133 Episode 132 ~ A Little Farewell ~.txt

See you later.

Don't die, Akira!

You too.

After that, the conversation went on at a thumping pace and they were soon to leave.
Ziel-san and the brave party went ahead of us to the safe house used by the previous brave party in the northernmost part of the beast tribe's territory.
We and Crow went to Uruk where Gram was.

The brave party proceeded to use Ziel-san's magic to mark the safe house so that the others wouldn't see it.
The area where the safe house is located has many particularly ferocious demons, and it's a dangerous place where even the higher-ranked adventurers could lose their lives, so we have to let them hunt us down enough to make a living.
To be honest, it's more dangerous than the Uruk group.
No matter how much Ziel-san is there, and no matter how high the attack power of the heroes and Kyousuke are, when you die, you die.
I think the girls and the trainer in particular have a tough road ahead of them.
If only we could all get together and meet again.

I chuckle at Nanase and the others who call out to me as if they were teasing me.

'See you safely,'

For your information, you're the one in danger.

I gasped at Kyousuke, who said in the same tone, and this time he nodded with a serious face.

''I know. But so do you. You do big things to the extent that you hesitate, don't you?'

I huffed and puffed at Kyousuke's words.
Sometimes Kyousuke says things that are right to the point.
I've always thought so, even in Japan, but since coming to this world, it has become a skill 'intuition' and I feel that its accuracy has increased.

I'll be careful with ....... I'll be careful.

Somehow moving his expression and laughing, Kyousuke headed to the heroes with an unexplained look on his face.

'What, you didn't tell me?'

Crow, who has been by my side for some time now, asks me that.
It's not something that can be said so easily.

''Yeah. Besides, even if I were to say it, Amelia would be first.

When I said that, Crowe went over to Mr. Ziel with a face that looked like he was going to say hi.
You don't have to look like you've eaten a whole sugar cube to ask yourself that.

'Akira, it's time to go,'

Yeah, right. See you later.

He waved to a classmate he might never see again.

'Bye, Akira.'


I turn my back on the brave men.
Now, even if they're fine, if we fail, we'll be dead in the end.
...... I have to be prepared for that too.

'Akira, do you know what's in store for Uruk?'

The road from Mali to Uruk was unmaintained and followed a path that had become a complete beast path.
Amelia, who was wearing a hood so that her face would not be seen, asked me that.
By the way, Crowe is crawling behind us.

''No, I don't know much about it. As I recall, Uruk is the largest state of the Beastman territory?

Yeah. Biggest and richest, apparently. Delicious food.

He chuckled, "That's probably what Amelia is after.
At this rate, we'll be there in less than a week or two more.
I desperately need a car.
If I can't get a car, I'd at least like to take a carriage or cart.

Uruk is a city of water. There are water sources all over the city, and they are separated by rivers, not roads. The traffic is exclusively by boat. It's a beautiful city, which is probably why it has grown and developed so much as a tourist destination.

I was impressed with Crowe's words.
As expected, you've done your research.

I don't remember a country in the world I've been to having such a thing.


I nodded and remembered a picture from my social studies textbook.
It was in Italy, I think.
I wanted to go there at least once, but I gave up on the idea of going to a foreign country because of all the hassle and my mom.

...... I'll save you a place to stay and you can go sightseeing one of these days.

Hearing Crow's voice muttered in a blur, he looked at Amelia.
Derek Crow?

Do you think we'll see Leah at Uruk?

'I gave you a call when I left the inn. If you don't have anything to do, I'm sure he'll show you around town.

He tilted his head at Crowe's reply.
Did this guy have this kind of personality?

'It's ......, if you have something to say, say it out loud.'

I was somewhat relieved to see Crowe, who was instantly in a bad mood.
Oh yeah, Crow was like this.

'No, I was just confused because I handled it differently than before.

When I said that, Crowe shushed me.
I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make a good impression.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the ...... prospects look good. I'm sure those brave men don't have a chance, but you do. That's all.

It was a curt reply, but it was a typical Crow answer.

''So, can you teach me the techniques of the first hero?''

Amelia, I'm surprised you haven't given up.
I thought you had given up because you didn't go to see her and bow down to her like you used to, so I thought you had given up.

'...... fine. But I don't care what happens to you, you know.

Crow sighed as if he had given up, but Amelia seemed happy.