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In a mountain valley, in a ravine, was that massive building.
It was larger than the royal castle of the Leytis nation, and quieter and cooler than the royal castle of the elven race.
Since it was the royal castle of the bloodthirsty beast race, he had expected it to be noisy.

''This is the royal castle. It is slippery underfoot, so please be careful.

Maybe it was because it was built across the waterway, but the air was damp but not nasty.
I looked up and sighed.
I can't see the highest part of the castle.
It's kind of like a certain school of magic and witchcraft.

"This place is surrounded by mountains, but wouldn't there be a single soul in the world if an enemy attacked us from the top of the mountain?

He said this to Leah as he looked up after getting off the ship, but she smiled and shook her head.

''The royal castle is covered by a spherical ward above and below, so there is no danger of intruders.

The fact that Leah has a smug look on her face means that it's a 'divine ward' that's been put up.
I replied with a hmmm and looked up again at the sky above me, which seemed to be covered with a faint membrane.
Is the God's Wound safe?

"Now, Lady Amelia, Lady Aquila, the audience chamber for King Igtham is this way.

The room that was called the "audience room" was an incredibly large room.

Why do they need such a large room, even though it's called Laitis Castle?
It could be as large as a school's student council room.
In fact, the only people in the audience room were a lion beastman tribe that looked like a king sitting on his throne and a horse beastman tribe that looked like a knight standing next to his throne.
Indication also told me that these two are the only two people in the room.
In other words, five of us together in this size.
I'm restless.

"Father-in-law, we have brought the elven princess Amelia Rose Quartz and the brave summoner Akila Oda.

We bow our heads as Leah bows and says it.
I guess it can't be helped since I revealed the summoning of the brave to Leah myself.
I wanted to keep it hidden as much as possible because it was a lot of trouble.
The king, who was talking about something with the knight standing beside him, looked up and looked at me the moment he was approached.

''Oh! I'm sorry, Leah. The two of you can come over here too.

He says with a smirk, but his eyes are looking at me like he's licking me.
I pretend not to notice the gaze and move closer to the throne.
The knight standing beside me stared at me and sniffed, huffing and puffing.
Apparently, Amelia, but I'm not welcome here, though.
As Leah stood around a little behind the throne, King Igtham spoke up.

'You are well received, Lord Amelia, Lord Oda.

Smiling cheerfully, King Igtham rose from his throne.
Since I don't know about the courtesy of other races to kings, I imitate Amelia.
I don't feel the need to curtsy since this king only came because he has a request, but I don't want Amelia to possibly be fussed over because of my actions.

''It's been a while. King Igtham.

'It's been a while! What do you think, have you thought about the example?

When King Igtham said that, Amelia looked like she had chewed up a hundred bitter worms.
What is the matter in the example?
I mean, Amelia's face is amazing.
Is it that unpleasant?
As I was thinking that as if it was someone else's problem, Amelia glanced at me.

''Because I already have Akira.

Amelia's cheeks turn red.
Really, what are you talking about?
King Igtham frowned for a moment, but quickly returned to his original cheerful smile.

'Well, that's a shame. So much for greetings at ......, let's get down to business.

The knightly figure standing next to him stepped forward at the same time as King Igtham, who didn't look too disappointed, took his place on the throne.

'Princess Amelia, it is a pleasure to meet you for the first time. I am Victor, a knight of the Kingsguard attached to King Igtham. Henceforth, I hope you will be familiar with me.

He bowed to Amelia alone with a smile that probably received a woman's smile and took one look at me.
Amelia nodded to Victor and looked at King Igtham.
I could see a blue streak on Victor's forehead at the gentler response, but my gaze shifted to that as King Igtham began to speak.

'First, I heard that you rescued my daughter, albeit an adopted one, in the Brute Maze. As the king of a country, I want to thank you as a step-parent. Thank you.

Amelia shook her head at King Igtham, who bowed on his throne.

'The thing started with me being kidnapped by the demon race. Leah was only there to help me, so it was rather my fault, and it was Crow and Akira who saved Leah, not me.

'...... I see. Well then, I guess I'll have to thank Crowe for that.

Hey, I don't have one of those.
They've been ignoring me like they've been harassing me for a while now.

'And there's one more thing I have to get to the point of.

That's when King Igtham finally locked eyes with me.
At that moment, my "crisis detection" sounded an alarm as best it could.
It would be too late.
What's the point of sounding it when it's at the inevitable stage?

I'm not sure if it's Akila Oda-dono, the hero summoner, right? Will you do me a favor?

I stifled a sigh that almost escaped me.