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Welcome home.

When I returned to my room at the Hotel Raven, I was greeted by Akira, who had regained his energy.
The dark circles under her eyes had disappeared, and I was relieved to see that she was in perfect health.

I'm home.

He slithered into the room and relaxed, with Crow, who looked tired of walking, leading the way.
Akira didn't ask me anything.

''Each of you will pack up your things as soon as you get some rest. We'll leave as soon as everyone is ready. Crow, Jir-san, Amelia, Brave and Kyousuke will gather in the next room now.

Yes, sir.

At Akira's words, everyone started to act.
Crow, who wants the most leadership out of all of them, doesn't say anything, so I get the feeling that Akira is reluctantly taking it.

When all of the people Akira mentioned gather in the next room, they take their positions in a circle, although they didn't indicate it, but they are in a circle.

''Then let's decide on a course of action from here on out,''

Hmm? The brave man and Kyousuke nodded their heads, and Akira put his hand on the back of his neck and turned away.
This is an action when they are embarrassed.
Akira said he wouldn't allow the brave men to accompany him, but he called them to a meeting to decide on a course of action.
In other words, that's what it means.
The brave man opened his mouth, looking half pleased and half confused.

''Hey, it's nice of you to allow me to accompany you, but why the suddenness?''

I didn't say it was all about power. I said you don't need anyone to protect you. As a result, you've figured out who you need to protect first, and you've chosen to fight on your own. That's all you need to know.

I thought back to Akira's words and nodded.

'I don't like that you didn't talk to me about it despite the fact that the thing is big, but ...... well, that's fine. It sounds like you had some trouble.

They both breathed in relief.
They were worried about what they had been hiding from Akira.

''Anyway, it's which way we're going to head now. To be more specific, the Demon Territory, where the Demon King is supposed to be, or Uruk, where Gram is supposed to be.

A brave man reacted to Demon territory and Crow reacted to Gram.
Both of them are places that we will have to go later on.

''...... What are your thoughts on this? Without a whole lot of context, of course.

Akira thought for a moment and replied, though he wasn't sure what the various circumstances were referring to.
Crowe stared at Akira's eyes.

''The ...... demon territory is quite intricate and there aren't many safe places. On top of that, just the other day, Yol seems to have had his information about the demon race erased by the demon king.

I couldn't help but look at Akira's shoulder area.
I hadn't seen him in the last few days, but if there was a fixed position for Yol, it was on Akira's shoulder.
I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I can't see him.
I don't say anything though, since Akira doesn't seem to be worried about it.

''Therefore, to enter the demon clan territory, you absolutely need expert knowledge. ...... even if it's more than a hundred years old.''

Everyone's eyes went to Crow.
Crow would be familiar with it, having once marched deep into the Demon King's Castle.
According to legend, they had spent about fifty years investigating the Demon Domain.

''It's not an exaggeration to say that the demon territory is my garden. ...... And it hasn't changed in a hundred years, right?''

'Well, do you have any evidence for this?'

Crowe speaks, glaring sharply at the brave man who has interrupted him with a sharp look in his eyes.

'Evidence? It's easy. They don't feel the need to be vigilant. I don't know about the creepy demons roaming around the demon territory, but the demon race doesn't have an ounce of caution. They don't guard and don't guard because they know that the non-Demon race can't defeat them. Nothing will ever change.

Speaking of which, Yol had said in the labyrinth that some of the demon race had never felt pain in their entire lives.
Although they hide behind the demon race's incredible life force, offensive power and magical power, their defense is also outstanding among all races.
I've heard that they don't have any injuries that can be acquired in battle, let alone wounds that can be acquired in normal life.
Truly, when I think about it now, it seems miraculous that we were able to escape.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this. I've heard that Crowe will take on the role of guiding you if you fulfill certain conditions. Due to that condition, we have to go to Uruk.''

"What are certain conditions?
I only have a bad feeling about it.

''So I was thinking that I should go to Uruk and then go to the demon territory. But that condition can be taken care of by me alone, or it can be split into two parts.

Conditions that can be cleaned up by Akira alone .......
What kind of request is this really?

''Thinking about it without a lot of circumstances, I'd like to hit the demon territory right now and go home. ...... but as long as there is an order to things, it's not going to happen.

In other words, it seems that they have come to the conclusion by Uruk that we should go to the demon territory.
Since I decided to follow Akira, I don't care where we stop off, but the two brave men seemed to be less so and were silent with a difficult face.