opponent of this level, this should be enough.

''So, where are you taking me?''

I looked down at them on their knees and asked.
I'm sure my eyes would be glowing very coldly now.
Sharp eyes that I would never show in the presence of Akira.
If you don't answer me, I don't mind torturing you here.

I wasn't raised to be a butterfly, a flower, either.
The High Elves have done all sorts of dirty things to rule the entire elven race for hundreds of years, too.
I am not as beautiful as Akira thinks I am.
I may usually look stupid, but I can't keep quiet when my body has been targeted.

''If you don't answer me, then you will be crushed to death.

He lowered his raised hands slightly.
The men's bodies sank to the ground with a myriad of sounds to match their movements.