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'Come to think of it, is the 'God's Reversal Warding' that Leah was using an application of Crow's Extra Skill 'Reversal'? Or are they not alike?

Inside the royal family's exclusive transfer ship, I heard something that had been bothering me for a long time.
Since it was for royalty only, the ship in front of us went out of its way to avoid the ship.
Thanks to that, the ship was moving comfortably through the middle of the channel.
We are in a suite in the ship, a suite that probably only royalty are allowed to use, but aside from Amelia, I don't feel half as out of place.
It's as if a lone fool wandered into the glittering room.
Well, the tea and sweets served to me are delicious, though.

I haven't seen Leah since the time I passed out at Crow's house, and I didn't have time to ask her what the wards were at that time.
As I recall, the profession of a guardian is excellent at wards and other defensive magic, and among them, the ward called 'God's Ward' is the best defensive power among all currently recognized warding magic.
In fact, it was stronger than the light magic advanced ward magic 'Sanctuary' used by Commander Saran in the Kantianen Labyrinth, and it was more divine in some way.
The fact that even the lowest level class of the labyrinth couldn't be easily broken, it was practically quite strong .......

''Oh, that's not similar! I certainly imagined Crow-sama, but that person's 'reversal' is really an instantaneous moment, and it's impossible to attack. In fact, my wards were quickly broken, and...

Indeed, it had been broken by Mahiro.
But Mahiro is the man who stakes out the second place among the demon race.
Isn't it a bad comparison to make?

''So Crow's 'Reversal' can completely reverse individual magic, but Ria's 'God's Reversal Warding' reverses the attack as it is?'''

Are Lear's wards what you would call mirror-like?
In Crowe's case, he can add an attack in addition to his offsetting attack if he wanted to, but Lear can only bounce back like a mirror.
But when you're dealing with a lot of people, as you were in the Brute Labyrinth, Ria's wards are very useful.

''That's right. Besides, my wards are like a tour de force, partly because I'm using the power of a god. I would never be able to do that if I were an ordinary wielder instead of a guardian.''

Leah herself doesn't think about who or how to return it, and apparently the wards do it all for her.
I see, it's certainly not similar.

By the way, what was done with it?

I told Leah, who tilted her head, that Amelia had been taught Extra Skill 'Reversal' by Crow.
As soon as she heard that, Ria's body pulls and shakes.

'Wha, what, what?

I covered my ears as I could see him shouting from around his big intake of breath, but Amelia ate it up.

'...... Akira,'

Amelia, with a resentful look on her face, held her ears and gave me a zit-eyed look.
I chuckled and raised my hand up to say I was sorry.

''Amelia-sama, are you really learning 'inversion' from that person!


Even Amelia, who is a quintessential stone, pulled her body back to Leah's spirit.
Lear thought it was bad for the quicksilver, and immediately backed away from Amelia.

Well, depending on how you look at it, it looks like the princess of the beast race is blackmailing the princess of the elven race.
Even though it's the same princess, Amelia is the princess of the entire elven race, whereas Ria is the princess of a country within the beast race.
And in Leah's case, she's an adopted princess.
Even a fool would know which one is higher.

''...... Kohon, I'm sorry. I just got distraught.

Leah says this in an embarrassing way.
Well, it must have been such a shock to Leah.
The matter of the 'God's Reversible Warding' and the fact that I feel like I'm respecting Crowe somehow.

''For now, let's hear that story at length later. ...... What we're heading to now is the royal castle.

Leah says, straightening her posture.

'King's Castle? Does that mean you're inviting us in?

Aside from Amelia, who is, if I may say so myself, suspicious, am I safe to include?

'Yes. My father-in-law, the King wishes to pay his respects to Lady Amelia. ...... And he would like to see Lady Aquila.

I nod my head.
The king of the largest nation of the beastman race wants to meet me, a mere adventurer?
I'm sure no one knows I was summoned to our universe to be with you.
Because of your nickname, "The Dark Assassin"?
If that's the case, I really want you to stop.

''I haven't heard the details either, but when I learned that Akira-sama is an adventurer recognized by the king of the elven race, I heard that he has something to request.

I don't understand it more and more.
The king of the elven tribe approved it because he's with them under the guise of being Amelia's bodyguard, but even if that's the case, he wouldn't let a suspicious man of the human race into the royal castle.

...... We'll hear more about that from the king himself.

The ship moves on, with no explanation.

Come to think of it, I had one more question I wanted to ask Leah.

'Leah, do you know what a gram is? We're supposed to be cousins to you in a way.

Leah's beast ears twitched.
You know.
Amelia was eating the tea cakes on the table with a look of irrelevance.