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It depends.

You! It is disrespectful!

I don't know what didn't like about my response, but I sighed involuntarily at Victor who suddenly bit me.
I went out of my way to push him away earlier, but it didn't make sense.

I'm not going to be able to say, "I understand without asking you what it is. You have to tell me what you want and how you're going to pay for it.

When I said that, King Igtham laughed a little.

It seems that the brave men of the other world have a surprisingly good head on their shoulders. Good. ...... This time I would like to ask you to assassinate someone, Oda-dono. The reward for this is safety while in the country.

I finally noticed King Igtham smiling at me.
'This is a race I don't like.

'I refuse.'


When he says it once and for all, Victor's eyes widen.
I don't know what position the king has in the beast race, but isn't that too surprising?

Why? I have heard that you have been attacked by many demons and men on your way here. Elven tribal territory, Ur and Mari of the beast race territory. I thought the first thing you guys wanted to do, coming from another world where there is no conflict, was to be safe.

I'll leave aside for now how this man knows those things, but he's very much mistaken.

'I'm sorry, but I can at least take care of myself. I can't take care of myself.

What does he perceive my level to be?
As far as the status is concerned, there's no one in here who has more ability than me.
Well, it can't be helped since it's only me and Amelia who can see the status.
Even so, if you know where we were attacked, then you should know about the demon eradication I did in Ur.

''You, don't tell me that you spread a false rumor about eradicating a large number of demons yourself!

The words of Victor, who stood on his tiptoe, gave me a general understanding.
Apparently, he thinks I'm lying about the fact that I destroyed the demons with 'shadow magic'.
Amelia frowned next to me.

''What do you think I'm going to say all of a sudden, a hoax? On what basis are you saying that?

'Then, Princess Amelia is reported not to have been there, but on what basis do you believe his lie? In the first place, there's no way this kind of man can eradicate over a hundred demons!

For some reason, he assured me that it was just his appearance.
What the hell is this guy?
King Igtham doesn't stop just laughing either, and I feel like he's rather observing me.
With a sideways glance, I saw Amelia's smile deepen.
'This is angrier than ever,' she says.

'The fact that you reported it as such means that the person was actually there. 'You can't even believe what your mate says? And I know Akira better than you do when we first meet. Don't open that mouth again. It's unpleasant.

Hi argument.
What a brilliant move that made me think of the word.
The quintessential thing to do is to live many times as long as I do.
Victor bit his lips and fell silent.

'I wasn't there to prove what Akira did, but I can't prove it. But that doesn't equate to Akira's lies. In other words, this conversation is barren. Let's go back to ....... Who do you want Akira to do the assassination you asked him to do?

Oh, I remembered that he said something like that.
I completely forgot about it because of what he said afterwards about guaranteeing my safety or something.

''I'm sure you adventurers have at least heard the name, but I want you to assassinate this Uruk guildmaster, Gram.

What came out was Gram's name, which I didn't expect to hear, and Leah, who apparently hadn't been informed, gasped with a huff.
Me and Amelia, on the other hand, each reacted differently.

'You want to kill your own nephew?'

This is another troubling request.
The person I'm asking for is a king, and the person I'm going to kill is exiled but is, in a manner of speaking, royalty and of a certain status.
I'm not a citizen of this country, so it wouldn't be compulsory, but even so, the king's words have a certain amount of compulsion.
What's the matter with you?

'You know about Gram? Then we'll talk fast. Kill that man instead of guaranteeing his safety.'

'So I'm telling you. I'm not weak enough to be protected, and I'm not going to turn down an assassination request.

You're persistent.
When I was slightly annoyed, Amelia shook my hand.

'Then let Akira fight the strongest person in the castle. Then, if Akira loses in the unlikely event that he loses, we'll take your terms. If Akira wins, we'll be free. Akira, do you understand?

He nodded to Amelia and looked up at the throne.

'...... Lord Amelia, are you sure you want to do this? Even if you're a brave summoner, how can the human race be superior to the beast race?

The words of King Igtham, who was propped up on his elbows on the throne, finally brought his words and actions up to this point to a conclusion.
In this world, it's natural that the demon race is the strongest and the human race is the weakest when it comes to the elf race and the beast race, and it's a common sense that cannot be overturned.
The reason why Victor doubted me more than he believed the word of his friends, and the reason why King Igtham put our safety above money and other things in his business dealings is because I am a human race.

'No, not really. Besides, I can't back down from being called a hoax and a lie in front of a woman, either.

...... So if you embarrass yourself in front of Princess Amelia, don't regret it.