134 Episode 133 ~ Water Country ~.txt

Exactly two weeks after we parted ways with the heroes, we arrived in Uruk.

The reason we were behind schedule is because on the way to walk the road, Crow was teaching Amelia the basic knowledge of the first brave man's technique, Extra Skill "Reversal".
It was difficult to understand, even for me, who has Extra Skill 'Language Understanding', but I learned a lot.
Well, I didn't listen to it while I was doing housework, so I didn't understand it perfectly.
I'm not going to be able to tell you what to do, but I'll be able to tell you what to do.
It's not as versatile as 'language understanding', but it's useful for listening to difficult stories.
Maybe it's because he was a teacher, but Crowe is good at teaching.
But if anything, Commander Saran is still better than me.

Well, here we are. Uruk, the land of water.

Me and Amelia cheered.
It wasn't particularly noticeable as people who looked like tourists were shouting the same way around us.

But the city is more wonderful than I thought it would be.
A canal runs between the buildings, and boats were coming and going with people on it.
The channel is so wide that each boat looks small, and there is no one in ten thousand to worry about hitting.
The buildings of the city are covered with green vegetation and you can feel that you are in the midst of nature.
Moreover, the water in the canal is thin and blue, so clear you can see the bottom.
I could look at this view all day long.

Crow took one look at us as we cheered and turned on his heel.

'As planned, I'll get a place to stay and you guys can go sightseeing. We'll meet up with Leah in front of the central fountain in town. If you are there before nightfall, I can send a pickup. If not, we'll just camp out.

I left it at that and went quickly.
Normally, would you leave someone you know in a place you've never been before?

Okay, look. Let's go on a date, Amelia.


He held out his hand and Amelia took it timidly.

'Yeah. I'll do whatever you want. It's your reward for studying hard these past two weeks.

When I said that, Amelia's cheeks turned red and she happily lined up next to me.

'I've never received a reward before.'

He smiled at the mumbled words.

Amelia is an elven royalty, and it was probably normal for her to study and work hard until now.
Since Amelia is a serious person, I think she was pushing herself for the sake of her fellow countrymen even if the people around her stopped her.
Plus, her parents are the current king.
They must not have given him a reward for his hard work.

'I'm glad I'm the first,' he said. ...... In the meantime, we need to get to the rendezvous point with Leah.

It's called the largest nation, so it must be big enough.
I think they could have at least given us an easy way to get there.
How can you know the center if you don't know left or right?

'Akira, I want to eat that.'

Yeah. I thought it would be nice.

Amelia and I were drawn to one place that had an enticing aroma.
In terms of smell, it was similar to the smell of grilled shrimp or crab or other seafood.
But it's not shrimp or crab, apparently.

I'll have two of those, Dad. And do you know which one is the central fountain?

'Oh! Every time! The central fountain is all the way straight in that direction, brother.

I thank my kind father and eat it as I walk away.
It looks like a complete skewer, but it tastes like grilled fish.
And the smell is shrimp.
It was very mysterious food.
By the way, the name of this spit-roasted fish is scallop.
Isn't it too mixed up?

Is it good?

Yeah. Let's have that one next time, shall we?

Call it a selfish date, but we ended up eating out, as usual.
Well, I had expected it.

'Akira, there's some good looking stuff over here too!

We traveled by boat, but there were too many detours to make any progress at all.
Wasn't Leah the princess of Uruk at one point?
Even though there's a princess here too, is it okay to make her wait?

Akira, over here!

But I had been taking a lot of detours without being able to bullshit my way through the fun-loving Amelia partner.
Well, lately, we really didn't have as much time alone together as we did when we were hiding in the labyrinth, and we weren't able to share information with each other.
I still haven't told Amelia about my true purpose for coming to this country.
I started to think that it would be better if we didn't talk about it at all.
I was determined not to hide anything from her.

"Ah! Akira, isn't that the central fountain?

A large fountain that was taller than the building jumped into view.
In fact, the fountain itself is the largest water source in the country, and it is said that the water that blows up is turned into a fountain as it is.
It seems that about 70% of the water in the canal comes from the fountain.
The New Sacred Tree of the Elves is different from Japan in terms of scale.

''Ah! We've been waiting for you!

A familiar figure rushes over to us.

'Long time no see, Amelia-sama, Akira-sama!

We looked at Leah, who was coming towards us with a friendly smile on her face, and we looked at each other, happy to see that she looked fine.