130 Chapter 129 ~Sea~.txt

I felt as if I was sinking into some dark, deep sea.
I wavered and wavered, diving deeper and deeper.

'...... here,'

The voices seem to come out.
It reverberates and echoes.
Only my body is not free.
I think for a moment, and then I remember the last thing I remember before this happened.

"As I recall, I was asleep at Amelia's ......

That's right.
I was forced to sleep by Amelia, who couldn't see me, probably because of the bear sitting under my eyes.
I remembered the look on Amelia's face just before she put me into 'forced sleep' and I sighed.
Well, that was my fault for trying to force her to sleep despite her lack of sleep.
The first thing I need to do when I wake up is to apologize.

Once I'm settled, the next step is to assess the situation.
After being put to sleep by Amelia's 'forced sleep', I can't remember waking up, is it correct to say that I'm in a dream?
Do you want to try out World Sight just in case?
If I was in a dream, my eyes would be closed and I wouldn't see anything.

...... finally.

As expected, I can't use 'World Eye'.
No, I wouldn't be able to use the skill itself in the first place.
I'm in a dream.
Now, what should I do?

As I was thinking about that, I felt something hit my back.
The word "seafloor" comes to mind from this sea-like landscape and the soft shock of hitting it, but it was flat and warm for that.
As I stood still, since I couldn't move anyway, I heard a voice from somewhere.

'...... If you don't answer, you will be crushed to death.'

The voice was so slight that I couldn't hear it with my own breathing, but there was no way I could be wrong about the owner of this voice.
It's Amelia.
It's a very spiky voice, though.
I can tell from the conversation that I'm not talking calmly, but I don't think I've ever heard Amelia's voice so full of hostility.
When I first met her, she was wary of me, but she never actually turned on me to kill me.
Amelia would have been the first to see my status in the 'world eye', so maybe she was wary based on that, but not to this extent.

''Do you know what it is that I hate the most in this world? ...... It's, you know, being lied to. Your word that you don't know, a lie. I've lived dozens of times more than you have. Do you think you can lie to someone like that?'

Sure, no matter how much I know the elves have longevity, I wouldn't expect a girl like Amelia, who is close to my age in appearance, to be decades older than me, right?
Even I sometimes wonder if Amelia is the same age as us.
Lately, it's been when she's hanging out with the girls at the brave party.

'I suggest you answer early. This princess is serious, okay?

There was a faint hint of Crow's voice in Amelia's voice.
Is it time to receive the contest prizes in terms of timing?
So it seems that the rumors that Crow and Ziel-san were talking about were true.

I heard Crow's voice followed by a jumbled voice that sounded like someone had called out, but I couldn't hear what they were saying until I heard what they were saying.
Apparently the only voice I could pick up was the one near Amelia.
Is this a state of being connected to Amelia's magical power due to being put into Amelia's 'forced sleep'?

'Speak as you are. If any one person makes a strange move, they will all be crushed to death.

Amelia's relentless voice made me chuckle.
Then a burp, this space, like the ocean, shook.
What is it?
Perhaps it's a hunch, but the water level seems to have dropped .......
Perhaps, but is this the inside of Amelia's magic tank?
If Amelia's magic power, which is almost infinite, is the water of this ocean, it makes a bit of sense.
I'll just have to ask Crow when I wake up.

If it's the inside of Amelia's magic tank, then the current tremor means that Amelia used some kind of magic to consume her magic power.
"From the word 'crushing death', though, it's probably 'gravity magic'.

...... You were going to dismember me in pieces and sell me to some crazy person.

Amelia's words were riddled with disgust from one end of the spectrum to the other.
Well, he wouldn't feel good about it, but he didn't think she was seriously going to kill him, did he?

As I listened intently, feeling unworthy of being able to only hear voices, there was an unexpected interruption.

''Yes, Stoop!

He was relieved to hear Lattisnail's bouncy, energetic voice.
Lattisnail, who had tied for first place with Amelia in the contest, was probably going to receive her prize at that place.
Although they met yesterday and the other party was a demon tribe, she was somewhat relieved by Latisnail's appearance.

''Isn't it no good, this place isn't like your country, you know? You can't kill them, even if they're behind the scenes!''

I think he came out relatively close to Amelia, and I can hear his voice more clearly than Crow's.
...... What can I say, he's still a demon with the same lines as ever, but he's still a demon.

I listen closely to Amelia's rebuttal voice.
I don't think I need to kill ...... until I kill it.
Then, as if to represent my words, Lattisnail said for the first time in a serious tone of voice.

I believe that even if you are an evil person, you still have a human story to tell, and it should not be taken away by others. That's why I won't let people be killed in front of me.''

It's a line that makes me wonder if he's really a demon race.
I wonder if there's a punchline that says he was actually a brave man or something.
I'd be more than happy to do that if it's a lattice nail.

If you want to kill him so badly, do it when I'm not looking. I'm on the side of justice, but that doesn't mean I can't save the people who can't see...'

That was a good line, but it's ruined at the end.
Well, it seems to be a lattice nail.

I felt my consciousness slowly rise to the surface at the end of that line.
Apparently, time is up.
My body regained its freedom, as if I was floating up from the bottom of the ocean.