129 Chapter 128 ~Weakness~ Sato Shime Line.txt

It was a moment, really.
In an instant we were surrounded, and the guys that surrounded us were on their knees in an instant.
All we did was be vigilant and just watch, which we didn't have to do.
We didn't need to touch them, and they didn't need to be here.

'Now, answer me this. What do you guys want? Where is Gram now and what is he up to?

Amelia asks as they gradually lower their kneeling, enchanted arms.
There is no light in her eyes, they are so cold.
I'm tempted to answer anything, even though I'm not the one being interrogated.
I wonder if everyone at the party feels the same way I do, and their faces are pale.

We didn't doubt that Amelia-san was frail.
We had never seen her fight, and most importantly, we couldn't imagine her fighting.
Our escort plan was based on the premise that we recognized Amelia-san as weak and an object to be protected.
In other words, our plan was broken from the beginning.
I wonder if Akira knew that this was going to happen.

'Oh, we don't know, hey, we don't know anything! Really, yeah!

With her face colored with fear, the contest's tournament chairman replied.
Looking at that face, which even seemed pathetic, Amelia's expression didn't change, but rather she frowned in displeasure.

'Do you know what it is that I hate most in this world?

Its slender arms gradually lowered.
There was no longer any light in those eyes.
What do those eyes look like in their crushed screams?

'It's, you know, being lied to. Your word that you don't know, a lie. I've lived dozens of times more than you have. Do you think you can lie to someone like that?

It is common knowledge in this world that the elves are generally long-lived, and even we, who are not very good at common sense, know that.
But I can't imagine what they look like when they fight.

The black-suited men were silent, and Crow spoke up.

''I suggest you answer as soon as possible. This princess is serious, okay?

That means that this Amelia-san is ready to kill someone here.
If the girl who thought she had to protect the girl has that intention, then we can't stop her.
No, we won't be able to stop them, even if we think by strength.
I watched as they were being crushed by something, somewhat like someone else.

''Wow, I get it! I understand! will talk!

Amidst the sound of creaking bones, one of the black-clad men shouted out.
A few more seconds late and it could have been irreversible.

Amelia raised her hand slightly, but didn't completely break the spell.

'Keep talking. If any one of you makes a strange move, we'll all be crushed to death.

As Amelia urges him to continue, one of the black-clad men talks about selling the contest winner's organs.
That information matched perfectly with the information Tsuda had brought to her.
Amelia-san's expression became increasingly grim.

''Yes. So the idea of calling it a prize was a lie, and they were going to dismember me and sell me to some crazy people.

Is it unconsciousness?
It's like he's lowering his magic hand lower and lower.

'Yes, stoop!

In a panic, we thought we were really going to be crushed to death, but our hands were stopped by someone who appeared out of the darkness, just in time to stop us.
Realizing who that person was, we became even more wary.

'No, don't you see, this isn't your country, okay? You can't kill them, even if they're behind the scenes!

Rusty, his real name is Lattice Nail.
Apparently he was a demon tribe that entered a contest and won, just like Amelia.
I was in the men's section, so I don't know, but the crowd was so loud that you could hear them cheering on the men's section stage in the back.

'Oh, Rusty. In this country, the only way to kill someone is if they are a criminal. Well, technically, it was after we had a formal duel, but since they were calling me, we can count that as a duel as well.

Amelia-san is talking about things with a scowling face, but the demon tribe does not let go of her hand.

I believe that even if you are an evil person, a human being has a human story and that should never be taken away by others. That's why I won't let anyone kill you in front of me.

The purple eyes that could be seen through the gap in her hood were quiet and calm for this moment, and her tone was somewhat stern.
Perhaps because of the surprise at the change, Amelia-san's hand relaxes from her hand.
Along with that, the demon tribe also let go of Amelia-san's hand and laughed aloofly as usual.

''Well, if you want to kill me so badly, do it when I'm not looking! I'm on the side of justice, but that doesn't mean I can't save people who are out of sight!

The black clothes that were supposed to be able to escape didn't move either, as if they had been poisoned by the demon tribe that smiled at them with a two-cackle smile.

I think as I watch Mr. Crowe handing over the black clothes to the country's officials.

...... In the end, what did we come here for, after all?
It was to get Akira's approval, but in reality, we only ended up coming.
All we did was invite Akira to the festival, take unnecessary precautions, and make an unnecessary escort plan.
No, it's not like I'm capable of protecting anything right now.
I was keenly aware of my helplessness.